Who is the Most Popular Sesame Street Character?

Sesame Street is a TV show that we all loved as children. There are many puppet characters here: Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Count von Count, Oscar the Grouch, Zoe, Rosita and many others we can't count. So which one is the most popular Sesame Street character?

While watching a TV show, there are usually some characters out there that we like the most, that we want to see on screen all the time. When we see that name on the screen, we eagerly lock on the screen. For example, to give an example from myself, I am a big fan of Big Bird. I have many reasons for this myself. Our next-door neighbor's daughter is a fan of Zoe and Rosita. While that sounds strange to me, she may be loving them because they are girl puppets.

How To Find The Most Popular Sesame Street Character?

My childhood best friend says that his favorite Sesame Street character is Count von Count. While I can't figure out why at a young age, it's perfect to finally clarify why he was chasing me in the garden by wearing dentures. If you're wondering, yes she would bite me. Don't try it, because it's not a nice joke.

"Who is the Most Popular Sesame Street Character?" I guess you don't need to be a genius to understand that the answer to the question varies from person to person. Since we cannot meet millions of Sesame Street fans one by one, how do we get the real answer to this question?

Here is the answer. As a result of my research, I found a web application that shows the average number of times a word is searched in the "Google" search engine per month. It was disappointing for me when I just typed my own name into the app to try it out and saw the results. Oh, I guess I'm not popular at all.

Overview of Popular Sesame Street Characters

1. Big Bird

Let's start our review for the most popular Sesame Street character. Here is the result for Big Bird:

Who is the Most Popular Sesame Street Character

Big Bird has an average monthly search volume of 135,000. Oh my God, this is less than I expected. Still, that doesn't change the fact that I will continue to love Big Bird. 

2. Count von Count (The Count)

Second, we will examine Count von Count, the king of numbers. Let's see if the "number of the day" can make him happy this time, as in Sesame Street.

Who is the Most Popular Sesame Street Character

The result is 12,100. I will hide this from my childhood friend. 

3. Cookie Monster

This time, Cookie Monster is next to find the most popular Sesame Street character. Cookie Monster is likely to outpace previous results. Because he must have gotten a lot of fans while eating cookies Even my kids admire the way he eats cookies.

Who is the Most Popular Sesame Street Character

As you can see, Cookie Monster is the leader for the moment: 165,000. 

4. Abby Cadabby

The next Sesame Street character is Abby Cadabby. I hope he doesn't change the results in his favor by doing magic. Because she's a "Flying Fairy School" student. You know, Abra Cadabra: Booommmm.

A number below my expectation for Abby Cadabby: 27,100. But there's nothing we can do, cowboy. Numbers don't lie. 

5. Ernie and Bert

Let's move on to Ernie and Bert. To be objective, I don't find it right to examine them alone. Because these two popular Sesame Street characters are hardly ever separated. If Ernie is loved, it is because Bert. If Bert is loved, it is because of Ernie.

Vaawwwww. Here are the benefits of close friendship: the average monthly search volume is 74,000. It was a good try. However, it still seems difficult for them to catch Big Bird and Cookie Monster by number. Friendship is great, even if it doesn't make you a champion. 

6. Elmo

Now I want to see the numbers for Elmo. Let's see if Sesame Street character Elmo is as popular as we think? Or will these results cause us to reconsider our thinking for him?

Congratulations Elmo, you are extremely popular for a three and a half year old boy. Monthly search volume: 368,000. I can't believe it is almost equal to the sum of the others. After seeing this number, I think it is unnecessary to examine other Sesame Street characters.

Still, I will not go without specifying. Numbers and statistics are important. But whoever makes your face laugh the most when you look at the screen is the most popular Sesame Street character for you. Because love means more than numbers. Stay with love.