Sesame Street Episode 4139 - Abby plays the Letter P Game

Sesame Street Episode 4139
Abby plays the Letter P Game
Season 38

Sesame Street Episode 4139

Sesame Street Episode 4139

Sesame Street Episode 4139

Sesame Street Episode 4139 appears in the 38th season. The name of the Episode is Abby plays the Letter P Game. The air date of the episode is August 17, 2007. The number of the Episode is 10 and the letter is P. The celebrity guests of Episode 4139 are Rachael Ray and Denyce Graves.

Scenes: Elmo and Zoe can't agree on whether to play tag or checkers. Observing their disagreement, Alan proposes they play the "letter P game" instead. To participate, they must find items in the store that begin with the letter P, like pickles. As they struggle to find P words, a penguin orders a meal filled with P items, and they realize they've uncovered more P objects. Abby Cadabby joins the game, turning a salt shaker into a pumpkin with a magical rhyme. Inspired, Abby brings Peter Piper and Prince Paul Charming from Fairyland to join in. While perfect for the game, Peter needs his pickled pepper patch and Prince Paul must find the matching foot for the glass slipper. They search Hooper's Store unsuccessfully and need to return to Fairyland. Abby, unsure how to send them back, recalls her mother using a rhyme and a wand wave. With her friends' help, Abby sends Peter and Prince Paul home. Abby poofs away, leaving Elmo, Zoe, and Alan worried she'll return with another character. Instead, she reappears floating on a pillow.

Celebrity: Rachael Ray explains the word pumpernickel and its meaning.

The Letter of The Day Games: P - To win cookies, Cookie Monster has one minute to locate three items starting with P: a pizza, a painting, and Prairie Dawn.

Hero Guy: Baby Bear asks Hero Guy to become a cow, but he keeps transforming into different animals. Eventually, he becomes a cow but prefers being a hippo, so Baby Bear alters the nursery rhyme.

The Number of the Day: 10 - The Count tallies the number of times Kyle jumps off 123 Sesame Street's front step before his hair turns blue. After 10 jumps, Kyle's hair remains unchanged, but another surprise awaits!

Waiter Grover: Mr. Johnson dines at Charlie's, where it's rhyming day. The waiter must create a rhyme for each order. Mr. Johnson requests a tuna sandwich on rye but receives an apple pie. When Grover discovers they're out of tuna on rye, Mr. Johnson orders a cheeseburger, but what rhymes with cheeseburger?

Celebrity: Denyce Graves performs "Sing" alongside several penguins.

The Adventures of Gina the Veterinarian: Gina shares a bedtime story with Marco about her journey to the jungle, where she removed a splinter from the paw of a fearsome lion.

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