Creative Ideas for Sesame Street Decorations

Sesame Street Decorations  - Do you wish to celebrate your child's birthday with Sesame Street and its famous street decorations? The only way to go wrong is to forget to take a look at these. This Sesame Street theme will add zest to your celebration. There are plenty of things to do during the party. These are the things you need to know before you head out to Sesame Street.

Sesame Street food cards, Sesame Street character posters

First, design invitations with a face like Elmo. Could you put it in red, white, or black? Customize Sesame Street Promotional Labels or Food Signs, Sesame Street character posters, Elmo's head, Big Bird, or any other face you want. These can be found in local craft stores or online. Or you may make your birthday party decorations by using inexpensive cardboard tubes and wrapping them with red, white, or yellow construction paper.

Second, use Sesame Street characters in your party giveaways. There are lots of giveaways that you can give out, like Sesame Street cutouts, Elmo cupcakes, and Elmo bags. You can also have the guests sign their names on plastic bags with Elmo's head. It is good to have the big cutouts printed on transparent poster boards for an extra touch. Just put these Elmo-related signs up on your building, outside your home, or anywhere else you want to add some festive flavor.

Third, you can get some Sesame Street themed letter invitations. There are plenty of party supplies stores online where you can find cheap themed letter invitations with Sesame Street character designs and messages. Or you can get direct colored invitations in the traditional themed letter style. Just make sure to include your address, day, and time.

Fourth, to save on Sesame Street food cards and other stationery, purchase small-sized food cards instead of the usual large cards. You can find these cute little cards at dollar shops and craft stores for only two dollars each. You can then decorate them as you wish or leave them as-is for people to write their notes to show guests where they will be eating their snacks.

Fifth, use Sesame Street characters in other aspects of your party decorations and events. One great idea is to use cutouts of Big Bird, Foghorn Leghorn, Jim Henson, and Bertie Wooster as your party supplies. You can cut out these characters in the shapes of different things such as cars, puppets, or even famous faces from the series.

You can paste these cutouts all over the place, including inside the venue, on your banners, or your streamers. And while you're at it, why not similarly decorate your platform by using cutouts of Dora the Explorer, or your child's favorite characters such as Strawberry Shortcake, or any character from The Fairly Odd Parents.

Sixth, Sesame Street decorations are not only great for outside of the studio, but they also look great inside the studio. Consider cutting out pictures of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Mike and Bertie from the show and pasting them to the walls in your child's room.

You can also use some of your pictures from childhood or makeup from the latest movie featuring these characters. And last but not least, why not create a border of balloons around the room with Sesame Street characters on one side and Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Mike and Bertie on the other. This creates a unique children's mural that your little guests will love.

As you can see, there are countless ideas for Sesame Street decorations. Just be as creative as you like, but remember that these ideas do not have to be limited to the show. They can be used in any kid's room or even in a classroom. Good luck! 

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