Who is Kermit? A Review of the Sesame Street Character

Kermit the Frog is a fictional character portrayed by Jim Henson in Sesame Street. First introduced in early 1955, Kermit the Frog is an animated Muppet character made and first performed by Jim Henson. Kermit's role was played by a wide range of performers, including Countenance, Brutus, Mikey, Father Frost, and Big Bird. Also introduced in early 1955, Kermit acts as the straight-man male protagonist of many Muppet movies, most notably Sesame Street.

Kermit was created because of a need for an animated character who could help Muppets with their educational shows. Originally, he was going to be called Foopy, but he was immediately cast as Kermit when the show began. He is shown sitting in a chair in much of the earliest seasons and often appearing as a frog.

Kermit's famous catchphrase, "Kermit, get out of the kitchen," refers to his tendency to wander in the streets after getting done with his usual task, cooking. In most episodes, Kermit is seen chasing the Sesame Street Characters. For example, in "Babylon Sisters," he chases Donatella and Elmo through Macy's. He was also often seen chasing a large elephant in "The Ring."

Kermit has appeared in several different outfits. Most notably, he is dressed in a long green gown with a green tie in most seasons. Other outfits included suits, which include blue shirts and bow ties. Most of these dresses are depicted in a comfy orange and brown outfit.

Kermit was featured as the main character in the film version of Sesame Street. In this film, he was portrayed as a genie. To help him cope with working with strange people and places, Kermit wears a large green head-piece. He uses his magical powers to help the other characters on the show. The Genie's headpiece appears similar to the ones worn by Santa Claus, which usually contains teeth. Kermit can be seen wearing these on numerous occasions.

Who is Kermit? A Review of the  Sesame Street Character

Several Muppet style costumes have also been featured in different Sesame Street shows. These costumes mostly consist of a red and white apron, a green and yellow skirt, and a fluffy yellow hat. Some of these outfits include the famous turkey suit. Kermit frequently wears these suits during parties and other events.

Kermit the Frog was one of the earliest characters to be aired on the television program. He first appeared on the series in Season Eight as one of the many new characters introduced by Bill Bates. Kermit was initially introduced as a mean boy who was meant to be an employee of the G.I. Park. However, he soon evolved into an entirely different character.

The phrase "Kermit is a frog in the grass," which is commonly said by Kermit in the Sesame Street commercials, became a well known saying among Muppets who appreciated the comedy value of the character. Kermit is truly a unique pet. His ability to interact with children, and the audience, remain the same but has been spruced up and made fancier through the many Muppet style costumes that have been made.

Who is Kermit? A Review of the  Sesame Street Character

Kermit the Frog has featured heavily throughout the history of Muppets. His appearance on the set of the movie adaptation of him is most notable. His role as an employee on Sesame Street gave him an extra boost in popularity. The character became almost as recognizable as the Big Bird character on the TV series. His presence on the street gave kids' characters something more to look forward to when attending a Sesame Street performance.

Kermit's popularity was further highlighted in 2021 when he was featured in the television show's episode, The Electric Company. In this episode, he was portrayed by Kevin Clash. This marked the first time that a character from the TV series had made an appearance on stage. This also marked the first-ever appearance of Kevin Clash, who was now well established in the world of theatre. He has gone on to feature heavily in the plays, musicals, and movies that are made by Disney.

Kermit the Frog is not the only character that has made an appearance on Sesame Street. Mr. Roger Philips, the voice of Bertie Wooster, is another famous face. Although not actually a character in the show, many children are still recognized as one. It is rumored that he may have inspired Chef Po's character in the hugely successful film Big Food. The exact role that Mr. Roger Philips played is unknown, but the connection is still established between Sesame Street and Chef Po.

Who is Kermit? A Review of the  Sesame Street Character

If there is any doubt left about Kermit's popularity on Sesame Street, it is clear from the huge following he commands. The character remains popular with children of all ages. He entertains them and teaches them valuable lessons about tolerance, friendship, and cooperation. He makes learning fun and teaches the viewer valuable lesson values. Who knows, he may even become a big hit on Broadway one day!

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