Sesame Street Sesame Beginnings Exploring Together

Sesame Beginnings Exploring Together

Sesame Street Exploring Together is the third video of the "Sesame Beginnings" series consisting of 4 specials. Apart from that, the other 3 videos of the series are "Beginning Together", “Make Music Together" and “Moving Together”.

Sesame Street Exploring Together was released in 2006 and produced by Sesame Workshop and Sony Wonder.

Sesame Street Exploring Together

In this episode, Baby Cookie Monster, Baby Elmo, Baby Big Bird and Baby Prairie Dawn begin to explore the world and life. The families of the Sesame Street characters guide them through this exploration process.

Sesame Street Exploring Together

Baby Cookie Monster exploring new foods. Baby Big Bird and Baby Prairie Dawn are exploring the world. Baby Elmo also exploring new things with his dad, Louie. Special highlights how important the 5 senses are when exploring new things.

Sesame Street Exploring Together

Matt Lauer and her daughter Romy are celebrity guests of the Sesame Street Exploring Together.

The Special features the songs "Look, What's That", "Let's Explore", "Teeny Tiny Taste", "Smell a Smell Waltz", "Listen to the Sounds".

Sesame Street Exploring Together

In the Exploring Together, Baby Elmo was performed by Kevin Clash, Baby Prairie Dawn was performed by Fran Brill, Baby Big Bird was performed by Matt Vogel and Baby Cookie Monster was performed by Tyler Bunch.

Sesame Street characters in special are 0-2 years old. This is because of the target audience the video is targeting.

Sesame Street Exploring Together

As in other parts of the series, Louie, Nani Bird, Granny Bird, Cookie Monster's grandmother, Prairie Dawn's mother appear in DVD.

It is written on the poster on the Exploring Together DVD that “explore using the 5 senses”.

You can watch Sesame Street Exploring Together video on our website. You can watch other videos of the Sesame Beginnings series on our website. We hope your babies and you have a great time together while watching the special. 

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