Pink and Purple Sesame Street Characters

Sesame Street characters are created in many different colors. In addition to colors such as blue, yellow, red and green, it is possible to see muppets in pink and sometimes purple colors. Sesame Street embraces respect for all opinions, racial and geographic differences. That's why the show's producers put emphasis on designing muppets in different colors.

pink, purple Sesame Street characters

Psychological science reveals that the color purple has a positive effect on increasing the imagination. Pink is the color of love and compassion. It's no wonder why so many popular muppets are pink and purple. So who are the pink and purple characters in Sesame Street? We've compiled a list of pink and purple muppets sorted by popularity. Here we go.


purple Sesame Street character Biff

Biff is a purple colored character and a construction worker on Sesame Street. He appears with Sully. Biff and Sully are a funny duo and are in charge of construction and repairs on the show. Biff isn't a very popular muppet, but he hasn't disappeared since 1973 and has appeared in some episodes.


purple Sesame Street character Ovejita

Another purple Sesame Street character is the lamb Ovejita. Ovejita and Murray visited various schools on Sesame Street together. Ovejita was giving Murray tips on which school to they visit. Ovejita is best known for the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment, but continued to appear occasionally after the segment was removed from the show.

The Three Little Pigs

pink Sesame Street character Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs are pink Sesame Street characters. The Three Little Pigs are famous fairy tale heroes and defend themselves against the attacks of "the Big Bad Wolf".


purple Sesame Street character Goldilocks

Goldilocks is a purple Sesame Street character named after her golden blonde hair. Goldilocks was the hero of a fairy tale about three bears. Previously, their relationship with Baby Bear was not very good. But later on, Goldilocks became very fond of Baby Bear. In episode 4932, Baby Bear, Elmo, and Abby Cadabby run a cafe. Baby Bear is the chef of the cafe. The first customer of the cafe is Goldilocks. Here, Goldilocks reflects her experience positively because she doesn't want Baby Bear's enthusiasm to fade.

Maggie Cadabby

pink Sesame Street character Maggie Cadabby

Maggie Cadabby is a pink Sesame Street character and Abby Cadabby's mother. She never appeared on the show until 2018, but Abby used to mention her sometimes or call her when she was in trouble. Maggie Cadabby made her first debut as a muppet in the "Sesame Street in Communities" videos from 2018. She also appeared in some episodes later on. Maggie is also Rudy's stepmother.

The Big Bad Wolf

purple Sesame Street character The Big Bad Wolf

The next purple Sesame Street character is The Big Bad Wolf. He owes her evil looks to Herry Monster. Because, as I mentioned above, it was designed with inspiration from Herry Monster. We know The Big Bad Wolf from fairy tales, especially from Little Red Riding Hood. The Big Bad Wolf sometimes had a green or even blue color other than purple. The Big Bad Wolf in the show isn't as bad as its fairy tale original. Because he can defeat the evil in him. The Big Bad Wolf's breath is powerful enough to tear down a house.


pink, purple Sesame Street character honkers

The Honkers became popular in 1982 with the classic song "Honk Around the Clock". Honkers are not muppets that we can confine to a single color. Green, orange, blue, and turquoise Honkers were also present in Sesame Street history. But the most popular colors Honkers had were pink and purple. Honkers use their huge noses as a horn. In place of the ears, there are funnels designed for horn sound output.

Two-Headed Monster

purple Sesame Street character Two Headed Monster

Two-Headed Monster is a purple two-headed Sesame Street character. The two heads usually do not agree with each other at first, but then they reach a common conclusion. The Two-Headed Monster appears in sketches. He has also been a newspaper salesman in some seasons.


pink Sesame Street character Gonger

Gonger is one of the pink and new characters. He was at The Furchester Hotel before Sesame Street. Gonger was the chef at "The Furchester Hotel". For this reason, he took part in the "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck" segment on Sesame Street. Gonger and Cookie Monster take food orders from children in this segment. But always surprisingly one of the ingredients is missing. Then they visit the factory or farm where that material came from.

Prairie Dawn

pink Sesame Street character Prairie Dawn

Prairie Dawn is a pink muppet. Prairie Dawn has appeared in many episodes and special videos on the show. She is 7 years old and uses her intellect better than most muppets. For example, she can play the piano and is a good writer.

Telly Monster

purple Sesame Street character telly monster

Telly is a purple muppet known for his love of triangles. He is also talented in music and can play the tuba. Baby Bear is Telly's best friend. He also enjoys jumping with his pogo stick.

Count von Count

purple Sesame Street character the count

Count von Count is a purple colored character who likes to count. If we ignore its frightening appearance, it actually serves a very important purpose: to make children love math. Despite this, the character of "The Count" has been discussed a lot in the past. Some original features of the character have been changed as it may scare children.

Abby Cadabby

pink, purple Sesame Street character Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is a purple haired muppet with pink fur. We can say that Abby is Sesame Street's most popular pink/purple character. She has a small wand and can sometimes cast spells, she. The effects of the color pink and purple are clearly visible in him: love, compassion and a strong imagination. Some sources say she is Elmo's girlfriend.

In this article, I tried to briefly introduce you the pink and purple Sesame Street characters. Of course, there may be some muppets that I forgot to list.

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