Sesame Street Episode 4613 The Princess Story

Sesame Street Episode 4613
The Princess Story
Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4613 appears in the 46th season. The name of the Episode is The Princess Story. The air date of the episode is April 2, 2016. The number of the Episode is 4 and the letter is P.

Sesame Street Episode 4613 The Princess Story Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4613 The Princess Story Season 46

Sesame Street Episode 4613 The Princess Story Season 46

After their game, Zoe, Abby, and Rosita ponder their next activity. Zoe and Abby express a wish to create a princess story, while Rosita prefers to play ball. Nevertheless, the duo persuades Rosita to contribute to the story. As they start their brainstorming, Leela happens to pass by and is roped in to note down their imaginative tale.

The story begins with a princess named Lucinda Lula, who is trapped in a tower. Zoe proposes a prince as her savior, while Abby opts for a fairy godmother. They ask for Rosita's input, and to their surprise, she suggests that the princess should save herself. Intrigued, they agree to this empowering twist.

As the tale unfolds, the princess finds herself lost in the woods. Zoe and Abby revert to their previous suggestions for her rescue, but Rosita again promotes the idea of self-reliance. She envisages the princess building a unique pogo-stick skateboard to escape the woods, which Zoe and Abby admire.

Lastly, the princess encounters a ferocious dragon. In line with their previous ideas, Zoe envisions a brave prince, while Abby conjures a fairy godmother to deal with the beast. Rosita, however, thinks the dragon is simply upset and advocates for empathy. She imagines the princess singing a soothing song to calm the dragon, bringing a peaceful end to their story. Now eager for more creative storytelling, Rosita suggests a new story just as they're about to play ball.

Elmo and his friends present the letter of the day, P, through an engaging song and dance routine.

In "Star S'mores," a Cookie's Crumby Pictures production, Cookie Monster, as Flan Solo, is on a quest to rescue Princess Parfaita from the clutches of the evil galactic empire, with Luke Piewalker and Chewie the Cookie aiding him. Despite their efforts, Flan Solo's desire for Chewie threatens to hinder their mission.

Count von Count and his companions sing and stomp their way to the number of the day - 4.

In "Prince Elmo the Musical," Prince Elmo embarks on a daring adventure with his royal mice guards to save the town of Tottentot from a dragon. Their journey takes them over the Burping Hill of Beans, under the Friendly Froggies Five, and through the Hiccuping Hoop of Ballyhoo, finally enabling Prince Elmo to face and defeat the dragon with his own breath.

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