Davy Jones Says He Isn't Perfect - He Gave His View On Sesame Street

Davy Jones is a fictional character that appears in the hit children's television show, Sesame Street. He is portrayed as a dimwitted, misguided, and perceptive character who loves to make fun of everything and everyone. He is portrayed as being extremely irritable and is frequently seen scowling and looking unhappy. A character that portrays such a mood would certainly inspire laughter from the audience, but some people may find it offensive. Below are some of Davy's more offensive quotes that should have everyone sitting down with a piece of tissue to avoid him.

"I got into this business to get away from myself, you know what I mean? I just want to be anybody else. I don't want to get in anybody's face. I don't want to be associated with people, because I don't know them, and I don't like their company."

While we understand this explanation, many people fail to see the problematic nature of this comment. When Jones starts using these phrases, he is saying that he wants to be anybody else so he can get away from his problems. It is an excuse to get close to other people. It says that he doesn't care about what other people think of him, or what people might say if he were to say them. By repeatedly making this statement, it is clear that Davy Jones is indicating that he does not care about people at all.

"I used to be able to hold my own against Big Bird. If I'd had to pick a battle with Big Bird, I would've won, but now... We're good. We can take on anybody, including Mr. Mulch."

As Mulch continues, he points out that Davy has beaten him several times. Davy responds by telling him that he only did when he was confident he could. This is an obvious lie. It is also a display of his arrogance and his inability to accept help or instruction.

When Jones is explaining why he went to Cuba, he says that he saw people who needed money would turn against them to get it. This is untrue. He goes on to say that in America they were treated as children. He says that the children of Cuba live in squalid conditions and work long hours. Again, both of these statements are untrue.

The message that Davy Jones sends to the viewer is that it is easy to become successful if you will go on the Sesame Street show. There are no requirements for your performance except that you must sing. If you are unable to sing or you cannot sing well, then you can get a job on another show. This is a complete misrepresentation of how reality works.

Jones made a huge mistake when he was selected to perform on Sesame Street. His performance did not live up to expectations, and he has since said publicly that he regrets his time on the show. The public deserves better representation than this. We have heard incredible stories about people who went to great lengths to go on Sesame Street but were turned down. It is our job as citizens of the world to stand up for those who are being discriminated against.

The message that Sesame Street sends to the world is that it is okay to be different. Everyone should feel comfortable asking questions of the powers that be. If someone feels they are being wronged or ridiculed by the powers that be, they should speak out. Everyone has the right to speak up if they feel they are being wronged.

Jones was recently interviewed on a podcast by Democracy Now. During the interview, he was asked why he thought people were so upset with him on Sesame Street. He responded by saying that some of the criticism he received was because he did not understand what the audience for that show was for.

He also went on to say that he did not know what the kids were looking at when he was on the show. To anyone who knows me personally, I do not understand what the heck those kids were looking at. Jones seemed confused and as if he had no idea what he was talking about. It appears that Jones does not know what he is talking about. Hopefully, Jones will look more knowledgeable about his positions on issues in the future. 

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