The World Of Sesame Street Characters

You've probably seen the famous faces of Sesame Street characters on TV over the years, and you might have even made a few yourself. Most people are familiar with Jim Henson's famous puppet series. But did you know that the people who created these shows had very little else to do when they were working for Big Bird? The truth is that while they were focused on coming up with a fun and wholesome television show for children, the people behind the scenes did a lot more than a slap on a few toys and call it a day. They had to make Sesame Street into a place where children felt inspired and comfortable to engage with these beautiful characters.

We'll take a brief look at a couple of the key people involved in creating this timeless classic. Frank Oz, who is most well known as the puppeteer of the "Muppets" series of shows on TV, was responsible for the original creation of the characters that we recognize today as Cookie and Bo Peep. He also was the voice of Big Bird. The late Lawrence Olivier was responsible for the beautiful music that plays on the Sesame Street.

The late William Morris is the one who brought life to the Sesame Street characters. He is often referred to as the "dean of Montague Tigg, the first American musical hit." Another alum of the show, who became a well-known children's performer, was Kevin Clash. While he did not star in the original audition for the lead role, he did play the second and third cousin of Cookie Monster. Kevin Clash later went on to have a career that spanned four decades, including multiple hits on the Broadway stage, and even a turn in the movie industry with movies such as A Few Good Men and The Breakfast Club.

Of course, no discussion of the Sesame Street characters would be complete without shouting out to Marge and Kermit. The two first introduced their characters to audiences in Season Four. What can be said about Marge and Kermit is that they are the show's valid morning characters. They help bring the segments together with hilarious musical (sometimes even musical numbers) quality.

It should be noted, though, that both characters are adorable. That is an aspect that some parents may find lacking with their children. The characters are cute and endearing, which is a massive plus for the show. For this reason, the characters remain one of the most popular attractions for those watching.

The Sesame Street characters help set the tone for what is to follow. It is interesting to note that Sesame Street has always been a mainstream television program. Families have ever watched it. This is because it provides a window into the family, and it gives the perfect opportunity for young children to learn about what is accepted in modern society. Those without children may not know what to expect when entering this world, but everyone can certainly relate to Sesame Street.

Many of the characters from Sesame Street still appear on other popular television shows. Ms. Piggy, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the host of the show, Kevin Clash, are all still on the air. They all have young fans who watch their shows with young children. This familiarity is another reason why Sesame Street is so much fun for young and old viewers.

The characters from Sesame Street have remained the same since the early 1970s. They are still as charming as ever, and the humor is still as good as it ever was. With all of the new additions featured on The Sesame Street's latest version, it is easy to see why this popular series will be entertaining for generations to come. What is truly remarkable is that this popular show continues to make such an impression on new and old viewers alike.

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