The Plot of Attack on Titan: All Storyline of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

"Introduction to the World of Attack on Titan"

Attack on Titan, created by Hajime Isayama, transports readers and viewers to a grim and desolate world where humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction. Massive, humanoid creatures known as Titans roam the land, devouring humans without reason or remorse. In a desperate attempt to survive, the remnants of humanity have built three concentric walls—Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina—to protect themselves from these monstrous beings.

The story unfolds in the Shiganshina District, located in the outermost Wall Maria, where we meet our protagonist, Eren Yeager. Eren, along with his adoptive sister, Mikasa Ackerman, and his best friend, Armin Arlert, dream of exploring the world beyond the walls. However, their lives are forever changed when a colossal Titan breaches Wall Maria, allowing a horde of Titans to pour in, resulting in an unprecedented catastrophe.

"Surviving in the Shadow of Titans: Life Inside the Walls"

Within the walls, society is divided into three main classes. The highest-ranking members reside within Wall Sina, enjoying a life of luxury and relative safety. Meanwhile, those in the middle class live in Wall Rose, and the lower class occupies Wall Maria, bearing the brunt of the Titan threat.

The military plays a crucial role in this society, consisting of three branches: the Garrison Regiment, responsible for defending the walls; the Military Police Brigade, tasked with maintaining law and order within the walls; and the Survey Corps (Scouting Legion), who venture into Titan-infested territory to gather information and attempt to reclaim the land.

Life inside the walls is marked by constant fear and uncertainty. The ever-present threat of Titans looms large, and the scarcity of resources leads to a strict rationing system. Despite the challenges, the citizens of the walled cities persevere, clinging to hope and forging ahead in their fight for survival.

"Humanity's Hope: The Birth of Eren Yeager's Resolve"

In the heart of the narrative of Attack on Titan, we encounter Eren Yeager, who embodies the unyielding spirit and tenacity of humankind. Born within the Shiganshina District, Eren's world is shattered when he loses his mother to a brutal Titan attack that destroys Wall Maria. This heart-wrenching experience fuels Eren's unshakeable determination – he pledges to annihilate the Titans and restore the world that humanity once called home.

His steadfast will motivates him to enlist in the military, where his impressive physical skills and unwavering commitment to his mission are evident. His training highlights not only his physical strength but also his deep-rooted loathing for Titans. The story takes a surprising turn when Eren himself morphs into a Titan during a mission, unveiling his possession of the Titan's power. This revelation provides a new beacon of hope for humanity's fight against the Titans and reshapes Eren's part in this battle for liberation.

"A Glimpse of the Outside: The Scouting Legion's Sacrifice"

The Scouting Legion, alternatively known as the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan, is an elite military unit charged with the perilous task of venturing beyond the walls, confronting Titans directly, and striving to recover their lost lands.

The individuals in the Scouting Legion are distinguished by their fearless bravery and devotion. Despite knowing the likelihood of death in their line of duty, they choose to risk their lives for the promise of a better future for humanity. The team includes noteworthy figures like the strategic and devoted Commander Erwin Smith and the highly competent soldier, Captain Levi Ackerman.

Eventually, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin find themselves among the Scouting Legion, playing crucial roles in the battle against the Titans. As the series progresses, the Scouting Legion embarks on many ventures beyond the walls, each expedition revealing more about the Titans' true nature and bringing humanity closer to understanding their enigmatic adversaries.

"Unveiling the Truth: The Titans Within"

Throughout the early chapters of "Attack on Titan," the Titans' true nature is shrouded in enigma. These beasts are seen as relentless, insatiable entities with an inexplicable thirst for human flesh, their origins and motives concealed. However, Eren Yeager's unexpected transformation into a Titan suggests a deep, disturbing link between humans and these monstrous beings.

The complexity of this revelation escalates when it is unveiled that Eren is not the sole individual with this transformative power. Annie Leonhart, a comrade in arms and a member of the military, is revealed as the Female Titan, causing catastrophic damage and widespread loss of life. The emergence of Titans within humanity's protective walls shakes their societal foundations and raises daunting questions about the real adversary they face.

"The Clash of Titans: The Battle for Trost District"

The Battle for Trost District stands as a critical conflict in the series, ignited by the intrusion of a colossal Titan breaking through Wall Rose. The sudden onslaught incites chaos and ruin, and the military, including the fresh cadets, are hurled into the grim reality of warfare against the Titans.

During this fierce confrontation, Eren Yeager's ability to transform into a Titan is disclosed as he selflessly risks his life to protect his friend, Armin Arlert. Presumed dead, Eren reemerges as a Titan and combats the Titan invaders, astonishing his peers and shifting the balance of the battle. His courageous deed leads to an audacious strategy to mend the breach in Wall Rose using a colossal boulder, with Eren, in his Titan form, as the key executor.

The Battle for Trost District signifies a crucial pivot in the narrative. It records the first significant triumph against the Titans, courtesy of Eren's newfound ability. Yet, it also lays the groundwork for a deeper exploration.

"The Mystery Unfolds: The Female Titan Arc"

In the aftermath of the Battle for Trost District, the protagonists face a new adversary during the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls - the Female Titan. Possessing human-like cognition and capabilities, she emerges as a formidable opponent, efficiently bringing down even the most competent members of the Survey Corps.

The revelation that the Female Titan is none other than Annie Leonhart, a fellow member of the 104th Training Corps, adds another layer to the enigma surrounding the Titans. It becomes clear that there are humans with the ability to transform into Titans, living covertly within the walls.

Annie's transformation into the Female Titan and her subsequent rampage through Stohess District represents a significant intensification in the series. It reveals that Titans are not the sole threat to humanity and highlights the intricacy of their situation. The realization that Titans could be concealed among them plants seeds of suspicion and dread, deeply unsettling their society.

"The Secrets of the Walls: The Clash of the Titans Arc"

The narrative takes a further dramatic twist in the Clash of the Titans Arc. The Titans' breach of Wall Rose forces the dispersed members of the 104th Training Corps to face their grim reality.

The arc introduces two more Titan shifters: Reiner Braun, known as the Armored Titan, and Bertholdt Hoover, the Colossal Titan. The disclosure is startling, as both have been key figures and allies of the main characters. This revelation unveils a harsh truth - the enemy has been lurking closer than they ever imagined.

As the reality of the Titans slowly unravels, it becomes evident that their world is marred by deception and manipulation. The Titans are not simply mindless beasts but humans transformed by some mysterious process, adding a new dimension of tragedy and intricacy to the ongoing strife. This arc signifies a pivotal moment in the series, revealing some of the enigmas surrounding the Titans and paving the way for the broader conflict beyond the walls.

"Uprising Within: The Fight for Power"

The Uprising Arc marks a significant shift from the previous Titan-focused conflicts, moving the battlefield from the external walls to the inner political arenas. In this phase, the narrative delves into the manipulations of authority, the duplicitous royal government, and their iron-fisted control over the citizens within the walls.

Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the remaining members of the Survey Corps find themselves in opposition to the existing regime. They resist the corrupt monarchy led by King Fritz and the nobility. Under the guidance of Commander Erwin Smith, the Survey Corps orchestrates a coup d'etat with the intention of crowning the legitimate successor, Historia Reiss.

This arc is crucial as it exposes the depth of manipulation by the ruling class. The struggle for power not only highlights the complexities of human nature but also further emphasizes the significance of truth and freedom in their ongoing battle against the Titans.

"Unearthing the Past: The Basement Reveal"

The narrative's anticipation to reach Eren's basement is a recurring theme throughout the series. The Basement Reveal stands as a milestone in the plot, disclosing the world beyond the ocean and the reality about the Titans.

Following a hard-fought victory against the Beast Titan and the Armored Titan at Shiganshina District, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the surviving members of the Survey Corps finally unveil the secrets nestled within the basement of Eren's childhood home. Instead of anticipated Titan weaponry, they discover Grisha Yeager's journals, which reveal an entirely separate civilization beyond their enclosed world - Marley.

The disclosure that they are not humanity's last vestiges but an isolated population on Paradis Island delivers a jolt to the characters and the viewers alike. The truth about the Titans, their genesis, and their connection to the Marleyan people unwinds a more profound narrative encompassing power, subjugation, and the cycle of hatred, thereby altering the course of the story irrevocably.

"The Sea and Beyond: The World Outside the Walls"

The world beyond the walls is as vast as it is harrowing. After learning the truth about the Titans and their origins from Grisha's journals, the Survey Corps sets out beyond the walls and finally reaches the sea - a landmark moment that signifies a new chapter in the story of Attack on Titan.

The sea, once a symbol of freedom and the unknown for characters like Eren and Armin, now represents a border separating them from the rest of the world. The realization that their true enemies are humans, not Titans, brings a somber reality to the dream of seeing the sea.

The world outside the walls is revealed to be full of advanced technology, diverse cultures, and a deep-seated hatred for the people within the walls. This stark contrast between the isolated life inside the walls and the advanced civilization beyond it adds another layer of complexity to the narrative.

"The War for Paradis: Marley and the Eldian Conflict"

As the series progresses, the focus shifts to the continent across the sea, primarily the nation of Marley. The War for Paradis signifies the escalating conflict between Marley and the Eldians residing within the walls.

Marley, a military superpower, exploits the power of the Titans, who are revealed to be transformed Eldians, for warfare and dominance. The Eldians, on the other hand, are a persecuted minority living in internment zones in Marley, bearing the burden of their ancestral sins.

The discovery of Paradis Island's significant resource - the "Iceburst Stone," a mineral used in the creation of the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, and the fact that the Founding Titan resides there, escalates Marley's interest in the island. The conflict between Marley and Paradis Island is more than just a war for resources; it is a war rooted in historical prejudice, manipulation, and the fight for freedom. It's a war that questions the cycle of hatred and how it can be broken.

"The Final Battle: The Rumbling"

As the saga reaches its zenith, "The Rumbling" denotes a catastrophic occurrence that marks the final chapter in the struggle for Paradis Island. Eren Yeager, now wielding the power of the Founding Titan, triggers the Rumbling. This phenomenon awakens the innumerable Colossal Titans embedded within the walls encircling Paradis Island.

The Rumbling poses a dire threat to the world outside of Paradis, a vivid embodiment of the dread and desperation that have fueled the storyline of Attack on Titan. The event unleashes a tide of devastation, reshaping history and dramatically impacting the characters' lives.

This concluding battle transcends the fight for Paradis Island's survival or the cessation of Marleyan tyranny. It revolves around the characters grappling with their ideals, ethics, and the burdensome repercussions of their decisions. It's a conflict that blurs the distinction between heroes and villains, right and wrong, liberty and subjugation.

"End of a Saga: The Conclusion of Attack on Titan"

The finale of Attack on Titan offers a satisfying resolution to the grand narrative centered around warfare, liberty, and humanity. The conclusion furnishes solutions to the enigmas intricately interwoven throughout the series and brings closure to the complex character arcs.

Nevertheless, the final act doesn't evade the grim realities of its constructed world. It portrays the war's aftermath, the outcomes of the characters' choices, and the steep cost of freedom. It displays attempts to mend and reconstruct amidst the remnants of devastation.

The conclusion of Attack on Titan signifies more than just the cessation of war or the downfall of Titans. It marks the end of a journey laden with despair, hope, sacrifices, and an unwavering quest for freedom. It accentuates the narrative's core themes and leaves a profound statement on the cyclical pattern of violence, the intricacies of freedom, and the indomitable spirit of humanity.

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