Why don't They use Guns in Harry Potter?

In the world of Harry Potter, guns are not used. But why?

Every novel includes characteristics of the fictional world that the author has created. The world of Harry Potter does not exhibit the same characteristics as the world we know, nor is it obligated to do so. There is certainly a place for spells, magic, and potions in J.K. Rowling's fictional reality. The author is attempting to immerse readers into a magical and fantastic world, and guns may detract from the hypnotic effect that she is striving to create.

Furthermore, in a fictional world where magic reigns, the effectiveness of guns can be disputed. Competing with skilled enemies in magic with guns would be impossible. Such a competition among heroes would result in an outcome that is already known and does not excite or pique the reader's curiosity.

Moreover, Harry Potter is primarily a children's book series, and the use of guns may not be suitable for the targeted audience. Scientific studies have shown that exposure to situations such as gun usage can negatively affect children's behavior. These types of unwanted behaviors can be ingrained in the subconscious of children and result in negative consequences during adulthood. Which parent would want to purchase a book for their child's personal development that includes gun usage?

Looking at it from a different angle, authors plan characters and plot while taking their targeted audience into account. Gun usage in a children's novel, whose targeted audience is children, would not cross the mind of a professional writer.

In conclusion, guns are not used in the Harry Potter novel series. In a children's novel that is set in a magical world, gun usage is neither logical nor ethical nor a preferred element of the author's writing.

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