How to Start an Amazon Store? | Detailed Review

If you are interested in e-commerce, you should also know about Amazon. Because Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is a name shown among the inventors of e-commerce. You can increase your e-commerce income by opening a store on Amazon, which has an important place in the e-commerce market in the world. Knowing all the details about the Amazon store opening process will help you progress more successfully.


Founded on July 5, 1994, Amazon was founded on the dream of selling books online. This breakthrough is actually an important turning point that forms the basis of the modern e-commerce system. Considered the pioneer of e-commerce, Amazon is among the largest companies in the world. The rapidly growing company has established e-commerce platforms in many countries in addition to, which provides international services.


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Amazon store is a service that allows you to sell on This service, which the company calls "Sales on Amazon", has some features that pioneer other e-commerce platforms. The warehouse system, which provides an excellent experience for the user, especially in terms of fast shipping, has also attracted the attention of other online marketplaces.


Amazon Store Opening

Among the things you need to know to sell online is the functioning of virtual marketplaces. There is a difference between selling on your own e-commerce site and opening a store on Amazon. So you need to be able to look at it from that angle as well. If you want to have a solid place in the sector as an e-commerce entrepreneur, you should both open your own e-commerce site and start selling on Amazon.


Opening a Seller Account on Amazon

To open an Amazon store, you need to open a seller account before the store. In the process of opening a seller account, you must go through the authentication steps that Amazon does for security reasons. Then your Seller Central account will be activated along with your seller account. You can get support for all processes related to your seller account through Seller Central; You can manage your inventory, products, sales and reports from here.


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How to Open an Amazon Seller Account?

To open a seller account, simply click the "Open Account" button on You can open your seller account by filling in the information on the next screens and following the instructions. The first stage of opening a seller account is completed in 4 steps. The information to be entered in these 4 steps is as follows:

Business information

Personal information

Payment information

Store information

Login to Amazon


Documents Required to Open a Store on Amazon

Amazon is a company that carries out all processes meticulously. For this reason, some of the company's rules may seem strict to you, but when you complete this process, you can sell your products without any problems. Amazon requests detailed information during the process of opening a store and creating a seller account. In addition, you need to upload some documents to the system. The documents and information required to open an Amazon store are as follows:

A business email address: Required for communication during registration and post-registration.

Phone number: An active phone number required for communication.

Primary contact identification: The primary contact is the account holder himself or the person responsible for sales on behalf of the company.

Company information: Company registration number, tax number, address, business type and related documents.

A valid credit card available for payment: The credit card must belong to the individual or the company. In cases where the balance in the Amazon seller account is insufficient (not enough sales), the membership fee will be charged to this card.

Bank account information: Information of the bank account to which the proceeds from sales from the store on Amazon will be transferred.


how to open an amazon store

When Can My Amazon Store Open?

You don't need to wait long for Amazon store opening time. When you create your seller account and send the necessary information and documents, your account will be approved in a short time. In this process, you should make sure that you submit the documents completely and that the information you enter into the system matches the documents you sent. After getting approval, you can list your products and start selling.


Is It Necessary To Open A Store To Sell On Amazon?

The most basic process of selling on Amazon is opening a store. It is not possible to sell on the platform with an individual account without opening an Amazon store. Having a customer profile where you shop on Amazon doesn't mean you can sell on the platform. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you should open an Amazon store on behalf of your company.


What are the Points to Consider When Opening an Amazon Store?

You should be careful in the process of opening an Amazon store. You should not miss any detail and pay special attention to some points. You should compare the advantages and disadvantages of opening a store on this platform, and open a store if it suits your business model and strategies. Because if you sell on Amazon, you become a business partner. You must accept the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement for your store to be approved. Before accepting the contract, you should examine it in detail.


Things to Consider When Opening Multiple Accounts

Let's say you opened an account with your passport… You opened an account with An Address, A phone number, A credit card. And that didn't happen.

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You can try to open an account a second time with your new identity document. But here is the critical point; You should never give the same address, telephone or credit card number. In this case, you must open an account with B Address, B phone number, B credit card.

If that doesn't work, you can try to open another account; and of course forget the information you used in your first 2 attempts, you should do this by not using them. For example, this time you can enter with your driver's license. And you should use C Address, C phone number, C credit card.

If you pay attention to these, you will not have a problem opening the account.


What Should You Pay Attention To Here?

Let's say you opened two accounts, you may not remember from which computer you entered the next day. And when you accidentally try to enter the information of the account that you cannot open, the Amazon information system will immediately understand this and suspend your opened account. For this reason, as much as possible, even the wi-fi you use when trying to open two accounts is not the same. This could get you in trouble. You can suspend just because of that. 


Store Fee and Commission Payment

Opening a store and providing services on the platform are subject to fees, excluding sales transactions. Amazon store opening is charged on a monthly subscription basis, and you must pay a flat fee each month no matter how many sales you make. In addition to the monthly subscription fee you pay to the store, you also pay a commission for every sale you make. A commission is deducted from the income from sales and your accumulated balance is transferred to your account in 14-day periods. This saves time in the revenue generation process.


How to Start an Amazon Store

Amazon Commission Rates

The Amazon store opening fee is fixed, but the commission you pay for each sale you make is different. Commission rates on Amazon are determined by category. Since the calculation is made over the exchange rate, the commission you will pay varies according to the price of the product you sell. Two different commission rates, 6% and 10%, are applied on the platform for 2022.

Categories with 10% Commission Rate on Amazon


Food products

Health and Personal Care

Shoes and Bags

Sports and Office Products

Baby Products Except Clothing Books

Toy and Game Construction Market

Kitchen and Decoration

Personal Care Devices Electronic Accessories


Categories with 6% Commission Rate on Amazon


Video Game Consoles Kitchen (Small Appliances)

Electronics (Computer, Vep Phone, Camera)


If you want to start e-commerce in virtual marketplaces, you must first gather information about the best-selling products in e-commerce, determine your product range, and then start selling by completing the steps to open an Amazon store. 

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