Sesame Street Episode 4719 House of Worm

Sesame Street Episode 4719
House of Worm
Season 47

Sesame Street Episode 4719 House of Worm

Sesame Street Episode 4719 House of Worm

Sesame Street Episode 4719 House of Worm

Sesame Street Episode 4719 appears in the 47th season. The name of the Episode is House of Worm. The air date of the episode is May 13, 2017. The number of the Episode is 5 and the letter is H.

In Episode 4719 of Sesame Street, the central theme revolves around the concept of homes. The episode begins with Abby discovering her fairy garden and meeting a worm named Francine Lloyd Wright, or "Frankie" for short. Frankie, who has never heard of a "home" before, becomes intrigued by the idea and sets out to find one for herself.

Frankie is initially drawn to Hooper's Store, mistaking it for a home. However, Chris explains that it's a store, not a house, and nobody can live in it. Feeling disappointed, Frankie struggles to understand what makes a home. Abby shows her a book called "Homes Around the World," which features various types of homes. Inspired by a log cabin in the book, Frankie decides to build one for herself.

As Frankie works on constructing her log cabin, Abby and Chris are impressed by her efforts. However, Frankie finds that her new home still doesn't feel quite right. She then builds a replica of Abby's home, but it too fails to provide the sense of comfort she's seeking. Determined to find the perfect home, Frankie continues to build various types of homes inspired by Abby's book.

Eventually, Frankie's worm family arrives, including her mom, dad, brother, and Aunt Sticky. Frankie realizes that what makes a house a home is the presence of family. She reunites with her loved ones, and they all return to their spot of dirt. Abby then invites the insects and bugs of the garden to live in Frankie's constructions.

Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, H, with a song and dance.

A child recites a poem about different types of houses in the "H is for Homes" segment.

Frank Underwolf attempts to enter the White Brick House in the "House of Bricks" segment, only to discover it's a house of cards.

Cookie Monster and friends sing while waiting for the number of the day, which is 5, representing the number of cookies being baked for him.

Salty and Pierre, spicy detectives, find the number 5 as part of a doghouse in an animated segment.

Elmo's World segment focuses on homes.

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