Bring Your Kids to the Sesame Street Park in Philadelphia

If you are looking for a fun day out to the great outdoors, Sesame Street in Philadelphia would be a great choice. It is one of the most popular attractions for children in the United States and is loved by young and old alike. Visitors can spend hours just enjoying their time at this lovely theme park. Many people come here to wander around the different areas that make up the park. However, it would help if you took a little time to check out the water rides and other attractions before leaving.

Bring Your Kids to the Sesame Street Park in Philadelphia

Sesame Street is a popular children's amusement park and tourist attraction located right in the heart of Philadelphia in Langhorne. It has been open since July 30, 1980, and has become one of the biggest draws for both the residents of Philadelphia and tourists from all over the world. It features hundreds of characters, including the Muppets that have made it a popular television program. There are also many live musical productions along with fun things to do for all ages.

Located in Philadelphia's heart, below the Philadelphia International Market, is the Cookie's Counting Carnival. Here kids can go on a wild ride through a giant cornfield, complete with juice machines, inflatable cow bowling, and more. There are also games such as the bean bag toss and musical chairs. There is also food available in the concessions stands. There are also a stage show and a puppet theatre.

Along with these two attractions, there are many other fun places for kids to go to Sesame Street. For example, the Big Bird Street Experience has a big screen TV where the popular preschool show is watched. Also at this location are balloon twirlers and balloon rentals. There are several beach activities for those who want to have some fun in the sun or who love to play in the sand, including volleyball, tennis, and miniature golf.

For something completely different, a visit to the Big, Yellow Machine is a great way to spend an afternoon. The Big Yellow Machine is a roller coaster ride with a variety of colorful tubes that shoot up and down the track. There are also water slides, adventure playgrounds, gymnastics, and climbing frames.

Of course, if you aren't looking for anything else to do here but to sit back and relax, you might want to head over to the Sesame Street Movie House. It is located right in Center City Philadelphia and is the only movie house here to screen classic movies and all of the newest ones. This is sure to be a fun time for everyone! Other fun things to do include playing free basketball or bowling.

If you aren't sure whether you can make it to Philadelphia during the regular opening and closing times for the Sesame Street Tickets, you might want to check out the VIP packages. Many of these tickets are included in many hotel packages and passes to the featured attractions. You will need to call your local travel agent to find out which hotels have these special rates. In addition to the Sesame Street Tickets, you may also want to consider the special offers from various hotels, including discount coupons and gift cards.

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