Big Bird – A Look at Sesame Street Character

Big Bird is an essential character in the famous children's TV show Sesame Street. An eight-foot yellow two-inch long bright yellow anthropomorphic canary appears to be the only animal in the front that behaves in many ways. He sings, dances, plays ball games, eats, cries, makes jokes, and even dances. In one episode, Big Bird got so upset that a large crowd had watched him perform that he melted all of the icings on a pie. He was sent to the principal's office, where he met Beethoven.

Big Bird – A Look at Sesame Street Character

The story begins in grade school, where the teacher Mrs. Robinson had asked the class to raise their hands if they knew why the teacher was teaching them music. The response was that they all knew. Mrs. Robinson then explained that she was doing a study for the piano. One child said that they wanted to help out because they thought it would make them famous. The teacher corrected them, saying they were not stupid but were being silly.

At the lunchroom table, the children sat down at a triangle like a table, each child sitting in a separate chair facing another child. Similarly, the teacher chose a student and asked him or her to sit. Each child was then asked to say, "What do you think you are?" followed by what they were thinking about related to music. For example, one child said they were thinking about how good it felt to play the piano, another said they wanted to know if they ever got tired of playing it, and a child said that they were not very talented at all.

After several children said that they were not the talent, the one who thought the most talent came in was Big Bird. A few seconds later, Big Bird stood up from his chair and said, "I do, indeed feel very talented." A few minutes later, Big Bird repeated the same words, "I feel very talented," to a confused Kermit. Then a Big Bird made a "chirp" noise, and everyone sat up and gave each other a friendly big hug. Everyone was delighted with the story, and after that, everyone decided that they wanted to be Big Bird.

Several children have told stories about being inspired by the movie or the TV show, "Big Bird," either while they were young or growing up. Video games featuring the characters have also become wildly popular with children. They love the idea that Big Bird can ride on their heads or fly through the air while using the power of their mouth. These things lead to numerous video games and television shows being produced for young and old alike.

Big Bird became so beloved that someone had to pick him up and place him in the brand new Street performance troupe when the Sesame Street program ended. Two of the original characters, Miss Piggy and Big Bird, decided to take on the task, which lasted three years. Each year two new street entertainers have been chosen to take on filling in for the previous year's star. Since this is not an official performing group, they do not get paid and are only offered a small bit of recognition by the Sesame Street characters.

While Big Bird street performers' current crop seems to be enjoying their time on stage, they have not forgotten their beginning stage performances. Each year, after the last showings, the audience will be given the last chance to see what happened before the cameras. Many people will be surprised at what happened in the previous year's showings. Many will be glad to see their favorite childhood characters again. The crowd's excitement level is relatively high as some of the older children will be attending for the first time.

If you have never had the pleasure of witnessing a Big Bird street performance, you owe it to yourself to do so. You will not regret your decision and will be glad that you did. These street entertainers have always managed to find the humor in what they do. Many parents have noticed that they tend to get a kick out of the situation. They may not realize the effort to provide these entertaining shows, but they are sure glad that they have seen the funny side of the street performance. Watching Big Bird perform live on TV is one thing, but being able to see him up on stage is an entirely different experience. 

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