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Songwriters Elia Cooper and Michael Angelo have composed a musical number entitled "Iris," which plays in the oriental section of the Big Apple. The song is about the love affair between Kevin Clash and their respective partners, David and Vixen. The title "Iris" comes from the actual place of their birthplaces-Iris Island in New Zealand and Singapore. 

The two met when they were seven years old in a skating rink and became good friends. The story of the song goes that their friendship blossomed into full romance when they moved in together. The musical number takes its cue from the American hit song by the same name.

The melody of this song is straightforward yet tender, with melodic and repetitive beats. Elia Cooper has written most of the lyrics, except two words. She sings about living with love, leaving alone, and the freedom of the streets. Her lovely vocal cords, accompanied by her enchanting original lyrics, add to the tune's overall beauty.

Songwriting for "Iris" has also proved to be quite interesting as it tackles an issue that is more common among American youngsters these days-consolidating friendships. This is also one of the rare songs from Sesame Street that does not mention God. However, the lyrics do suggest a relationship that is based on mutual love. The refrain of the song is "you're as beautiful as I am."

Songwriting is something that Elia Cooper seems to be very proud of. She has worked with many other people from her past, including Mandy Moore, Maya Rudolph, and Carrie Underwood. However, her most famous creations are the lyrics of "Iris" and "Big Bird." Other works which she has co-written with other artists are "Irene," "Carol of Broadway" and "Happily Ever After."

In her song "Iris," Elia Cooper shares some very touching words regarding motherhood. She sings about being a young girl in New York City, having dreams of living with her parents and doing normal things like going to school. The refrain in this particular song is "I want my children to have a better life than me." These words have tremendous meaning for all women around the world. It is a wish for their children to have a better life than they do and ask the man they are married to understand the dream they have for their future.

"Big Bird" is also a great example of Sesame Street lyrics. In this song, Miss Piggy wants her listeners to know that she has a new boyfriend. She says that they met each other on a bus and he was so nice that she decided to give him his name, Big Bird. It is a romantic song filled with sentiments. It will warm the heart of many people, especially if you know or have had children of your own.

One of the most popular television shows is the Electric Company. The main character in this show is Mary Poppins, the lovely singing child star. Every kid loves watching this show. In the song "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" from the album Electric Company, Mary Poppins is lamenting over the loss of her loveable pet, Fido. The words in this song are, "Now my poor Fido is gone...I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel."

There are many more songs by Sesame Street that you can listen to and enjoy. All of these songs especially touch your heart. As a matter of fact, many people listen to this particular song and then immediately cry because of the message of love and caring found in it.

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