Elmo Visits the Doctor

Sesame Street Elmo Visits the Doctor

Sesame Street Elmo Visits the Doctor

Sesame Street Elmo Visits the Doctor

Sesame Street Elmo Visits the Doctor

Elmo Visits the Doctor was released in 2005. It is one of Sesame Street special videos. As we see the title of the video, Elmo Visits the Doctor is about his adventure of visiting doctor.

The video includes some chapters:

Elmo sings a song the name of the song is Elmo's Sick Blues. Elmo sings the blues song to Gina. In the song first he expresses that the achey feeling he's had in his ear. And then he then says his song to his fear of going to the doctors.

Waiting Room Song is sung by a chorus of patients. this chorus include Elmo, Ernie, Bert, The Count, Baby Bear, an elephant, some Anything Muppets and other animals.

Elmo's Check Up: Elmo goes to doctor for a checkup.

All Better Now

A Pediatrician Is...

Doctors Helpers

Nurse Wendy

Sneeze Poem

You Gotta Be Patient (To Be a Patient) song is sung. We see Big Bird in this part of the video.

Bert's Physical
Ernie plays doctor and makes Bert be the patient for his check-up.

Your Amazing Body

Elmo's World Doctors: Elmo Visits the Doctor video goes on with Elmo's World. The name of segment is  doctors. At the beginning of the scene we see Elmo and says the theme, it is doctors. Dorothy wants to know what a doctor does with a stethoscope. We also see Mr. Noodle.

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