Sesame Street Episode 2064 - The Sesame Street Pet Show

Sesame Street Episode 2064
The Sesame Street Pet Show
Season 16

Sesame Street Episode 2064

Sesame Street Episode 2064

Sesame Street Episode 2064

Sesame Street Episode 2064 appears in the 16th season. The name of the Episode is The Sesame Street Pet Show. The air date of the episode is April 4, 1985. The number of the Episode is 12 and the letters are G, J. The celebrity guest of Episode 2064 is Edith Ann.

Episode 2064 revolves around the central theme of the Sesame Street Pet Show, where neighborhood kids bring their pets to Big Bird's nest for everyone to see.

In the first street scene, Big Bird welcomes the viewer and announces the Pet Show. Piri passes by, walking his dog, Max, and explains to Big Bird the responsibilities of owning a pet. Big Bird considers getting a dog one day but plans to name him "Nice" instead.

In the second street scene, Oscar has a pet for the Pet Show, which he keeps in a shoebox and claims it can jump through a hoop. Gordon and Olivia open the box and find a shoe named Lou. Oscar demonstrates Lou's trick by throwing him through the hoop, much to Gordon and Olivia's amusement.

In the fourth street scene, Olivia plans to take pictures of the pets when Oscar asks her to fill a cup of water for his other pet, a flea named Marie. Marie is going to perform a high dive into the cup while playing "Lady of Spain" on the accordion. Olivia watches but cannot see the flea at all, only getting splashed in the face upon Marie's landing.

In the fifth and final street scene, Olivia, Gordon, and Piri admire a litter of kittens. Oscar claims to have the yuckiest pet in his box but does not want to touch it because it's so yucky. Gordon picks it up and discovers that it's a cute kitten. Oscar thinks there couldn't be anything worse, except more kittens.

After reviewing the various animals they've seen throughout the episode, Gordon announces the winner of the Pet Show - Jacques the Sock! Big Bird then announces the sponsors.

The Sesame Street characters engage in entertaining and educational interactions, emphasizing the importance of responsibility, creativity, and humor. The street scenes in Episode 2064 not only entertain the viewers but also educate them about pets and their care.

One of the Muppet sketches features Grover and George singing "Two G Sounds." In another sketch, Ernie brings a surprise home for Bert, which turns out to be a puppy. Ernie suggests naming the puppy "Godzilla the Wonder-Dog," while Bert prefers the name "Norman."

In an animated segment, a little man misplaces his "J" under his hat and lists various names and things that start with the letter "J" to another man. Another animation showcases a caveman who sits on what he thinks is a rock, not realizing that it's actually a dinosaur. Additionally, an animation displays the letters "HEN / PEN / TEN / MEN" accompanied by music from Joe Raposo.

A Sesame Street News Flash sketch features Kermit the Frog inventing a mechanical replica of himself. In another Muppet sketch, Bip Bippadotta and The Androoze Sisters sing "Everybody's Song."

Throughout the episode, various films are included, such as footage of a termite colony, a kid marching band forming a circle, and a film where kid voiceovers identify a horse's body parts. In another film, a girl tries to lure her cat out from under a chair so she can pick him up.

Other segments include a photographic collage demonstration of ALL, MOST, SOME, and NONE of an apple, a troll drawing different faces on herself in front of a mirror, and a gorilla naming "G" words.

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