Sesame Street Episode 4411

Sesame Street Episode 4411 
Count Tribute

COLD OPEN: What’s the Word on the Street?: Impostor

SCENES: Alan, Chris, and Telly welcome the viewer to a special evening in Sesame Street: The Count von Count is receiving the Noble Prize for counting. Everyone on Sesame Street has gathered round for the ceremony.

When the judges call the Count up, he doesn’t appear. Chris tries to message him, and he replies, stating that he was helping a counting emergency in Chicago and now all of his flights are delayed. They ask the judges to just leave the prize with them, but they say, that the Count must be present for a final counting test to receive his prize.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

The judges call the count-out again, and Alan comes onto the stage, pretending to be the count. With the judges skeptical at first, they proceed and tell him to count the pickles that appear behind the sign, and Alan has trouble counting them and blows it. The judges say that the Count has one more minute to appear. Telly says that they need someone who can count really fast and knows someone…

Telly is now on stage with a count costume. He counts better than Alan, but still fails and the judges give the count one last minute to show up, or else, the prize goes to the second-best counter in the world. Elmo claims that he knows a counting trick that the count taught him.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

Elmo now comes on stage and has to get his third-person speech pattern under control. HE counts all the pickles but the judges say that, when the Count counts something, there’s always thunder and lighting, but they didn’t hear any. So they instead give the prize to the second-best counter -  a calculator from Bejing. 

Suddenly, the count comes down from the sky and counts all of his friends.

Muppets / Celebrity: Hank Azaria shows Elmo what an impostor is.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

Muppets: Murray announces that Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he and the kid's rap about S words.

Cartoon: Bubba, of Bubba’s Word emporium, announces his sale of S words.

Muppets: Murray and Georgia introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School

Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Abby, Gonnigan, and Blogg put their items into their cubbies when they all vanished so they try to get them back and succeed.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

Song: OK Go sings about “Three Primary Colours”

Muppets: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures is coming up, but first, Overjita has Murray press a button.

Film: In time-lapse, a man makes a puzzle of an 18.

Animation: Counting 18 flowers in the garden.

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.

Muppets: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures presents Les Mousserable.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

Muppets: Elmo the Musical is next, but first, Overjita performs a magic trick.

Muppets: Homelamb
The sheep agents of Homelamb are looking for the Big Bad Wolf.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

Muppets: Murray and a boy introduce Elmo the Musical

Elmo the Musical: Repair Monster the Musical.

Sesame Street Episode 4411

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4411 ends.

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