What's So Great About Elmo Sesame Street Character?

Elmo is a popular character on the popular children's television show Sesame Street. A fun-loving red animal with a purplish voice, he comes on Sesame Street and hosts the second half of the nightly show, "The Goodies," geared towards younger children. He is portrayed by Jim Henson, who also played the character of Bertie in the same front. Elmo started as an experimental test case but was rejected by Sesame Street due to one condition: he had to say "Abby" thirty times per minute for two hours straight. Though his odd accent and squeaky voice have made him a beloved character, most parents don't know him much better than Sesame Street's characters.

What is it about Elmo that makes kids laugh? Elmo's personality is so different that he stands out among the other characters of Sesame Street. First of all, he does not talk. Instead, he twitches his limbs like a dog to make funny faces. When he does speak, he says the words simultaneously, and he usually mumbles a lot of nonsense phrases. The only thing that he can squeak is when he gets frustrated or upset.

Elmo is an avid reader. He reads various books, mostly children's books, including classics such as Aesop's "The Tortoise and the Hare." He enjoys saying things like "Goodnight, Sleep Tight," and "I've got a bad feeling about this." Some parents might not appreciate his reading habits, but others find it a great help to kids learn about different characters. The kids love reading through Elmo.

What kind of jobs does Elmo do on Sesame Street? First, he is responsible for introducing the characters to the children. Then, he entertains them by making funny faces and hand movements. Finally, he sings songs and dances to music. You will see that he goes around the world performing these duties. In some episodes, he also plays an army leader, a clown, a bum, a doctor, a truck driver, and many other characters.

How did it come to be that Elmo became part of Sesame Street? The creation of the character was in response to the audience's growing demands for education. Viewers wanted to see what happened after the students went back to school. The answer is that most of the school children on Sesame Street had disabilities. The creators thought that if they helped these children to be able to see what happened after school, they would bring better attitudes to their own lives. Thus, Elmo was born.

Who are the people that commonly enjoy Elmo's presence on Sesame Street? There are many. Some of them are very young, like those who watch the show when it first appeared on TV. Others have older children who watch with delight as Elmo romps his way through the different worlds in the Big City. Finally, some adults who have gotten divorced or want a break from their jobs visits the show to reconnect with their old friends.

What makes watching Elmo so popular? One reason is that people can relate to this character. He is happy and funny and understands what people go through in their lives. Elmo understands that life is sometimes hard. People can relate to him because they know what it's like to have dreams that never seem to come true.

When people hear about how the character got his start on Sesame Street, they often wonder how he came to be so popular. Part of the answer lies in the fact that Elmo is not a biological human being. He is a robotic character. Therefore, the creation of this character could be considered as the birth of a cartoon icon. 

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