Mazzarino's Baby Bear and Sesame Street

The most popular television program of all time, Sesame Street, has been celebrated for over 50 years. In this whimsical series, the four characters - Foelie, Amy, Bill, and John - attempt to teach life lessons to youngsters' modern-day generation. The series was created by Jim Henson, who also wrote and voiced many of the featured characters. Also, his creations are made of such small items as street signs and puppets.

Folie is an infant in a tiny red flannel suit who loves to sing and dance. His best friend is Cookie Monster, who plays the Big Bird character. The two are often joined by their squire, Mr. Mack, who is played by Frank Oz.

Cookie Monster and Foelie work at a toy shop in New York City to meet their latest customer, David Rudman. When David suffers a brain injury in a dog accident, the shop owner, operator, and Big Bird doctor save him. It takes them some time to diagnose and treat his injuries properly, but he is sent home with a robotic dog named Fluffy before they can. Fluffy learns that the store owners and the doctor are naming Frank and Dave, and he has feelings for them.

Muppets All of Them! The Sesame Street crew decides to help out a struggling neighborhood boy named Frank, who is sick and needs money to pay for medical treatment. The first scene shows Frank working with the local boy's mother in the kitchen, attempting to bake a pie, and talking to Cookie Monster about his love for Cookie Monster.

Soon after doing so, Frank gets a visit from Cookie Monster, who announces that he will have dinner with the restaurant's entire family. As a surprise, the restaurant's owner, Mr. Nelson, mistakenly believes that the monster prefers sandwiches. Mr. Nelson invites Nelsona, an ancient noblewoman from an old country, to be the guest of honor at the dinner.

The next scene shows Nelsona sitting in an armchair at the table while she's dressed up in a fairy costume and holding a crystal ball. She introduces herself as Rosalind, the owner's daughter, and informs Frank and Cookie Monster that she loves both of them. At this, the monster starts to laugh because he thought Nelson was his own daughter. Suddenly, Elmo, who is wearing the chef hat Cookie Monster previously used in the Season 6 episode "Mama Makes The World Go Round," walks in on the scene and announces that Nelson is his ex-girlfriend. Shortly thereafter, Rosalind leaves, stating that she has to go to the restroom.

Nelson is seen in the kitchen two days later, wearing a blue sweater covered in sesame street character sashes and looking very miserable. Cookie Monster goes to talk to her, but she runs off to the bathroom. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Frank and Cookie Monster eat lunch with Mike, who happened to be passing by the restaurant that day. Before he could ask them about the events of the day, a janitor drops by carrying a large bag filled with fried chicken, egg batter, and French fries.

The janitor asked them where they had their lunch. Frank and Cookie Monster reply that they were buying some French fries. The janitor then gets out a roll of dollar bills and asks them to give him some money for a chance to purchase more batter. When they refuse, the janitor tells them they don't run any businesses without a business license. Mazzarino finally decides to buy the restaurant from David Rudman after realizing how much Nelsona truly cares for him.

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