Sesame Street Episode 3810 - The Best Friends Pageant

Sesame Street Episode 3810
The Best Friends Pageant
Season 30

Sesame Street Episode 3810

Sesame Street Episode 3810

Sesame Street Episode 3810

Sesame Street Episode 3810 appears in the 30th season. The name of the Episode is The Best Friends Pageant. The air date of the episode is January 8, 1999. The number of the Episode is 17 and the letter is U. The celebrity guest of Episode 3810 is Melissa Etheridge.

The episode begins with Big Bird welcoming the viewer, and Snuffy approaches him to play tag. Big Bird agrees to be "it," which Snuffy appreciates. They start singing a song about being best friends, and they are joined by other pairs of friends, including Miles and Gabi, Telly and Baby Bear, Gordon and Susan, and a Dinger and Honker.

As Big Bird and Snuffy play tag, Prairie Dawn gets inspired by all the friends around her and Maria. She decides to create a show about their friendships. Prairie then makes a poster, asking for best friends to participate in her show. Telly and Baby Bear are interested, but they argue over what kind of act they'll do and storm off.

Prairie approaches Miles and Gabi, who also want to be in her show. They recall a time when they ran a lemonade stand together but start arguing over who made their lemonade too sweet. Oscar appears, enjoying the sounds of fighting. Prairie finds herself one pair short for her show.

Prairie laments her woes to Maria, stating that all the friends are arguing. Even the Honker and Dinger, as well as Big Bird and Snuffy, are in disagreement. Maria advises Prairie that as the director, she should get them to cooperate. Prairie tries to tell the arguing friends to cooperate, but they're too caught up in their feuds to listen. Having had enough, Prairie announces that the pageant and show are canceled, much to Oscar's delight.

Oscar tells the friends to keep arguing to keep Prairie's pageant canceled. However, they all get upset; they never wanted the show to get canceled and feel bad about how they've hurt Prairie. They all decide to compromise and get along. Telly thanks a disappointed Oscar for being such a good friend.

The friends all find Prairie and show her that they're all cooperating now and beg her to put her show back on. Prairie un-cancels her pageant and rushes them all to rehearsal.

During the show, Baby Bear paints Telly as he bounces on his pogo stick until they collide, Miles and Gabi make lemonade, Big Bird and Snuffy take turns during tag, and the Honker and Dinger resolve a conflict. Everyone cheers for the best friends!

In the final scene, Prairie announces the sponsors while the Earth shakes from Big Bird and Snuffy's game of tag. This episode teaches valuable lessons about friendship, cooperation, and the importance of working together despite differences.

In a cartoon segment, the word "LOVE" is depicted in various situations, teaching children about the concept of love and its different expressions.

In a Muppet and Kid Moments segment, Grover and Karlena discuss the word "love" on a sign, further emphasizing the importance of love and understanding its meaning.

A song titled "My Friend U" is featured in the episode, which highlights the value of friendship and the importance of appreciating the unique qualities of each friend.

In a Muppets segment, the Martians discover the letter "U," teaching children about the alphabet and the importance of recognizing different letters.

In another cartoon segment, the letter "U" knocks on the door of the letter "P's" apartment, and when "P" answers the door, they go UP. This segment, created by ArtistMike, reinforces the concept of the alphabet and introduces children to the idea of combining letters to create words.

In a film segment, a karate team punches out the alphabet, demonstrating the importance of learning the alphabet while showcasing the discipline and skill of martial arts.

In an animation segment, seventeen derby hats drop onto a balloon head, teaching children about the number 17 and the concept of counting.

In a Muppets segment, Ernie's Show and Tell features Ernie's friend Alexa, who surprises him with a bag of jewels, teaching children about sharing and the joy of surprises.

In a celebrity segment, Melissa Etheridge sings "Like the Way U Does," further emphasizing the importance of the letter "U" and showcasing the power of music.

In another animation segment, Amelia likes to pretend she can fly, encouraging children to use their imagination and explore the world of pretend play.

Lastly, in a Muppets segment, Elmo's World: Jackets teaches children about the different types of jackets and their purposes, emphasizing the importance of dressing appropriately for different weather conditions.

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