What's So Great About Sesame Street?

Big Bird is an entertaining character on the popular children's television series Sesame Street. A friendly two-foot yellow penguin, he wears a bright orange suit, big white feathers, a feather boa, and a mallet. His friends are Sylvester, Fogey, Pipsqueak, and Mr. Bear. He was created by Bill Sweetwater, who also created the popular theme song "It's a Wonderful Life."

While created for television, Big Bird has grown to become an icon in his own right. In 1969, he visited the United States on behalf of the World Peace Campaign, traveling to Cuba and visiting protests against The Cold War. After returning home, he began traveling to Africa and Asia. He is now seen living in Times Square in New York City and visiting several world landmarks.

Big Bird made his first appearance on Sesame Street as part of a promotion for the Tim Burton film adaptation of Peter Parker's story, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Following this production's success, he was featured in the first pilot episode of the same film. Since that time, he has appeared in over fifty additional episodes, providing many different characters to the show, including a memorable episode in which he was obsessed with catching a live alligator. Since that series finale, several other specials, special edition packages, and one short film have taken the traditional Jim Henson classic.

In most Sesame Street episodes, Big Bird sits on a large perch while doing what he does best: singing. However, he often gets into trouble because of the puppet's large size, such as getting stuck on top of street signs or in traffic. In most cases, it takes a rapid intervention from a passerby to get him back in line. This is what makes his storyline so endearing.

Most children, and even some adults, are familiar with Big Bird. He is a popular subject for parlor games, holiday decorations, birthday parties, and even pillowcases. However, one might be surprised to learn that not all children are aware of how much of a hit Sesame Street has become with children from all cultures and economic statuses. It is not just about the puppet.

The world has become familiar with Big Bird and his world. His popularity has also made him an even greater educational icon. Educators across the country have found Big Bird to be a great addition to the classroom. In fact, some schools have incorporated Big Bird into their curriculum, allowing him to sing and act alongside his human counterparts.

Children love to watch Big Bird and generally enjoy his interactions with the Muppet team. You will find that the Big Bird line is among the most popular of all toys from this show when it comes to toys. The Big Bird Birthday Party sets allow children to dress up as lovable puppets and parties. The party comes complete with a cake and invitations, featuring the face of Big Bird. For added fun, these birthday celebrations can also include invitations that say, "Come as I am, Big Bird!"

Children love to see their favorite characters on television, and it is no surprise why they enjoy Sesame Street as well. The messages and lessons taught by this popular children's series have touched millions' hearts and minds. Parents have been known to buy a Big Bird poster or stuffed toy and pass it out to their children. Young adults have watched a television show with their parents and have become familiar with many of the characters. In many instances, these young adults have become true fans of this famous television program.

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