Sesame Street Sesame Beginnings Beginning Together

Sesame Beginnings Beginning Together

Sesame Street Beginning Together is the first video of the "Sesame Beginnings" series consisting of 4 specials. Apart from that, the other 3 videos of the series are "Make Music Together",  "Exploring Together" and “Moving Together”.

Sesame Street Beginning Together was released in 2006 and produced by Sesame Workshop and Sony Wonder.

Sesame Street Beginning Together

The most important feature that makes this series special and distinguishes it from other Sesame Street videos is that it includes the periods when the popular Sesame Street characters were babies. Thus, we have the opportunity to watch the history of the beloved Sesame Street characters.

The video consists of segments featuring Baby Elmo, Baby Big Bird, Baby Prairie Dawn and Baby Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street Beginning Together

The Special also features Elmo's father Louie, Big Bird's paternal grandmother Granny Bird, Big Bird's aunt Nani Bird, Cookie Monster's grandmother and Prairie Dawn's mother Delta.

The Sesame Street Beginning Together DVD includes songs and games that babies can love. That's why the DVD was also released in Mexico, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Sesame Street Beginning Together

Actress and singer Brandy Rayana Norwood and her daughter Sy'rai are celebrity guests of the 25-minute special. 

In the Special, Baby Big Bird was performed by Matt Vogel, Baby Elmo was performed by Kevin Clash, Baby Cookie Monster was performed by Tyler Bunch, and Baby Prairie Dawn was performed by Fran Brill.

The ages of the Sesame Street characters in the Sesame Street Beginning Together video are as follows: Baby Prairie Dawn is 24 months old, Baby Big Bird is 19 months old, Baby Cookie Monster is 16 months old and Baby Elmo is 13 months old.

Sesame Street Beginning Together

You can watch Sesame Street Beginning Together video on our website. You can find other videos of the series on our website. We hope babies and parents have a great time together.

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