The Importance About on Sesame Street

Did you catch up on the latest Sesame Street episode? You know, the one with Alexis the Giraffe's mom phoning him and asking where Alexis the Giraffe is. Well, here it is. The first scene is Alexis the Giraffe (Vanessa Hudgens) taking a walk and stops to get some water. While she is talking with a few young boys, she notices them listening to a mysterious caller.

They are playing a game and ask her if they can call her Mommy. Alexis the Giraffe answers the phone, but before she can say too much, the caller hangs up on her. The boys laugh and leave. Alexis the Giraffe wonders what she missed. The caller was a very familiar sounding female voice that repeated itself several times throughout the episode.

The voice belonged to Moseley (Mark Linn-Baker), a newly addicted man who by now has lost all of his belongings and has started using illegal substances. Moseley works at a restaurant where he meets a young girl who asks him to ride home. Alexis the Giraffe isn't sure she wants to try any drugs and doesn't want to go inside the restaurant. She decides to get a Sesame Street cookies bag and head home, searching for her favorite character.

As you can imagine, this attracts the attention of several local criminals. One of them gets in the van with Moseley. The two start running for an unknown destination. At this point, the audience can see Alexis the Giraffe slipping into a trance as her life is slowly being turned upside down. Moseley stops and helps Alexis the Giraffe onto the back of a police car, where he is arrested and charged with her murder.

Alexis the Giraffe 's story manages to bring light into this naturally dark subject matter. Her death doesn't happen on television or in the movies. Moseley's story offers hope that even after being trapped in a life of crime that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though he escaped conviction, Alexis the Giraffe 's story still offers an optimistic message for the children who watch the show. It is up to us as parents to ensure that our children can see the positive side of everything, even when presented on television.

While there have been many critics of Sesame Street, none of them understand the goal behind the show. Most of them fail to see that Sesame Street's goal is not to promote violence towards women but rather to offer a way for children to gain confidence and self-esteem. This can be shown in the positive messages that can be found on this popular television program. No child should ever feel bad because someone thinks they are stupid or thinks that they are dumb. These messages help to give children the knowledge to overcome these feelings of inadequacy and allow them to reach their full potential.

Also, when the characters on Sesame Street address global warming issues, they do so with the help of environmental resources and educational tools that are available to any parent. This shows that there is an effort on the part of the creators of Sesame Street to ensure that all children will reach their full potential in both music and education. There is no point in teaching your child to accept certain behaviors or to take individual lessons just because you think it will be good for them. Every child has the right to choose what they want to learn, whether it be art, sports, or computer skills.

Even though Sesame Street does address some controversial topics, it always uses positive examples of learning to teach children. By showing the characters on this popular television program that there are other places that they can go besides the traditional classroom and show positive examples of tolerance, you can rest assured that your child will find it much easier to accept changes. You can also rest assured that your child will have a much better chance of having a successful, fulfilling life after attending school and taking lessons from one of the most popular television programs on earth. 

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