Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Episode III - Where's Oscar?

Oscar the Grouch, also known as George, the Groover, is a fictional character on the PBS / HBO television show Sesame Street. He has a pale green body, has no visible nose, and resides in a tiny garbage can. His favorite thing to do is collect various small items, as demonstrated by the famous song "I Love Trash." As seen in the series, Oscar the Grouch contains different objects, such as coins, pieces of paper, buttons, lint, ash from a can, and many other objects that are not his usual focus. This, in turn, causes him problems, as he gets tired and sick quickly.

One day, Hugo, an older man, comes to live in the Grouchy household. Since he is the only male in the house, Hugo is the only one who knows about Oscar the Grouch 's junk collection. One day, the family finds a lump in the corner of the child's throat. Since Oscar the Grouch is clueless about what is causing the swelling, Hugo decides that it might be a sparrow, so he picks it up to check it out. To his surprise, the lump turns out to be an alive cockroach.

Oscar the Grouch becomes very ill and is unable to eat or drink. An ambulance takes Oscar the Grouch to the hospital. While there, a representative from the street ministry checks out Hugo's house. After hearing about all the unnecessary objects Hugo owns, the street ministry suggests that Hugo donate all of his possessions to a local food pantry. Hugo has no money; he is unable to agree to this idea and instead cancels his application. His lack of willingness to give up his possessions causes the others in the family to become disheartened.

Oscar the Grouch is revealed to have been adopted by Kevin Flutie, a man who works with street vendors. When Flutie realizes that Hugo is not his son but just another property piece, he brings him to live with him; during this time, Hugo begins to display violent behavior toward everyone, particularly Kevin Flutie. After finding out about this, Oscar the Grouch tells everyone about his adoption. As a result, Kevin goes to jail, while Hugo goes to live with his grandmother.

The Grouchy family begins to suffer more financially because of Hugo. Because the Street ministry offers free food for the children every day, they can afford to pay for his care. This allows Hugo to attend school, where he meets new friends. He begins to like playgrounds, and he even starts to develop a friendship with Daphne, a girl who also shares his interests. Unfortunately, Hugo fails in earning a good reputation in school.

Daphne is suspicious of many of the other children her friend comes in contact with. She thinks Hugo may be hurting someone because he mistreats the street vendors. When Daphne learns that Mr. Flutie has adopted Hugo, she is relieved that she was wrong. But is her relief premature?

After Daphne's suspicions are confirmed, Mr. Flutie pays a visit to Daphne and Hugo's street. While there, he tries to persuade Daphne that Hugo is just as good as any child on the road. Mr. Flutie also tells Daphne that many of the children that come to the street are sexually abused, neglected, or thrown into the street without being homeschooled.

Eventually, Daphne decides that enough is enough and seeks out those responsible for harming the street children. She tracks down the "Pimps" shop owner, which provides dangerous working conditions to the children who perform there. The owner tells her about a girl who used to come to the shop every night but no longer does. Daphne takes the girl into her custody. The two of them work to help the girl find her birth parents and find a better life. Meanwhile, Hugo tries to find love in his own life while battling his demons.

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