Sesame Street Episode 4161 - Golden Triangle of Destiny

Sesame Street Episode 4161
Golden Triangle of Destiny
Season 39

Sesame Street Episode 4161

Sesame Street Episode 4161

Sesame Street Episode 4161

Sesame Street Episode 4161 appears in the 39th season. The name of the Episode is Golden Triangle of Destiny. The air date of the episode is August 11, 2008. The number of the Episode is 4 and the letter is L. The celebrity guests of Episode 4161 are Jack Black and Feist.

Scenes: Chris greets the viewers on Sesame Street while serving Telly a grilled-cheese sandwich cut into his favorite shape: a triangle. Suddenly, Minnesota Mel, a daring hero, swings in, searching for the Golden Triangle of Destiny (which always cues dramatic music). Only one person has seen this rare, beautiful triangle and taken a picture of it. Telly and Chris are amazed by its golden sides and dazzling angles. According to legend, it's hidden somewhere on Sesame Street. When Mel suffers a charley-horse, Telly takes on the mission, dubbing himself "Texas Telly" (though he's not from Texas, he likes cows). Clues lead Telly and Chris through a series of adventures, discovering the Golden Pentagon of Destiny and the Golden Octagon of Destiny, which they give to their respective seekers. Finally, Telly finds the Golden Triangle of Destiny in the laundromat, and they decide it belongs in the Museum of Triangular History for all to see.

Celebrity: Jack Black searches for an octagon, with Elmo showing him a STOP sign as an example.

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: In Tiny Town, Ernie and Bert are small, and everything around them is enormous. They enjoy playing with a remote-control car and befriending a giant puppy.

Murray Has a Little Lamb: Ovejita, Murray's lamb, offers clues about the escuela they will visit: different color belts (cinturon), green (verde) and white (blanco), and a kick (un patea). The school turns out to be a karate class, where Murray and Ovejita learn karate techniques, and Murray eagerly looks forward to breaking a board.

Celebrity: Feist performs a parody of her song "1-2-3-4" with the help of various Muppets who join her in counting.

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