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Stage name: Lee Know
Birth Name: Lee Minho
Birth Day: October 25, 1998
Birth Place: Gimpo, South Korea
Education: Gimpo Jeil Technical High School
Languages: Korean, Japanese and English
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 127.9 lbs (58 kg)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Debut: Mar 25, 2018
Abilities: Main Dancer, Choreographer, Vocalist, Rapper.
Agency: JYP Entertainment


Lee Know, born Lee Min-ho on October 25, 1998, in Gimpo, South Korea. During his school years, Lee Know attended Gimpo Jeil Technical High School, where he focused on his studies while also honing his dancing skills. Lee Know's passion for dance and music was further fueled by his admiration for K-pop artists like SHINee, BTS, and EXO. Before joining Stray Kids, Lee Know gained valuable experience as a backup dancer for BTS during their "Wings" tour. In 2017, Lee Know participated in JYP Entertainment's survival reality show, "Stray Kids," which aimed to form a new boy group. On March 25, 2018, Stray Kids made their official debut with the release of their extended play (EP) "I Am NOT" and the title track "District 9." In Stray Kids, Lee Know plays a vital role as the lead dancer, vocalist, and visual member of the group. Beyond his primary roles, Lee Know also participates in variety shows and interviews, showcasing his witty and playful personality.

While Lee Know's primary focus has been on dancing and vocals, he has occasionally contributed to the group's creative process, working together with fellow members on their music. Lee Know participated in the songwriting process for "Mixtape#4," a track from Stray Kids' fourth extended play (EP) "Clé 1: Miroh." He also contributed to the lyrics of "TMT," a track from Stray Kids' fifth EP "Clé 2: Yellow Wood."

Lee Know appeared in both seasons of Stray Kids' own variety show, "Finding Stray Kids." Lee Know, along with fellow Stray Kids members, appeared on the radio show "Idol Radio," hosted by BTOB's Ilhoon. Stray Kids has made multiple appearances on the popular variety show "Weekly Idol," where Lee Know participated in various games, challenges, and interviews. Lee with Stray Kids has appeared on the live talk show "After School Club," where they interacted with fans from around the world.

Lee Know has been featured in various magazines and participated in photoshoots that showcase his visual appeal. Stray Kids made their first group appearance in the fashion and culture magazine Dazed Korea. The photoshoot displayed their distinct fashion sense, and Lee Know's individual shots highlighted his striking visuals. Lee with Stray Kids appeared in the 167th issue of 1st Look Magazine, showcasing their youthful charm and charisma. In 2019, they were featured in the men's fashion magazine Arena Homme+ and Singles Magazine. In 2020, they were featured in GQ Korea, a prominent men's fashion magazine.

Lee Know often opts for casual and comfortable streetwear, incorporating items like oversized hoodies, graphic tees, and denim jackets. As a former dancer and an active individual, Lee Know can often be seen wearing athletic wear, such as joggers, sweatpants, and sneakers. He often combines various textures, patterns, and colors to create visually interesting outfits. To complete his outfits, Lee Know frequently incorporates accessories such as hats, beanies, and statement jewelry. During performances and events, Lee Know's style often leans towards more bold and eye-catching outfits. He can be seen wearing unique pieces, such as patterned shirts, leather jackets, and tailored suits, that complement the group's overall stage presence. Lee Know has undergone various hair and makeup transformations. During Stray Kids' debut with "District 9," Lee Know sported dark brown hair with an undercut. His makeup was kept minimal. For the group's second extended play (EP), Lee Know changed his hairstyle to a lighter brown shade with a middle part. His makeup was slightly more dramatic, with smoky eyes and strong brows to match the group's edgier concept. During the "MIROH" promotions, Lee Know experimented with a bold, bright red hair color. For the "Levanter" era, Lee Know opted for a more natural, ash brown hair color. His makeup was kept simple. In the "Back Door" era, Lee Know sported a unique two-toned hairstyle, with one half of his hair dyed blonde and the other half black. For the "Thunderous" promotions, Lee Know returned to a darker hair color, with subtle purple undertones. His makeup was more adventurous, featuring colorful eyeshadow and bold lip colors to match the group's dynamic concept.

Bubble is a messaging platform available through the Lysn app, where fans can subscribe to receive personal messages and updates from their favorite idols. Lee Know and other Stray Kids members use this platform to share more intimate and casual moments with fans.

During the "I am WHO" promotions, Stray Kids performed their hit song "My Pace." Lee Know's energetic performance and unique styling, including his middle-parted light brown hair, made this stage memorable for fans. Stray Kids performed at KCON LA in 2019, where Lee Know and the group delivered an impressive setlist, including "MIROH" and "Side Effects." His fiery red hair and dynamic stage presence captivated the audience. Stray Kids took the stage at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, where they performed a powerful medley of their songs, including "MIROH" and "Victory Song." Lee Know's intense performance and charisma shone brightly during this high-profile event. During the "GO生" album promotions, Stray Kids performed their hit song "God's Menu." Lee Know's two-toned hair and impactful performance made this stage a standout moment in the group's career. Stray Kids participated in the Mnet competition show "Kingdom: Legendary War," where they delivered several memorable performances. Lee Know's versatility and stage presence were on full display during stages like "Mafia in the Morning" and "WOLFGANG."

Stray Kids participated in the "Hope for Children" campaign organized by UNICEF and JYP Entertainment. The campaign aimed to raise awareness and funds to improve the lives of children in need. As a member of Stray Kids, Lee Know contributed to this meaningful campaign. Stray Kids, including Lee Know, performed at the "One Dream One Korea" concert held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The event aimed to promote peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula and featured various K-pop artists. Stray Kids participated in the "K-Pop Together" festival in Lewisville, Texas, which aimed to promote cultural exchange and understanding between South Korea and the United States. A portion of the proceeds from the event was donated to the Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County. They took part in the "KCON:TACT 2020" online concert, which aimed to bring K-pop fans together during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event raised funds to support COVID-19 relief efforts through the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Stray Kids, including Lee Know, have participated in charitable events and campaigns, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS and the "I Log U" project to support children with hearing impairments.

Lee Know has mentioned in interviews and on social media that he enjoys watching movies, particularly action and thriller films. Lee Know has shown an interest in photography, often sharing his own photos on social media. He enjoys capturing moments from his daily life and travels, as well as taking pictures of his fellow Stray Kids members. In various Stray Kids' reality shows and V LIVE broadcasts, Lee Know has demonstrated his skills in the kitchen. He enjoys cooking for himself and his fellow members, experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. He has two cats named Soon-ie and Doong-ie, whom he often talks about and shares pictures of on social media. This love for cats has earned him the nickname "Cat-Dad" among fans. He enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Lee Know also maintains his agility and fitness by taking part in physical activities such as working out and practicing martial arts. Interestingly, Lee Know is a gaming enthusiast. During his downtime, he engages in video games, an activity he says helps him relax and deal with the pressures of his career.

While Lee Know has not received individual awards, as a member of Stray Kids, he has contributed to the group's numerous awards and recognitions. Stray Kids won the Rookie of the Year award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards, marking an impressive start to their career. The group received the Best New Male Artist award at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, further solidifying their status as a promising rookie group. They won the Rookie of the Year award at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards in 2019. They also received the Next Generation Award at the 34th Golden Disc Awards in 2020. The group was awarded the Rookie of the Year award at the 28th Seoul Music Awards in 2019 and the Bonsang award at the 30th Seoul Music Awards in 2021. They won the New Artist of the Year award at the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards in 2019. The group received the Rising Hot Star award at the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards and the Bonsang award at the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards. Stray Kids won the Male Idol Rookie award at the 2019 Korea First Brand Awards. The group received the Best K-Pop Male Group award at the 2020 BreakTudo Awards.

In November 2021, Stray Kids members Lee Know, Han and Seungmin faced a difficult situation when they tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, Lee Know was unable to participate in a "Music Core" performance. Despite these obstacles, Stray Kids released their second full-length album, ODDINARY, on February 23, 2022. Lee Know actively participated in the group's promotions and activities for the album. In early March 2022, Stray Kids, including Lee Know, participated in the 2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and secured the "Worldwide Fans' Choice" award. They also delivered electrifying performances of their hit songs "Thunderous" and "MANIAC" during the event. 

Continuing their momentum, Stray Kids unveiled their Japanese single "VENOM" on March 9, 2022. Lee Know and his fellow members promoted the single through interviews and appearances. In addition to their group activities, the members of Stray Kids have also been pursuing individual projects. Lee Know appeared on the variety show "Idol Dictation Contest" with I.N in February 2022. This spin-off of the popular Korean variety show "Amazing Saturday" features idols competing in dictation games. Stray Kids, with Lee Know, embarked on their first world tour, "Stray Kids World Tour 'MANIAC'", which kicked off in Seoul on April 16, 2022. The tour covered various cities in Asia, North America and Europe.


The Stray Kids star Lee Know, also known as Minho, is a bundle of surprises and talents. With his second-degree belt in Taekwondo and Martial Arts, he proves to be a force to reckon with not just on stage but also in combat sports. However, his athletic prowess doesn't extend to all activities - he admittedly isn't able to swim and, interestingly, has a fear of heights.

Outside of his dancing career, Minho is a voracious reader with Keigo Higashino being his favorite author. Perhaps a lesser-known fact about him is his love for hip-hop music, which he turns to when he's feeling down. He's a fan of 2PM and Wonder Girls and considers 2PM's Taecyeon as his role model.

In terms of his gastronomic preferences, mint chocolate ice cream may be a delight for him, but the crown goes to strawberry as his ultimate favorite. And speaking of delights, did you know that Minho can make his eyebrows dance?

As for his path into the K-pop world, it all started with SHINee's "Sherlock." This captivating song sparked his interest, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On a more personal note, Minho has three pet cats named Soonie, Doongie, and Dori. He also has an unusual fondness for certain smells, such as the scent of gas stations, new buildings, and even the paws of cats and dogs.

Among his favorite tracks are Stray Kids' "Grow Up", "MIROH", "The Tortoise and the Hare", "MANIAC", and "CASE 143". However, when it comes to 3RACHA's creations, "Matryoshka" stands out for him.

Lee Know, whose real name Minho means "vast sky" in Korean, goes by the English name Rhino. He successfully auditioned for JYP by singing and dancing to John Park's "Thought of You".

His love for dancing is evident in his choice to join a technical high school purely for its dance club, which sadly closed once he got admitted. Had it not been for his passion for dancing, he would have been a martial arts instructor.

Aside from his entertainment career, Lee Know also worked at a barbecue restaurant and even appeared in a National Geographic documentary about Kpop when he auditioned for Cube Ent in 2014.

Despite his success, Lee Know stays grounded, often mentioning his friends from his hometown Gimpo, with whom he frequently goes on vacation trips. He has carried these friendships since middle school, proving his loyalty and groundedness.

Last but not least, Minho carries a scar on his tummy, a reminder of a surgery he had as a child. His father, on the other hand, runs a furniture business, showing that talent and entrepreneurial spirit run in the family.

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