Steve Harrington - Stranger Things


1. Introduction and Background

The High School Hero

Steve Harrington, portrayed by the gifted Joe Keery, is a captivating character in the Netflix's iconic Stranger Things series. Initially introduced as a popular high school student in Hawkins High, he evolves into an endearing hero, establishing himself as one of the franchise's main protagonists from Season 2 onwards. This deep dive into the evolution of Steve Harrington explores his journey from an 80s high school archetype to a brave protector facing the supernatural.

The Strained Family Ties

Born in 1966, Steve Harrington lives in a large house in Hawkins, Indiana. His wealth and good looks, coupled with his relationship with the smart and attractive Nancy Wheeler, make him a figure of envy, earning him the title of "King Steve." His circle of friends, including Tommy Hagan and Carol Perkins, further contributes to his popular image.

Steve's Encounter with the Upside Down

However, beneath this confident facade, Steve grapples with a strained relationship with his largely absent parents, hinting at an undercurrent of loneliness and longing for connection. His seemingly perfect life takes a dramatic turn with the disappearance of Will Byers and the arrival of a mysterious girl known as Eleven. His reality gets intertwined with a terrifying alternate dimension, the Upside Down, populated by a monstrous creature called the Demogorgon.

Steve's Transformation in the Face of Supernatural Threats

Initially skeptical, Steve's dismissive attitude towards these supernatural occurrences changes as he becomes an active participant in combating the threats haunting Hawkins. His transformation is evident when he uses his now iconic nail-studded baseball bat to protect Nancy and her younger brother Mike, showcasing a bravery that was previously hidden.

2. Storyline

The Unfolding Love Story of Steve and Nancy, 1983

In the heart of the tranquil town of Hawkins, the year 1983 marked the inception of an intriguing love story between high school sweethearts, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Their relationship, ignited in the bustling hallways of their school, transcended from playful encounters in secluded bathrooms to intimate dates, painting a vivid image of young love in the 80s.

The Chemistry Between Steve and Nancy

Steve, known for his irresistible charm and audacious spirit, managed to convince Nancy to share an evening with him on November 7. As the dusk set in, he daringly climbed through her bedroom window, a testament to his adventurous nature. The primary agenda was ostensibly studying for an upcoming chemistry test, but Steve had other plans. His suggestive remarks hinted at a desire for intimacy, but Nancy, valuing her academics, curtailed his intentions, insisting they continue their study session. This encounter established the contrasting dynamics of their relationship: Steve, the impulsive charmer, and Nancy, the focused and diligent student.

The Party that Changed Everything

The following day, Steve's parents vacated their house for a conference, offering Steve a golden opportunity to host a party. The guest list included Nancy, and their friends, Tommy, Carol, and the ever-loyal Barbara Holland, known affectionately as "Barb". The party scene was vibrant, with Steve and Nancy engaging in beer-chugging contests and diving into the pool fully clothed, embodying the reckless spirit of youth.

However, the evening took an unforeseen turn when Nancy retired to Steve's room to change her drenched clothes. Unbeknownst to them, as they shared their first intimate moment, Barb fell victim to a monstrous creature, marking the commencement of a series of sinister events that would shroud Hawkins.

The Aftermath of the Party

The day following the party brought an unsettling feeling for Nancy as she traversed the school corridors. A sense of being watched pervaded her. However, Steve reassured her and sealed his promise with a locker-side kiss. During lunch, Nancy's concern about Barb's absence surfaced, but Steve dismissed it casually, suggesting Barb might just be "skipping."

When Steve learned about Jonathan Byers' secretive photo development, he didn't hesitate to confront him. One of Jonathan's photos captured Nancy in a compromising state, and Steve's reaction was swift and fierce, leading to a heated altercation and the destruction of Jonathan's camera.

A Fractured Relationship

Two days post-party, Nancy expressed her worries about Barb's disappearance to Steve. His dismissive attitude and concern about his parents discovering the party upset Nancy, leading to a rift in their relationship. Despite his attempt to apologize and suggest a movie outing to "pretend everything is normal," Nancy's distress over Barb and his insensitivity made her reluctant.

Suspecting something amiss, Steve decided to check on Nancy, only to find her with Jonathan Byers in her bedroom. Misinterpreting the situation, Steve was consumed by anger and hurt, believing Nancy was cheating on him.

The Downtown Havoc

In retaliation, Steve, accompanied by Tommy, Carol, and Nicole, roamed downtown Hawkins, defacing public walls and the movie theatre marquee with obscene messages about Nancy and Jonathan. Nancy confronted them, leading to a heated argument and a physical fight between Steve and Jonathan. The situation escalated until the police intervened, marking a severe blow to Steve and Nancy's relationship.

Steve's Moment of Regret

Tommy and Carol's relentless scorn towards Nancy triggered Steve's moment of awakening. He confronted his friends, expressing his regret for their shared actions and cruel words against Nancy. This marked a stark transformation in Steve, from a carefree teenager to a remorseful young man seeking redemption. He distanced himself from his friends, labeling them as miserable individuals, and took it upon himself to clean the spray-painted marquee at the local movie theater.

A Night of Terror and Bravery

One evening, Steve decided to mend fences with Nancy, visiting the Byers' residence where she was present with Jonathan. His intentions were met with hostility and a threat from a frightened Nancy. However, the sudden appearance of a monster, signaled by the blinking Christmas lights, plunged the evening into chaos. Despite his initial panic and lack of understanding of the situation, Steve showcased his courage by fending off the monster with a spiked bat, proving his worth beyond his charming demeanor.

A Christmas to Remember

By Christmas, Steve and Nancy had reconciled, and he spent Christmas Eve with her family. In a heartfelt gesture, he gifted Jonathan a new camera, replacing the one he had previously broken. This act of kindness signified the depth of Steve's redemption journey.

An Uncertain Future: 1984

Losing Popularity and Struggling with Reality
The following year, 1984, brought new challenges for Steve. His relationship with Nancy was put to the test when the Hollands decided to sell their house to hire private investigator Murray Bauman to search for Barb. Nancy's emotional turmoil rekindled, affecting her relationship with Steve. Despite his attempts to maintain normalcy, including encouraging Nancy to attend a Halloween party, their relationship began to fracture.

A Party and a Painful Confession

At the party, Steve had a confrontation with Billy, the new resident tough guy. Nancy, heavily intoxicated by the spiked punch, confessed her lack of feelings for Steve and blamed both of them for Barb's death. Distraught, Steve left the party, entrusting an equally affected Nancy to Jonathan's care.

A Rift Widens

The following day, Steve's hurt was palpable. He refrained from driving Nancy to school, deepening the chasm between them. He found himself a target of Billy's taunts during a basketball match and was later confronted by Nancy. Despite her attempts to explain her drunken confession, Steve was left unconvinced, questioning the sincerity of her love for him.

Taunts and Heartache

Steve's popularity continued to wane as he faced further mockery from his former friends and Billy. The revelation of Nancy skipping school to spend time with Jonathan exacerbated his pain. Billy's advice of there being plenty of "bitches in the sea" offered no solace to a heartbroken Steve.

An Unexpected Alliance: Steve and Dustin

Steve's intentions to mend his relationship with Nancy led him to the Wheeler residence, where he was intercepted by an urgent Dustin. Enlisting Steve's help and his infamous spiked bat, Dustin explained the peculiar situation concerning Dart, a creature he initially thought was a mere lizard. Arriving at Dustin's cellar, they discovered Dart's escape, marking the beginning of an unusual bonding experience between Steve and Dustin.

Along the Tracks: Wisdom, Secrets, and a Plan

During their search for Dart along the train tracks, Steve found himself offering relationship advice to Dustin, suggesting he should feign indifference to impress his crush. Moreover, Steve shared his much-coveted hair-styling secret: Farrah Fawcett hairspray, cementing their burgeoning friendship. Their search led them to a junkyard, where they teamed up with Lucas and Max to fortify a bus and create a trap for Dart.

The Junkyard Encounter: Facing Dart and the Demodogs

Their vigil inside the bus was interrupted by a screeching sound, signaling Dart's arrival. To their surprise, Dart was not alone; it was accompanied by several Demodogs. Despite being outnumbered, Steve displayed immense courage and defended his group from the attacking Demodogs. After a terrifying assault on the bus, the Demodogs abruptly left, leading the group to Hawkins Lab.

Hawkins Lab: Reunions and Revelations

At Hawkins Lab, they found Nancy and Jonathan and eventually reunited with Joyce, Hopper, Mike, and Will. The group was united in their mission: to close the Gate, the source of the Mind Flayer's power.

The Protector: Steve's New Role

When the Mind Flayer discovered their location, Steve stepped up to safeguard the children in his care. Despite a disagreement over a plan to burn the tunnels, Steve stood his ground, reinforcing his role as a protector. However, an unexpected confrontation with Billy complicated matters. Despite his efforts to protect Max's whereabouts, Steve ended up in a brutal fistfight with Billy. Steve's defeat allowed Max to incapacitate Billy with a sedative.

Burning the Tunnels

In the final act, Steve reluctantly led the group to the tunnels, despite his initial objections. They successfully set the tunnels ablaze, creating a crucial diversion for Eleven and Hopper. Even during their encounter with Dart, Steve's courage did not waver, securing their escape from the tunnels.

Closure and Goodbyes: November-December

Following the closure of Hawkins Lab, a result of Nancy and Jonathan's revelation of the lab's involvement in Barb's death, Steve found himself attending Barb's funeral. This somber occasion brought together Nancy, Jonathan, and the respective families of Nancy and Barb, providing closure and an opportunity to honor the memory of their departed friend.

A Dance to Remember: The Snow Ball

December 15 was a significant day, with the much-anticipated Snow Ball taking place. Acting as Dustin's chauffeur and confidante, Steve drove him to the dance, sharing some wisdom on winning over girls. As he watched Nancy serving drinks at the dance through the gymnasium window, Steve came to terms with the end of their relationship, a poignant moment that marked a turning point in his life.

Christmas Surprises: A Day of Unity

On Christmas Day, Steve's role as the unofficial chauffeur of the group continued. He picked up Dustin from his house, followed by Mike and Lucas from the Wheeler residence, before heading to the Byers' house. Along the way, a brief moment of panic occurred when Dustin claimed to spot an unidentified creature in the woods, causing Steve to halt the car abruptly. However, upon finding nothing, they continued on their journey. Steve's decision to stay outside the Byers' house during the Christmas celebration, acknowledging Joyce's discomfort about the dead Demodog incident, showcased his growth.

Life after High School: Employment at Scoops Ahoy

As summer rolled in, Steve, now a high school graduate, found himself navigating new terrains. With his academic performance not strong enough for college, Steve began a new job at Scoops Ahoy in the recently inaugurated Starcourt Mall. His co-worker was none other than Robin, a former classmate, marking a new chapter in Steve's life.

The Summer of '85: New Adventures

The summer of 1985 brought new adventures for Steve. On June 28, he assisted Mike, Lucas, Will, and Max in sneaking into the mall's movie theater, demonstrating his continued camaraderie with the group. Despite a brief power outage, which Steve humorously tried to fix by flicking a light switch, life at Scoops Ahoy was an interesting shift from his high school days. His attempts to charm female customers, despite repeated failures, showcased his enduring optimism. Even Robin's teasing about his unsuccessful attempts didn't dampen Steve's spirits.

Mysterious Russians in Hawkins: Unraveling the Secret Code

In the small town of Hawkins, the summer of 1985 took an unexpected turn when Steve, Dustin, and Robin stumbled upon a secret Russian communication. As they worked together to translate the mysterious message, their efforts led them on a thrilling adventure, filled with danger and intrigue.

Reunited at Scoops Ahoy: A Friendship Renewed

Steve's friendship with Dustin deepened as they caught up on each other's lives while working at Scoops Ahoy. Dustin shared stories from his time at Camp Know Where and introduced Steve to Robin, who soon became an integral part of their group.

Decoding the Message

The discovery of a Russian communication by Dustin's homemade Cerebro device piqued the curiosity of the trio. Their collaborative efforts to translate the message led them to an enigmatic code: "The week is long, the silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west." Although the meaning of the code seemed unclear, their determination to uncover the truth only grew stronger.

The Indiana Flyer Connection: Russians in Hawkins?

The familiar tune of the Indiana Flyer carousel horse, an American-made toy, led Steve to question whether the Russian communication originated from within Hawkins itself. This revelation prompted the trio to delve deeper into the mystery, as they sought to uncover the true source of the message.

Enlisting Erica's Help: A Daring Plan Takes Shape

Steve, Dustin, and Robin enlisted the help of Lucas's younger sister, Erica, to navigate the mall's air ducts and gain access to a secret room. In exchange for her assistance, Erica negotiated a free lifetime supply of Scoops Ahoy ice cream, sealing her involvement in the daring plan.

The Secret Underground Base: A Terrifying Discovery

The group's exploration took a dangerous turn when they found themselves trapped in an elevator within an underground base. With their ingenuity and resourcefulness, they managed to escape the elevator, only to discover that they were surrounded by radioactive material. Faced with no other choice, the friends ventured further into the base, uncertain of what lay ahead.

The Unforeseen Rescue

The scene unfolded dramatically: Steve and Robin, feeling the aftermath of an unknown drug, were rescued and hastily placed in a stolen loading car, thanks to the quick thinking of Erica and Dustin. The car was moving at a speed that would have been laughable to an outsider, yet to Steve and Robin, the world spun around them. Their laughter filled the air. The laughter was abruptly cut short when Dustin accidentally crashed the car into a stack of barrels, knocking the already disoriented pair's heads. The crash was a jarring reminder of their danger, bringing them back to reality, if only for a moment.

The Drug-Fueled Elevator Ride

Crammed into an elevator next, the drugged pair continued their antics. Steve, in his altered state, mimicked a surfer riding waves on a dolly. The spectacle left Dustin and Erica bewildered, a mix of amusement and worry flashing in their eyes. When Steve fell, Dustin quickly checked his temperature, sparking a playful struggle. The discovery of dilated pupils confirmed Dustin and Erica's worst fears - the Russians had drugged their friends.

The Unexpected Disclosure Amidst Chaos

Once they reached the surface, they were greeted by the fresh, crisp air, a welcome relief after the suffocating confines of the elevator. The tranquil moment was shattered by the sight of Russian guards. Dustin and Erica, displaying quick reflexes, led Steve and Robin into the mall's movie theater, hoping to lay low. The events took an emotional turn when, after throwing up from the drugs, Robin confessed her envy of Steve's natural charm. She admitted her attraction towards women and came out to Steve, who accepted her without hesitation.

A Battle Against the Mind Flayer

As they hid in the food court, a surprising ally came to their rescue. A car in the mall's display started honking, drawing the attention of the Russians just as they were about to discover the group. Upstairs, the Party revealed themselves - Eleven, with her telekinetic powers, threw the car at the Russians, giving the group a moment of reprieve. However, a new problem arose when El collapsed from a bite on her leg, revealing a small monster emerging from within. After an intense struggle, El managed to pull it out psychically. The newly arrived Hopper, Murray, and Joyce explained to Robin about the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer. Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica then returned to Dustin's transmitter to help navigate the Russian base.

The Final Showdown

As they made their way back, the Mind Flayer's proxy body, the Spider Monster, targeted the Party, Nancy, and Jonathan. In a stunning move, Steve crashed a car against Billy's, buying them some time. They managed to escape, and with the help of Lucas' fireworks, saved Eleven. The Monster was finally defeated when Joyce closed the Gate, marking the end of an unforgettable journey.

Exploring Relationships in 1986

In the year 1986, as the adolescent realm of Hawkins High buzzed with social scenarios and high school drama, Steve found himself entangled in the complex web of dating. His close friendship with Robin, however, proved to be a source of comfort and guidance during these times.

A conversation during their regular drive to school revealed Steve's dating dilemmas. He was recently involved with a girl named Heidi, who decided to leave for college without making any serious commitments. Steve's struggle wasn't about not finding dates; in fact, his job at Family Video provided him with plenty of attention from female customers. The real challenge was finding meaningful connection beyond physical intimacy.

On the other hand, Robin was experiencing her own turmoil in the realm of love. She had developed feelings for Vickie, a band classmate. Unsure about Vickie's sexuality and struggling with her own communication skills, Robin found herself navigating a challenging emotional landscape. Steve's advice, encouraging her to pursue Vickie, hinted at an underlying solidarity between the two friends.

The Mystery of a Sinister Force

As their personal lives unfolded, a darker reality was taking shape in the backdrop. The quiet town of Hawkins was haunted by a mysterious entity known as Vecna. Known to kill his victims using dark magic, Vecna's motivations and connections to the Mind Flayer remained a puzzle that needed solving.

While working at Family Video, Robin and Steve found themselves drawn into the investigation. Their friend Nancy had just finished talking with the new Police Chief Calvin Powell about the recent murder of a high school student at Forest Hills Trailer Park. This incident, coupled with the strange behavior of the victims before their deaths, pointed towards Vecna's involvement.

A Trail of Clues

Steve and his friends began to piece together the puzzle, tracing back the last known locations of the victims. They noticed a pattern - both victims had visited the school counselor, Ms. Kelley, and had displayed strange behavior, including extreme nervousness and upset. Robin's observations about serial killers stalking their prey and the school counselor's potential knowledge of the victims' encounters with Vecna took their investigation in a new direction.

Upon infiltrating Ms. Kelley's office, the friends found the medical files of both victims, revealing they were suffering from debilitating symptoms such as severe headaches, sleep deprivation, and terrifying visions. In a chilling twist, Max confessed she had been experiencing similar symptoms, leading them to the unsettling realization that she was Vecna's next target.

The Haunting Abode of Victor Creel

Their investigation led them to the abandoned house of Victor Creel, suspected to be connected to Vecna. The house, with its locked doors and dead electricity, exuded an eerie atmosphere. Equipped with flashlights and determination, the group of friends ventured inside, their fears heightened by the presence of a peculiar grandfather clock, eerily similar to the one Max had seen in her visions. Splitting up to cover more ground, Steve and Dustin climbed to the second floor, ready to unearth the dark secrets that lay hidden in the eerie silence of the house.

Unraveling the Upside Down

In their relentless pursuit of the truth, the group, including Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie, stumbled upon the hauntingly fascinating Skull Rock in the woods. This led them to a chilling revelation that Vecna, the ominous entity they were hunting, was operating from the Upside Down version of the Creel mansion.

Dustin's compass, which was inexplicably malfunctioning, provided a critical clue. The unusual electromagnetic activity, a sign of a potential gate to the Upside Down, led them to hypothesize the existence of a new gate nearby. Despite initial reservations, they resolved to find the gate, further driven by Eddie's willingness to partake in the potentially dangerous expedition.

A Deep Dive into the Unknown

Their quest led them to Lover's Lake, a seemingly tranquil location that was about to unfurl a night of terror. Steve's swimming prowess made him the natural choice to dive into the lake and look for the gate. As his friends watched from the canoe, Steve took the plunge into the murky depths, oblivious to the monstrous tentacle trailing him.

When he surfaced, he had no time to share his discovery before being violently pulled back under the water. Steve was whisked away into the Upside Down, his attempts to break free proving futile against the relentless grip of the tentacle.

An Encounter with Demobats

Once released, Steve found himself in the heart of the Upside Down, surrounded by a swarm of screeching demobats. Gripped by the need to survive, he seized an oar from a nearby boat to defend himself. Despite his best efforts, he was overwhelmed by the creatures, one wrapping its tail around his neck while the others clawed and bit at him.

Just when it seemed like his last stand, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie intervened. Their timely arrival and Nancy's resourceful use of the oar saved Steve from the gruesome end he was facing. In a desperate struggle, Steve managed to tear the strangling demobat in half, thus freeing himself from its deadly grip.

A Retreat into the Forest

With his friends' help, Steve assessed his injuries, giving rise to Robin's concerns about the possibility of the bats carrying rabies. Their brief respite was interrupted by the arrival of more demobats, guarding the gate and encroaching upon their location. Faced with an incoming swarm, they made a hasty retreat into the shadowy expanse of the Upside Down forest.

3. Relationships and Personality

3.1 Personality

Steve Harrington: An Evolution of Personality

Steve Harrington, a beloved character from the Netflix series "Stranger Things", is known for his evolution from the stereotypical high school popular boy to a compassionate, responsible, and courageous individual. This transformation is not only a testament to his character development but also a reflection of the psychological concept of identity development.

The High School Years: Identity Foreclosure and Popularity

When we first meet Steve Harrington in the quiet town of Hawkins, he's at the pinnacle of the high school hierarchy - a popular, athletic, and charming young man. His social prowess is undeniable, his ability to work a room is unparalleled, and his observational skills make him a magnet for attention. His status as the 'King Bee' and his romantic involvement with Nancy Wheeler further enhance his popularity.

However, beneath the veneer of charm and popularity, Steve is a youth caught in a state of identity foreclosure, a stage where one hasn't explored personal identity but has accepted societal expectations. This notion is exemplified in his conformity with the snarkier, popular crowd, mirroring their behavior despite his underlying compassion. His initial hostility towards Jonathan Byers and his assumption-based judgments also represent this stage of identity.

Emotional Turbulence: Insecurity and Jealousy

A critical aspect of Steve's personality is his insecurities, which are often masked by a seemingly self-obsessed exterior. His quick assumption that Nancy is romantically involved with Jonathan Byers, the vandalism he commits out of spite, and his jealousy towards Jonathan and later Billy Hargrove, all reflect his emotional turbulence. These actions, fueled by his fear of losing Nancy and his 'King Bee' status, showcase his struggle with self-worth.

His relationship with Nancy brings out a softer, more vulnerable side of Steve, revealing his fear of abandonment and his desperate need to be loved. When their relationship ends, he spirals into a low emotional point, his insecurity gnawing at him and further complicating his identity crisis.

The Turning Point: Embracing Compassion and Responsibility

Steve's journey takes a significant turn when he joins forces with Dustin and the Hawkins gang to protect them from the supernatural threats of the Upside Down. His nurturing, protective side surfaces as he steps into the role of a 'babysitter', willing to risk his life to ensure their safety. This transformation also marks his shift towards the identity moratorium stage, where he begins to challenge his previous beliefs and starts exploring his identity actively.

His newfound sense of responsibility doesn't stop at protecting the kids; it extends to making amends for his past mistakes. He apologizes to Nancy for his wrongdoings, replaces Jonathan's broken camera, and by the third season, he exhibits maturity and accountability, reflecting a significant growth in his character.

Maturity and Acceptance: A Shift in Identity

By 1985, Steve is a shadow of his former self, having shed many of his high-school traits. His popularity status fades, replaced by an awkward charm, especially around the girls he serves at Scoops Ahoy. His relationship with his coworker Robin shows a more accepting, kind-hearted Steve, far from the judgmental persona he once portrayed.

Steve's acceptance of Robin's confession about her sexuality and his support towards her pursuing her crush, Vickie, reflect his growth in empathy and tolerance. His continued friendship with Dustin and his connection with the Hawkins gang also signifies his shift from the popular crowd to a more diverse, accepting group of friends.

His dreams of settling down, having kids, and traveling in an RV, as shared with Nancy, indicate a more grounded, and in many ways, traditional vision for the future. His dreams seemed to be straightforward and simple, a stark contrast to the complicated reality that his life in Hawkins would soon become.

The Turnaround: Facing the Supernatural

When the supernatural elements started to invade his otherwise normal life, Steve was initially skeptical and dismissive, like many would be. However, his character took a significant turn when he was faced with the reality of the Upside Down. His encounters with the Demogorgon and later, the Mind Flayer, forced him to step outside of his comfortable high school existence and confront a world that was far more complex and dangerous than he had ever imagined.

Becoming the Babysitter: A Surprising Role

One of the most unexpected character arcs in Stranger Things was Steve's transformation from a high school heartthrob to a protective and caring figure for the younger characters. This new role was first established in season 2 when he found himself looking after Dustin and his friends, eventually earning him the nickname "Mom Steve." His ability to rise to the occasion and protect those around him was a testament to his courage and compassion, characteristics that were not immediately apparent in the earlier episodes.

A Different Future: From Dreams to Reality

Steve's original dreams of settling down, having kids, and traveling in an RV might seem out of reach given the circumstances in Hawkins. However, his character growth indicates a different kind of fulfillment. He has become a key figure in the fight against the supernatural forces threatening his town, and in the process, has formed deep, meaningful relationships with those around him. He has shown a level of responsibility and bravery that exceeds the norm, revealing a depth of character that goes beyond his original high school jock persona.

3.2 Relationships

Dustin Henderson

In the enigmatic town of Hawkins, Indiana, where uncanny events became the norm, a heartwarming friendship unfolded. This bond, between the quirky Dustin Henderson and the seemingly aloof Steve Harrington, blossomed into one of the most admired relationships on contemporary television. Initially, Dustin and his friends saw Steve as nothing more than an arrogant high schooler. Yet, the chaos of 1984, instigated by a rogue Demodog, marked the inception of their friendship when Dustin, unable to find his friends Nancy and Mike, approached Steve for assistance. Steve initially dismissed Dustin's plea as a Halloween prank. However, the reality of the Demodog's threat became apparent when it devoured Dustin's cat and tunneled out of his cellar.

During these turbulent times, Steve, still grappling with a recent breakup, found an unlikely comrade in Dustin. The camaraderie between these two characters, marked by their shared experiences and mutual support, provided a sense of solace amidst the turmoil in Hawkins. Steve's transformation from a high school nuisance to a protective figure for Dustin showcased the evolution of their bond and added depth to the Stranger Things narrative. This bond further strengthened in the summer of 1985 when Dustin returned from Camp Know Where. Steve, working at the Starcourt Mall, greeted him enthusiastically and offered advice that helped Dustin win the heart of Suzie Bingham. These moments, coupled with their exploration of Russian communication mysteries and investigation of suspicious packages, amplified their bond, providing some of the most memorable moments in the series.

Their friendship, however, faced new trials in the spring of 1986. Dustin, now a freshman at Hawkins High, began idolizing Eddie Munson, the leader of the controversial Hellfire Club, causing a brief strain in their relationship. Despite this, their bond proved resilient, proving that their friendship could weather any storm. Off-screen, actors Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo mirrored this friendship, providing an authenticity to their on-screen characters that made them even more relatable and endearing. The duo's real-life camaraderie translated seamlessly into their on-screen personas, enhancing the audience's connection with their characters.

Nancy Wheeler

In the sleepy town of Hawkins, during the backdrop of the 80s, a compelling love triangle unfolds intertwining the lives of Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and Jonathan Byers. The dynamic between Nancy and Steve, her high school sweetheart, serves as a central narrative thread, evolving from an initial romantic connection to a complex, poignant friendship. Initially, Nancy and Steve's relationship seemed like the classic 'jock meets the serious student' scenario, commencing even before the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers. Despite his reputation as a heartthrob and a playboy, Steve was unexpectedly sincere about his feelings towards Nancy, a testament to her uniqueness. Their relationship officially commenced at a party at Steve's place, providing a counter-narrative to his typical high school persona.

The disappearance of Nancy's friend, Barbara Holland, however, cast a shadow over their blooming relationship. Nancy's emotional retreat, misconstrued by Steve as infidelity, created a rift between them, especially after he found her with Jonathan Byers in her room. As the supernatural elements of Hawkins began to unravel, Nancy found herself unable to explain the situation to Steve, leading him to question their relationship. Despite the misunderstandings and heartbreak, Steve found himself at the Byers' house, ready to apologize to Nancy. Unbeknownst to him, he was about to join Nancy and Jonathan in a confrontation with the monstrous Demogorgon. This incident marked a turning point in their relationship, leading them to reconcile and spend nearly a year together.

However, Nancy's guilt over Barbara's death lingered, prompting her to consider revealing the truth to the Hollands. Steve, fearing for their safety, disagreed, leading to another rift. The breaking point came at a Halloween party when a drunk Nancy confessed that she didn't love Steve, shattering their relationship. Despite the heartbreak, Steve was unable to let go of his feelings for Nancy completely. He tried to apologize and even accepted Nancy's growing feelings for Jonathan. By 1985, Steve's romantic feelings for Nancy had transitioned into a platonic friendship. He even confided in Robin about his search for the perfect girl, temporarily believing it was her, until she disclosed that she was a lesbian. Even with this shift in feelings, Steve’s protective instinct towards Nancy remained unaltered. He saved her from a car crash, and she reciprocated by saving him and Robin from the Mind Flayer.

As spring 1986 rolled around, Steve found himself drawn to Nancy once more, their bond rekindling during their investigation into the Creel House mystery. After a close encounter with danger, Steve confessed his nostalgic longing for their past relationship and his dreams of a future filled with adventure and a horde of children, with Nancy by his side.

Robin Buckley

In season three, we first meet Robin as an employee at the Starcourt Mall's ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy, alongside Steve, a former high school king who has been humbled by his own shortcomings. The dynamic between the two is initially characterized by mutual disdain, but as they uncover a mysterious Russian plot, an unexpected friendship begins to form. The turning point arrives in an unforgettable bathroom scene, where a drugged and disoriented Steve confesses his growing affection for Robin. In a twist that subverts expectations, Robin responds not with reciprocation, but with her own revelation—she's not in love with Steve, but instead, admires him because of his appeal to women, since she herself is attracted to women.

This confession could have led to a rupture, considering the prevailing homophobia of the '80s setting. Yet, Steve, despite his jock past, accepts Robin's truth without judgment or mockery. He responds with humor, not about her sexuality, but about her crush's lack of singing talent. This surprising reaction is a testament to the show's ability to cultivate and celebrate platonic love amidst its supernatural narrative. As the story continues into season four, the authenticity of Steve and Robin's relationship shines even brighter. Instead of making insensitive comments or pining for a romance that won't be, Steve supports Robin unconditionally, even encouraging her to be her authentic self in her pursuit of love. Robin, in turn, supports Steve's renewed feelings for his ex-girlfriend Nancy, without any hint of bitterness or resentment. 

Unlike the romantic storylines, which can sometimes feel like narrative devices to maintain cohesion among the characters, Steve and Robin's bond seems organic and filled with a tangible energy that the audience can't help but invest in. As Steve and Robin navigate the complexities of the Upside Down and their personal lives, their camaraderie only strengthens. Whether they're making light of their mutual misfortunes in love or facing yet another supernatural mystery, they stand together, reinforcing the notion that family isn't always about blood or romantic love, but about shared experiences and mutual support.

Max Mayfield

These two characters, initially bound by their shared experiences with the supernatural, come to rely on each other in ways they couldn't have foreseen. In the year 1984, Steve, a popular high schooler, and Max, a newcomer to Hawkins, have a somewhat tepid initial interaction. Steve even refers to Max as "Random Girl," highlighting their lack of familiarity. However, the encounter with the terrifying Demodogs changes the dynamics of their relationship. Steve's bravery in the face of these monsters earns him a grudging respect from Max. A telling moment in their budding friendship occurs when Max steps in to protect Steve from her aggressive stepbrother, Billy. This shared peril begins to form the foundation of their camaraderie.

As we journey with them into 1985, the friendship between Max and Steve becomes more playful and robust. Their shared exploits, including using Steve's job at Scoops Ahoy to sneak into the local movie theatre, add a layer of amusement to their relationship. Steve, initially bemused by Max and her friends, finds himself becoming more involved, marking a shift from being mere acquaintances to allies. In the subsequent year, 1986, their friendship undergoes more complexities. Max, along with Dustin, suspects a link between the untimely demise of Chrissy Cunningham and the Upside Down. They turn to Steve and Robin Buckley for assistance, showing their growing reliance on each other. The successful location of Eddie at Reefer Rick's showcases their combined resourcefulness, further cementing their bond.

One of the defining moments in their relationship is when Max entrusts Steve with a "fail-safe" letter. This act reflects her growing trust in Steve and her view of him as a protective figure, akin to an older brother. Their relationship, however, is put to the test when Max decides to visit Billy's grave in East Hawkins. Despite his apprehensions, Steve's protective side wins, and he accompanies her, underlining his role as her guardian. Their mutual concern for each other comes to the forefront when Max falls into a trance at Billy's grave. Steve's frantic efforts to rouse her, backed by Dustin and Lucas, underscore his deep concern for her. The collective relief they experience when Max awakens to the tunes from her Walkman brings to light the depth of their friendship. In their mission to locate a gate at the bottom of Lover's Lake, we see more of their camaraderie. Max's teasing of Steve about his hairiness adds a touch of levity to their relationship. However, this light-heartedness is short-lived as Max disappears following the Creel House clock chime, leaving them in a state of distress.

Jonathan Byers

Initially, Steve and Jonathan are seen as polar opposites on the high school social ladder - Steve, the charming and popular jock, and Jonathan, the introverted, creative loner. This stark contrast between their personalities and social statuses creates a palpable tension, which is further amplified by their mutual attraction to Nancy Wheeler, leading to a climactic confrontation in the first season. In the series' early stages, Steve perceives Jonathan as a menace to his relationship with Nancy. His subsequent actions are fueled by jealousy, insecurity, and a lack of understanding of Jonathan's character. Steve's initial approach is one of intimidation and belittlement. He brands Jonathan as a "pervert," vandalizes public property with derogatory slurs about him, and even instigates a fight. However, as the sinister influence of the Upside Down starts to manifest, Steve and Jonathan are forced to set aside their differences, aligning their goals to safeguard Nancy and the town of Hawkins.

As the narrative progresses into the second season, the dynamic between Steve and Jonathan undergoes a significant transformation. Steve, having undergone substantial character growth, begins to acknowledge and appreciate Jonathan's strengths. They form an unexpected alliance to combat the supernatural threats, thereby bridging the gap of their previous animosity. An emblematic moment of this newfound friendship is when Steve imparts advice on relationships to Jonathan, highlighting the evolution of their relationship into a brotherly bond. By the third season, Steve and Jonathan's camaraderie has grown stronger. Despite Nancy choosing Jonathan over him, Steve refrains from reverting to his old, jealous ways, further demonstrating his maturation. The two have been through thick and thin together, battling side by side against the sinister forces of the Upside Down. These shared trials and tribulations have fortified their bond, morphing them from bitter rivals into trusted allies.

Mike Wheeler

At the inception of their relationship, Steve, the charismatic high schooler, views Mike, a middle-schooler engrossed in Dungeons and Dragons, with an air of indifference. Steve, engrossed in his high school life and his relationship with Nancy, Mike's older sister, perceives Mike and his friends as mere children. However, with the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers, their paths intersect in the most unexpected ways. As the series progresses into its second season, the dynamics shift dramatically. Following his split with Nancy and wrestling with his personal insecurities, Steve finds himself in an unanticipated guardian-like role for Mike and his friends. With the imminent threat of Demodogs in Hawkins, Steve rises to the occasion, his trusty nail-bat in hand, guiding and protecting the children. In the process, he starts to appreciate and understand them on a deeper level.

A pivotal moment that underscores their evolving relationship is when Steve, recognizing his responsibility towards the group, vehemently refuses to let them jeopardize their safety to distract the Demodogs. Their relationship continues to solidify in Season 3. Despite his job at Scoops Ahoy, Steve finds time to aid the kids in deciphering Russian codes and exposing the clandestine Russian base beneath Starcourt Mall. This bond blossoms further when Mike, who initially saw Steve as nothing more than his sister's boyfriend, begins to perceive him as a reliable ally and friend. This transformation becomes apparent when Mike seeks Steve's advice on his relationship issues with Eleven, suggesting his trust in Steve's wisdom and maturity. Moreover, their shared experiences during the battles against the Mind Flayer's avatar and the mission to save Max and defeat Vecna further solidify their bond.

Billy Hargrove

Both characters, introduced as stereotypical high school tough guys, initially seem to be cut from the same cloth, yet their trajectories differ markedly as the series unfolds. From the moment Billy steps foot in Hawkins High, he disrupts the status quo, challenging Steve's position as the popular kid. Billy's provocative nature fuels a competition between the two, with Billy consistently trying to undermine Steve, whether it's through breaking his keg standing record or beating him in basketball. Steve, although initially unfazed by these attempts, eventually comes to understand Billy's volatile and aggressive demeanor.

Their rivalry isn't merely confined to the school's premises or petty contests. It escalates into a more sinister realm when Billy gets possessed by the Mind Flayer, turning into a significant threat for the town's inhabitants. At this point, the contrasts between Billy and Steve become starker. Steve, who once stood alongside Billy as a high school jock, has evolved into a protective figure. He goes to great lengths to safeguard the kids from Billy's wrath, even risking his life by crashing into Billy's car at Starcourt Mall. However, despite their hostility, there's a moment of shared understanding that bridges the gap between them. After Billy is released from the Mind Flayer's control, he selflessly sacrifices himself to save Eleven, a parallel to Steve's protective instincts. While their relationship was never friendly, this moment of heroism reveals a common thread of bravery and sacrifice.

Carol Perkins and Tommy Hagan

The dynamics of high school friendships are notably complex, and this is vividly portrayed in the relationships between Steve Harrington, Tommy Hagan, and Carol Perkins in Stranger Things. Initially, the trio was inseparable, a staple in the popular clique at Hawkins High School. Their social lives revolved around parties, pool gatherings, and school activities, epitomizing the typical teenage lifestyle of the "cool kids." Steve, Tommy, and Carol started off as embodiments of high school popularity. Their bond seemed unshakeable, marked by shared experiences such as the memorable pool party at Steve's house, where they reveled in the water while Barb nursed her wound in isolation. However, it became increasingly evident that their friendship was not deeply rooted. It hinged on the fragile pillars of popularity and shared indulgence in reckless behavior, such as when they relished in destroying Jonathan's photographs and mocked Steve's budding feelings for Nancy.

As the narrative progressed, Steve's character underwent a transformation. He exhibited a growing empathy, especially towards Nancy and Jonathan. This change was met with incomprehension by Tommy and Carol, who remained entrenched in their juvenile antics. When Steve defended Jonathan, Tommy and Carol were taken aback, unable to fathom Steve's shift from popularity-driven antics to genuine compassion. This marked a significant turning point in their relationships, revealing the superficiality of their bond. The summer of 1985 further highlighted the chasm between Steve and his former friends. By this time, Steve had transitioned from the popular jock to a mature individual, trading his high school popularity for a job at Scoops Ahoy in Starcourt Mall. In stark contrast, Tommy and Carol were noticeably absent from the storyline, symbolizing Steve's detachment from his past life.

Even as their paths diverged, the shadow of their past lingered. Steve confessed to Robin his regret about not paying her more attention in high school, fearing ridicule from people like Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy harbored a grudge against Steve, mocking him alongside Billy over Nancy's suspected truancy with Jonathan.

Erica Sinclair

Steve, a former popular student at Hawkins High, was first introduced to us as a charming, seemingly shallow character. As the series progressed, we saw an incredible transformation in his character. By Season 3, Steve was working at the Starcourt Mall's Scoops Ahoy, serving ice cream to the likes of Erica, Lucas's precocious little sister. Erica, a regular customer, often took advantage of the free samples and was seen by Steve and his coworker Robin as an irritant. 

When the Russian's secret base under Starcourt Mall was discovered, it was Erica's size and audacity that allowed the team to infiltrate the base. Throughout this harrowing adventure, Steve, much like a reluctant older brother, found himself worrying about Erica's safety. The moment of relief he felt when Erica arrived in the secret room safe was palpable. However, their relationship wasn't without its clashes. Erica's sharp wit and uncompromising sass often put her at odds with Steve's more laid-back demeanor. She was quick to ridicule him, even in dire situations, referring to him as "dingus" and mocking his Scoops Ahoy uniform. Despite her constant jabs, Steve demonstrated remarkable patience and maturity, a testament to his character development.

The climax of their dynamic came when they, along with Dustin and Robin, found themselves trapped in the Russian base. Despite their initial tension, they worked together to escape, showcasing their hidden strengths. Erica's bravery and intelligence left a profound impact on Steve, while Erica grudgingly started to respect Steve's courage and leadership skills. The unlikely quartet eventually emerged as a formidable team, battling the Russian threat and the Mind Flayer together.

Lucas Sinclair

Throughout the Netflix series "Stranger Things", the relationship between Lucas Sinclair, embodied by Caleb McLaughlin, and Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, evolves in a fascinating manner. In the autumn of 1983, Lucas's perception of Steve is dictated by his relationship with Nancy Wheeler, whom Lucas's friend Dustin notes has changed due to her involvement with Steve. Lucas, at this point, labels Steve as a "douchebag", showing a clear disconnect between the two characters. Steve, on the other hand, is engrossed in his high school life, seemingly oblivious to the supernatural events Lucas and his friends are experiencing.

A year later, in 1984, the dynamics between Lucas and Steve begin to shift. Lucas's initial surprise at Dustin's revelation about teaming up with Steve to track Dart mirrors the viewers' own surprise at Steve's evolving character. This collaboration represents the first real interaction between Lucas and Steve, as they join forces with Dustin and Max to set a trap for Dart. During the ensuing demodog attack at the junkyard, Lucas plays an essential role in guiding Steve, thus initiating a bond of trust between the two. As Steve morphs into a protective figure for the group, he becomes an unlikely ally and mentor, especially evident during the altercation with Billy, where Steve guards Lucas.

In the summer of 1985, their camaraderie strengthens further. Lucas cleverly leverages Steve's job at Scoops Ahoy at Starcourt Mall for the Party's benefit, further intertwining their lives. They join forces again when Eleven rescues Steve, Dustin, Robin, and Erica from Russian soldiers, leading to a collective effort to combat the Mind Flayer's avatar. Fast forward to spring 1986, the bond between Lucas and Steve is solidified, evident in the shared jubilation at Lucas's victory in the Hawkins High championship basketball game. Their friendship transcends simple camaraderie as they jointly investigate the mysterious happenings around Vecna, reflecting their shared commitment to protecting their town and loved ones.

4. Steve Harrington's Best Moments

Steve's Redemption Arc

Season 1 culminates in a transformative moment for Steve. After initially being portrayed as the typical high school jock, his character shifts when he chooses to help Nancy and Jonathan fight off the Demogorgon. This is a pivotal moment that starts Steve's journey from antagonist to one of the show's most beloved characters.

Steve Defends Jonathan Amidst Insults

In Stranger Things' Season 1, Episode 6, a heated altercation breaks out between Steve and Jonathan over Nancy, culminating in Steve getting a black eye from Jonathan's punch. Yet, Steve remarkably comes to Jonathan's defense when his "friends" attempt to ridicule him, emphasizing that they are the real jerks. This was a significant turning point for Steve's character, who starts to reassess his ego and his friends' toxic behavior.

Dustin and Steve's Unlikely Friendship

In the second season of Stranger Things, we see an unexpected bonding between Dustin and Steve as they join forces to hunt down Dart, Dustin's pet turned Demogorgon. Their camaraderie, filled with hilarious banter and Steve's advice on girls, provides much-needed comic relief.

Steve's Baseball Bat Moment

A defining moment in Steve's character evolution occurs when he picks up a spiked baseball bat to defend his friends from the Demogorgon in Season 1. This act of bravery not only protects his friends but also symbolizes his transformation from self-centered high schooler to protective figure.

Facing the Demogorgon

Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan
The Demogorgon in Season 1 of Stranger Things evokes an unnerving sense of terror. An unforgettable scene unfolds when Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan courageously take on the creature at the Byers' residence. The sight of Steve unleashing his full might against the Demogorgon, reminiscent of Negan from The Walking Dead, is indeed a memorable moment.

Defending the Kids from Billy

In a heroic moment, Steve steps up to protect the kids from Billy's aggression at the Byers' house. Despite a brutal fight that leaves him injured, Steve's willingness to stand up to Billy underscores his protective nature.

Steve's Heart-to-Heart with Dustin and The Hair Secret

While trying to lure Dustin's pet-turned-monster in Season 2, Steve and Dustin have a candid chat about relationships. Steve, donning the big brother role, advises Dustin on handling girls and the ups and downs of young love. This heart-to-heart chat, crowned with the revelation of Steve's hair secret and the iconic Farrah Fawcett spray, marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Steve Takes On The Upside Down

In Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, Steve, along with Robin, Nancy, and newcomer Eddie, find another gate leading to the Upside Down in a lake. Steve takes the plunge to investigate but soon gets dragged into the Upside Down and attacked by Demo-bats. His friends quickly jump in to help, resulting in an intense skirmish against the creatures. This scene showcases Steve's courage.

Steve's Admission of Being a Loser

In Season 3, while captured by Russians, Steve admits to Robin that he feels like a loser. This moment of vulnerability reveals a lot about Steve's self-awareness and personal growth, making it one of his most humanizing scenes.

Steve's Sacrifice

In the climactic Season 3 finale, Steve risks his life to draw the Mind Flayer's monster away from Eleven and the rest of the group. His selflessness in this tense scene showcases his courage and dedication to protecting his friends.

Steve and Robin's Drugged Adventure

Steve and Robin's hilarious escapades while drugged by the Russians in Season 3 are an absolute delight. Their nonchalant attitude during the interrogation, their chaotic escape, and their amusing conversations contribute to some of the season's most humorous moments.

Steve and Dustin's Sing-Along

In one of the most light-hearted moments of Season 3, Steve and Dustin break into a duet of "The NeverEnding Story" theme song over the radio. Amid a tense and dangerous situation, their impromptu performance brings a much-needed moment of levity and further solidifies their bond.

Breaking Ties with Tommy and Carol

Steve's decision to part ways with his old friends Tommy and Carol signifies the start of his redemption arc. He takes responsibility for their actions and steps up to rectify the damage, showcasing his emerging moral compass.

Steve's Apology

After a fight with Jonathan in Season 1, Steve takes the mature step of returning to the Byers' house to apologize, marking a critical turning point in his character development.

Steve Reuniting with Dustin

After returning from summer camp, Dustin heads straight to the Starcourt Mall and reunites with Steve at Scoops Ahoy. Their special handshake and Steve's excitement are a testament to their unique camaraderie. Maya Hawke's portrayal of Robin, with her sarcastic remarks questioning Steve's numerous child friends, adds a humorous touch to this scene.

Steve's Job at Scoops Ahoy

Season 3 introduces Steve's new job at the local ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy. His sailor uniform, witty back-and-forth with co-worker Robin, and commitment to making the best of his job provide some of the season's most entertaining moments.

Steve's Concern for Max

In Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, Steve realizes something is amiss with Max who is under Vecna's curse. Steve's concern for Max's wellbeing highlights his growth from being dismissive of her in Season 2 to genuinely caring for her in Season 4.

Steve's Acceptance of Robin's Sexuality

In a heartfelt moment towards the end of Season 3, Steve confesses his feelings for Robin, who reveals she is gay. Steve's acceptance and continued friendship with Robin depict his maturity and respect for Robin's identity.

Opening Up to Nancy

In a vulnerable moment in the Season 4 finale, Steve thanks Nancy for the life-changing impact she had on him and shares his dream of a future that included her. 

Supporting Nancy's Decision:

Supporting Nancy's Decision: In the Season 2 finale, Steve encourages Nancy to go with Jonathan, showing a level of maturity and selflessness. This moment not only underlines his growth but also his acceptance of Nancy's feelings for Jonathan.

Fighting the Demogorgon:

Battling the Demogorgon: In the Season 1 finale, Steve's bravery shines through as he comes back to help Nancy and Jonathan fight the Demogorgon.

Steve Drives Dustin To The Snowball Dance

At the culmination of Season 2, the gang finally gets to attend the Snowball Dance. Steve takes it upon himself to drive Dustin to the school, encouraging him to enjoy the evening.

Steve's Gesture at the Theater

In the opening of Season 3, Steve is seen working at Scoops Ahoy in the mall during the summer. Upon the gang's request, Steve reluctantly lets them sneak into the movie theater through the backdoor. 

Steve's Triumph in a Fight

In Season 3, Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica, Lucas' sister, discover a secret Russian base underneath the mall. Steve finally breaks his losing streak by successfully knocking out a Russian soldier. Dustin's commentary on Steve's unexpected victory adds humor to the scene, while also showing Steve's growth as a character.

5. FAQs About Steve Harrington from Stranger Things

Who plays Steve Harrington in Stranger Things?
Joe Keery plays the character Steve Harrington in Stranger Things.

How tall is Steve Harrington?
Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington, is 1.8 meters tall.

Why did Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler break up in Stranger Things?
Steve couldn't grasp Nancy's depth of character. Steve was immature in his relationship with Nancy. When Nancy realized this through various experiences, she confessed to him that she did not love him.

What car does Steve Harrington drive in Stranger Things?
Steve Harrington drives a 1980 BMW 733i in Stranger Things.

What is Steve Harrington's iconic quote in Stranger Things?
One of Steve Harrington's most memorable quotes from Stranger Things is, "We never would've upset you if we knew you had superpowers."

How old is Steve Harrington in Stranger Things?
Steve Harrington is a high school student in the first season of Stranger Things, which is set in 1983, making him around 17 or 18 years old at that time.

Has Steve Harrington's character made appearances in other forms of media?
Yes, Steve Harrington, alongside Nancy and the Demogorgon, was added as a playable character to the indie horror video game Dead by Daylight in September 2019. Furthermore, Jonathan Byers was introduced as a Legendary skin for Steve, making him playable in the game alongside the others.

What does Steve Harrington wear in Stranger Things?
Steve Harrington is often seen wearing classic '80s fashion in Stranger Things, including jeans, polo shirts, and his Scoops Ahoy uniform in Season 3.

What was Steve Harrington's original fate in the first season finale of "Stranger Things"?
In the first season finale, Steve was originally going to die. However, the Duffer Brothers decided to rework his character, giving him a redemption arc and helping him reconcile with Nancy by the end of the show.

Who is Steve Harrington's best friend in Stranger Things?
While Steve starts the series as part of the popular crowd, his friendship with Dustin Henderson becomes a significant part of his character arc.

Why does Steve Harrington fight Billy in Stranger Things?
Steve Harrington fights Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things Season 2 because Billy was threatening the kids, particularly Lucas.

What is the significance of Steve Harrington's hair in "Stranger Things"?
Steve’s distinctive hairdo was decided upon during the filming of the second and third episodes. It was initially tried as a joke style, but eventually became an integral part of his character, achieved with the help of numerous shampoos, hair spray, and meticulous grooming.

What is the secret behind Steve Harrington's hair in Stranger Things?
The secret behind Steve Harrington's hair, according to the character himself, is the hairspray brand Farrah Fawcett.

What is the story behind Steve Harrington's signature spiked bat in "Stranger Things"?
The spiked bat that Steve uses throughout the first two seasons originally didn't belong to him. It was Nancy who first grabbed a bat, and it was Jonathan who added the spikes to it.

Can you provide some trivia about Steve Harrington's character in "Stranger Things"?
Sure! Steve’s character is packed with interesting trivia. For instance, actor Charlie Heaton accidentally punched Joe Keery twice while filming a fight scene. According to actor Chester Rushing, Steve’s former best friend Tommy Hagan had romantic feelings for Steve. Interestingly, Steve's favorite Star Wars film is Return of the Jedi, and he claimed to have been a certified lifeguard since 1983.

What is the progression of Steve Harrington's character through the seasons of "Stranger Things"?
Over the seasons, Steve evolves from being a high school jock to a protective figure, often paired with Dustin or safeguarding the Party, earning him the moniker of "babysitter" among Stranger Things fans.

How was Steve Harrington's character initially conceived in the original script of "Stranger Things"?
In the early stages of the show's development, Steve Harrington was conceived as a less likable character, more of a stereotypical '80s jock. In fact, the character went so far as sexually assaulting Nancy in early drafts of the script. 

How did Joe Keery's portrayal influence the development of Steve Harrington's character?
Joe Keery's charismatic and likable nature significantly influenced the reworking of Steve's character. The Duffer Brothers felt Keery brought a different look and energy to Steve, which led them to transform the character from being part of the 'wrong crowd' to someone who eventually sides with Nancy.

How does Steve Harrington's hairstyle become a running joke in Stranger Things?
Steve Harrington's voluminous hairstyle becomes a running joke in Stranger Things, with Dustin even adopting the same hairdo in later seasons.

What was the inspiration behind Steve Harrington's style in "Stranger Things"?
The character's style was inspired by Tom Cruise. His costume design centered around Polo shirts, Levi’s, khakis, and Brooks Brothers basics, embodying the '80s high school "prep" look.

6. Popular Quotes

"We never would've upset you if we knew you had superpowers." - A classic line from Steve, showing his quick wit in the face of Eleven's abilities.

"Everything that people tell you is important, everything that people say you should care about, it's all just bullshit. But guess you gotta mess up to figure things out, right?"

"Hey! How come the only one helping me out is this random girl?"

"She's our friend and she's crazy!" - Steve's somewhat panicked way of explaining Eleven's powers to those who don't know her.

"Yeah, Farrah Fawcett. You tell anyone I just told you that and your ass is grass."

"I like boobies. You like boobies!"

"The world is full of monsters. What are we going to do? Just not live?" - A poignant quote from Steve, showing his bravery and resilience in the face of the terrifying events in Hawkins.

"Always the babysitter. Always the goddamn babysitter!"

"I'm stealthy, like a ninja." - Steve's way of assuring the kids of his abilities during their missions.

"You’re beautiful, Nancy Wheeler."

"This is not a normal family." - Steve's humorous observation about the unique dynamics of their group.

"It's just, like, pure fuel. It's pretty awesome." - Steve talking about his love for a certain type of cereal.

"You can't spell America without Erica." - Steve's clever play on words when talking to Erica, Lucas's younger sister.

"I mean… Yeah, Tammy Thompson's cute and all, but, I mean, she's a total dud."

"She's only gonna break your heart, and you're way too young for that."

"It's Fabergé Organics. The shampoo and the conditioner, then when it's damp, not wet, damp, do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray."

"She's only gonna break your heart, and you're way too young for that shit." - Steve's advice to Dustin about girls.

"That kid's gotta get his ego in check."

"I love you, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry? The hell am I sorry for?"

"Is she here? Is she okay?" - Steve showing concern for Nancy after waking up from being knocked out by Billy.

"Now we're all gonna die and it's your fault!" - A humorous line from Steve when the kids' plans don't work out as expected.

"I don't care if anyone believes me!" - Steve's defiance when trying to convince others about the Upside Down.

"I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out I'm actually a pretty damn good babysitter." - A repeat of Steve's famous quote showing his evolution from high school jock to responsible caretaker.

"You look great, and you're gonna slay 'em dead."

"Ahoy, ladies! Didn't see you there. Would you like to set sail on an ocean of flavor with me? I'll be your captain. I'm Steve Harrington."

"Oh, Eddie, your new best friend Eddie who you think is cooler than me because he plays your nerdy game?"

"Like the Michael Myers of Hawkins." - Steve's way of describing Billy's relentless aggression.

"Know who pauses Fast Times at 53 minutes, 5 seconds? People who like boobies."

"Yeah, it's me, don't cream your pants."

"He’s missing bones and stuff. He can bend like Gumbo."

"Just be careful, alright? I can't lose you again." - Steve expressing his concern for the kids, highlighting his protective role.

"Man, kids are the worst! Who needs 'em, anyway?"

"You're gonna slay 'em dead." - Steve's encouraging words to Dustin before the Snow Ball dance.

"The obvious things are not what people observe. Or… do…don’t observe. Or…Sherlock Holmes."

"Thank you. For giving my head the biggest thump of its life two years ago. I needed it. It's changed my life. And now I'm crawling forward. Slowly."

7. Trivia

Joe's Mom's Opinion Matters:

Joe considers his mom's reaction to his character as a measure of how Steve Harrington was received by the audience. He revealed that she was not pleased with his character in the first season, calling him a 'jerk.' However, she warmed up to Steve in the second season, when he started hanging out with the kids.

Unexpected Longevity:

Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, was initially supposed to be a more antagonistic character and was slated to be killed off at the end of "Stranger Things" Season 1. However, the character's overwhelming popularity led to his survival and transformation into one of the series' most beloved figures.

Joe Keery's Influence:

Keery was instrumental in reshaping Steve's character arc. He convinced the Duffer Brothers to give Steve a chance at redemption. Keery viewed Steve not as an outright villain but as a regular human with flaws. He envisioned more for Steve, recognizing that the character just needed to mature and overcome challenges to reach his full potential.

Joe Keery's Thoughts:

Despite the fan love for Steve's hair, Keery himself has grown tired of talking about it. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Keery candidly expressed his wish for fans and interviewers to focus on other aspects of his career. He described the attention his hair gets as "ridiculous" and "internet fodder."

Emmy Snub:

Despite the popularity of Stranger Things, and season four receiving 13 Emmy nominations, none of the 22 actors, including Keery, received a nomination. A surprising fact, considering the strong performances delivered by the ensemble cast.

Joe, the Musician:

Not everyone knows that Joe Keery is not only an actor but also a musician, part of a rock band called Post Animal. He is concerned about his acting fame overshadowing his music passion, and wants to ensure that the band makes a name for itself independently of Stranger Things. He's producing music under the alias "Djo". His second album, "Decide", is set to release soon, adding another dimension to his already impressive portfolio.

Protective of Co-stars:

Keery shares a trait with his on-screen persona – being protective. Just as Steve guards the young group in Stranger Things, Keery looks out for his younger co-stars, demonstrating his genuine care for his colleagues.

Father Figure Theory:

Fans have theorized that Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery, could be the father of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from Parks and Recreation due to a strong physical resemblance between Keery and Ben Schwartz, who plays Jean-Ralphio.

Off-screen Friendship:

Joe Keery (Steve Harrington) and David Harbour (Jim Hopper) share a close off-screen friendship, despite their characters rarely interacting in Stranger Things. This friendship led to a memorable dare involving Keery agreeing to shave his head if Harbour won a Golden Globe in 2017.

A Crucial Scene:

One of the most shocking pieces of trivia is a scrapped beach party scene. In this scene, Steve was supposed to force himself on Nancy Wheeler, an act much harsher than what we saw in the final cut. This would have led the audience to form a negative impression of Steve, leading to a possible bloody end for the character in the first season.

Hair Disguise:

Keery has confessed to wearing hats in public, especially around Manhattan, to conceal his identity. His iconic hair has become such a recognizable feature that it tends to give him away, a testament to how significant an actor's appearance can become in their public image.

Off-screen Activities:

While filming the second season of Stranger Things, Joe also worked on some music projects. Interestingly, he lived in a cabin without Wi-Fi during this period. This trivia piece gives us a glimpse of Joe's commitment to his art and his ability to disconnect from the digital world, much like the character Eleven in the show.

A One-Season Character?

In a conversation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Keery revealed he initially thought his character, Steve Harrington, might not survive past the first season of Stranger Things.

Love Life:

While Steve's love life in Stranger Things is complex, Keery's personal life appears much smoother. He's been in a relationship with Maika Monroe for several years, showcasing a love story that's as charming off-screen as it is on-screen.

Fans' Fears:

His fans expressed their fears about Steve's fate on social media. Netflix even put up billboards reading "Protect Steve," amplifying the anxiety around his character's future.

Contrast to Jonathan Byers:

Steve served as a counterpoint to Jonathan Byers in the first two seasons. While both vied for Nancy Wheeler's affection, they presented stark contrasts in terms of their personalities and socioeconomic statuses.

Built on the Go:

Interestingly, Keery shared that Stranger Things was developed "day to day," with the creators continually evolving the story as they progressed. This approach perhaps contributed to Steve's unexpected survival and transformation from a stereotypical bully to a beloved character.

The Iconic Hairdo:

Steve Harrington's carefully styled 80s hair has become as iconic as the character himself. It's immediately recognizable and much-adored by fans. The secret behind this perfect coif was revealed in Stranger Things season 2 – it's the product of FabergĂ© Organics and Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

Short-term Thinker:

Keery adds depth to his character's persona by labeling Steve as a short-term thinker. This trait potentially explains why Steve remains in Hawkins, as getting through each day's unique challenges might be the most he can manage.

Billy Hargrove's Antagonist:

As Steve's character transformed into a more positive figure, Billy Hargrove, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery, was introduced as the new antagonist. Ironically, Steve became one of Billy's main targets, making him a pseudo-replacement.

Dealing with Exposure:

The overnight success of Stranger Things had a significant impact on Joe. It made him cautious about sharing his personal life online, knowing that he's no longer just sharing with friends but with millions of fans worldwide.

Leaving Hawkins:

Despite the character's deep roots in Hawkins, Indiana, Keery expressed in a Variety interview his desire for Steve to leave the town. According to Keery, Steve deserves a fresh start away from the supernatural chaos that's become the norm in his life.

Future Plans:

With Stranger Things ending after season 5, fans are eager to know what's next for Keery. Keery has expressed interest in directing projects and exploring various film genres. He also has plans to merge his passions for music and cooking, akin to Stanley Tucci's approach.

The Bat of Destiny:

In the Season 1 finale, Steve fights off the Demogorgon with a baseball bat studded with nails, marking a pivotal moment in his transformation from an apathetic high schooler to a brave hero. This was a crucial moment that cemented Steve's place in the hearts of "Stranger Things" fans.

A Different Ending for Steve and Robin:

Maya Hawke, who plays Robin, has revealed that a different ending was initially planned for her character and Steve. The decision for Robin to come out as a lesbian to Steve was not decided until the middle of Season 3, altering the trajectory of their relationship. 

Bridging the Gap:

Steve serves a vital role in "Stranger Things" as a bridge between the younger and older characters. His unique position allows him to connect with both groups, enhancing the series' narrative complexity and character dynamics.

Delayed Interaction with Dustin:

Steve and Dustin's friendship didn't begin until season two of Stranger Things. They didn't have significant interaction in the first season, which was mainly focused on Nancy's storyline and the search for Will.

The Hair Secret:

One of Steve Harrington's most memorable moments in Stranger Things was when he disclosed his hair grooming secrets to Dustin, emphasizing Farrah Fawcett hairspray. While this grooming tip may not have helped Dustin win over the ladies at the Snow Ball, it did become a much-loved moment in the show.

No Familial Ties:

Unlike Nancy and Jonathan, who are tied to the main group of kids through their younger siblings, Steve has no such familial connections. His introduction to the world of Eleven and the Upside Down was through his former relationship with Nancy.


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