Eddie Munson - Stranger Things


1. Introduction and Background

Have you ever wondered about the captivating story of Eddie Munson, that eccentric character from the fourth season of Stranger Things? Eddie, a role brilliantly portrayed by Joseph Quinn, was so much more than just a main character in a popular series.

An Unlikely Leader with an Unorthodox Passion

Born between 1965 and 1968, Eddie found himself navigating the complexities of growing up under the care of his paternal uncle, Wayne Munson. Their humble abode was nestled in Hawkins' Forest Hills Trailer Park, a lifestyle that undoubtedly shaped his character. Despite his father Al Munson's notorious reputation for dodgy schemes, Eddie turned out to be a charismatic leader with a rather unique interest.

His passion for the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons saw him leading the Hellfire Club, a school club dedicated to the game. It wasn't a popular choice among the residents of Hawkins, who associated the game with satanic rituals. Despite the controversy, Eddie thrived, providing a safe haven for those who felt like misfits. Isn't it amazing how he found his purpose in such an unexpected place?

A Friendship and Feud Born in High School

Eddie's high school years at Hawkins High were filled with a mix of sweet memories and brutal rivalries. One of the bright spots was his friendship with Chrissy Cunningham. They had gone to middle school together, participating in talent shows that revealed his musical talent and Chrissy's cheerleading skills. Their paths diverged once they stepped into high school, but no bitterness ever existed between them.

However, his school life wasn't all rosy. His clashes with Jason Carver, Chrissy's boyfriend and the star of the basketball team, were legendary. Eddie's disdain for mainstream popularity and Carver's status as a popular kid created an inevitable rivalry. But who said high school was easy, right?

The Unveiling of a Supernatural Mystery and a Tragic End

The year 1986 was a turning point in his life. Witnessing the murder of his friend Chrissy under supernatural circumstances pushed Eddie into a world he could never have imagined. Teaming up with "The Party" and their allies, he found himself in a quest for justice against a monstrous being from the Upside Down - "Vecna".

Eddie's bravery was put to the ultimate test when he used his band's heavy metal music to distract Vecna's Demobats, aiding his friends' attack on the Creel House. Isn't it fascinating how Eddie's love for heavy metal became a weapon in a battle against otherworldly creatures? Yet, his courage came at a high cost – his life.

Sadly, his legacy was tainted by accusations of being a murderer and a cult leader. But as Dustin assured his uncle Wayne, those who knew Eddie would remember him differently. Eddie Munson may have been an unlikely hero, but isn't it often the unlikely ones who leave the most profound impact?

And so we remember Eddie, not as the town painted him, but as the idiosyncratic, guitar-playing leader of the Hellfire Club. The rockstar, the friend, the hero – Eddie Munson, the heart and soul of Stranger Things' fourth season.

2. Storyline

The Unveiling of Eddie Munson's World: Stranger Things Uncovered

Have you ever taken a deep dive into the intriguing world of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things? The year 1986 was a rollercoaster ride for him, marked by the paradox of an ordinary high school life intertwined with bizarre supernatural encounters. So, how did Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn, navigate this bewildering journey?

The Hellfire Club: More Than Just a D&D Club

Eddie's usual day at Hawkins High started with a spirited meal with his D&D group, The Hellfire Club, in the cafeteria. Eddie, the theatrical leader, was often seen reading aloud newspaper articles about the supposed dangers of D&D. Did you ever wonder why? Because he was leading a rebellion against forced conformity. Eddie, along with his fellow "freaks," as the school labeled them, stood firm against the societal acceptance of "popular" groups like the basketball team.

Eddie's welcoming nature was evident when he encouraged Mike and Dustin to recruit more "lost" students to the D&D club, promising them a future leadership role in the Hellfire Club. Isn't it inspiring how he saw potential where others didn't?

From Drug Deals to D&D Victories

One fine day, Eddie found himself in a peculiar situation: a drug deal with Chrissy Cunningham, his old school friend. Despite initial confusion, he managed to make Chrissy comfortable, invoking nostalgia of their middle school talent show days. Remember Corroded Coffin, his band? Well, it was still rocking, and Eddie slyly invited Chrissy to their future gigs.

Meanwhile, The Hellfire Club's campaign was in full swing, with Erica Sinclair impressing Eddie with her quick wit and D&D skills. They embarked on a thrilling adventure against Vecna, the game's villain, under his masterful game-master leadership. How often do you see a high schooler lead such an extraordinary journey?

A Horrifying Encounter and the Aftermath

However, the exciting game of D&D was soon overshadowed by a chilling reality. After a cozy visit to Eddie's trailer, Chrissy fell under Vecna's curse, which led to a gruesome murder that left Eddie traumatized. Can you imagine the horror of witnessing your friend's supernatural murder?

Following the horrifying incident, he became a prime suspect in Chrissy's murder due to his association with the Hellfire Club. Fearing for his life, Eddie sought refuge at Reefer Rick's dock house. As the news of his involvement spread across Hawkins, a group of familiar faces, including Max, Dustin, Robin, and Steve, set out to find him. They found a distressed Eddie, who was not only battling survivor's guilt but also trying to understand the bizarre occurrence he'd witnessed.

The Struggles of a Fugitive

Days passed, and Eddie's paranoia grew, especially when he spotted Jason, the boyfriend of the late Chrissy, near Reefer Rick's home. During this tense moment, he made a daring escape on a boat, only to witness another gruesome murder at the hands of Vecna. Jason, however, misinterpreted the incident and believed Eddie was using "satanic powers" to commit the murders. As we delve into his world, we can't help but sympathize with this misunderstood high schooler. From leading a unique D&D club to becoming a fugitive suspected of murder, Eddie's life took an unexpected turn.

The Unfortunate Reunion

Revisiting the day on March 26, Eddie fled from his assailants, hiding out at Skull Rock. It was in this concealed location that the team found him after a strenuous hike. He, still dealing with the trauma of Patrick's murder, revealed the details of the tragic incident, and it was clear that the evil Vecna was to blame. They also found out the direction of the attack - the Creel Home. Could this be an important clue? Meanwhile, Dustin, distracted by his malfunctioning compass, suggested the presence of a nearby gate, a theory which led the group to Lover's Lake. But did you know that even as they were piecing together this puzzle, their reputation was being tarnished? Jason had convinced the town of Hawkins that Eddie and his Hellfire Club were responsible for the recent killings.

The Lake Gate and the Rescue

At Lover's Lake, Eddie, Steve, Robin, and Nancy embarked on a boat ride to find the mysterious gate. Once found, a series of unexpected events took place. First Steve, then Nancy, Robin and Eddie were dragged through the gate into the Upside Down. On the other side, they had to fight off Vecna's bats, an encounter that left them shaken but alive. As they continued their journey, a tense conversation between Steve and Eddie revealed underlying insecurities and fears, but also an acknowledgement of their mutual respect and shared responsibility towards Dustin. But was this camaraderie enough to face the threats that awaited them?

The Upside Down and the Dire Message

In the Upside Down version of the Wheeler home, the teens made a chilling discovery - they were in the year 1983 and their weapons were gone. After signaling their friends in the real world using the chandelier, they found out about Vecna's guarded water gate. Nancy, however, fell under Vecna's curse and received a terrifying vision: Vecna planned to destroy their town after killing a fourth victim. But would they be able to stop Vecna in time?

The Final Stand Against Vecna

The group formed a plan to defeat Vecna, arming themselves and splitting up to handle different tasks. Eddie and Dustin stayed behind to distract the Demobats with Eddie's electric guitar while the others went to face Vecna. But when the Demobats invaded the trailer, he made the ultimate sacrifice - he led them away from Dustin, knowing well he may not survive. Do you think you could have made such a brave decision?

Eddie's Noble Sacrifice

As the Demobats swarmed Eddie, he chose to face them, determined to make amends for past mistakes. He fought valiantly but eventually fell to their relentless attack. Dustin, who had returned to help Eddie, found him fatally injured. As Eddie lay dying, he entrusted Dustin with the responsibility of looking after their friends. His final words were an affirmation of their friendship, leaving Dustin and the reader with a poignant reminder of Eddie's courage and love for his friends. In the end, isn't that what true heroism is all about?

In conclusion, the battle against Vecna was a rollercoaster ride of fear, courage, self-discovery, and sacrifice. It highlighted the power of friendship and the lengths one would go to protect those they care about. Eddie's heroic stand against Vecna will forever be remembered as a testament to his bravery and love for his friends. How would you have faced such odds? Can friendship truly be our greatest weapon against the darkness?

3. Relationships and Personality

3.1 Personality

The Outsider with a Heart of Gold

Eddie Munson, the staunch nonconformist and metalhead of Hawkins High School, is a character that commands attention. With his intense persona and devotion to Dungeons & Dragons, he may initially come off as intimidating. Yet, beneath the surface lies a character with depth and nuance, one who has managed to capture the hearts of viewers and become a fan favorite. Despite facing academic struggles and stigmatization for his alternative lifestyle, Eddie's kindness, open-mindedness, and dedication to his friends make him a standout character.

Eddie's metal exterior conceals a soft heart, a fact that becomes evident through his interactions with his friends. When Dustin and his group began their freshmen year at the mercy of the school's cliques, it was Eddie who extended a hand of friendship. A comforting presence, he always knew how to lighten the mood with his jokes and provide reassurance in times of distress, like when he helped calm a paranoid Chrissy by reminding her of their shared status as "freaks."

Leader of the Hellfire Club

Eddie's leadership of the Hellfire Club, the school's Dungeons & Dragons group, further showcases his strong character. His dedication to the game is unwavering, with Eddie refusing to cancel any campaigns regardless of the circumstances. This commitment extends to his friends, with Dustin, in particular, being the recipient of his special attention. Eddie's bond with Dustin is so profound that in his final moments, he entrusts the younger boy with the responsibility of the Hellfire Club, expressing his love for him.

Music and Artistry

Eddie's love for music, particularly metal, is another facet of his personality that adds to his depth. From recognizing obscure rock references to showcasing his skills as a guitarist in his band Corroded Coffin, Eddie's passion for music is evident. He even uses his musical knowledge to navigate through tricky situations. His guitar performance of Master of Puppets to attract the demo-bats in the Upside Down is a memorable moment that highlights his resourcefulness and courage. Apart from his musical talent, he is also physically strong and has learned practical skills such as hot-wiring cars from his father. These skills, combined with his physical strength, often come in handy in dire situations, making him a valuable asset to his group of friends.

Bravery in the Face of Fear

Eddie's response to the exposure of the Upside Down shows another side of his character – his courage. Witnessing the mutilation of his friends Chrissy and Patrick by Vecna sends him into horror and panic, but he doesn't let his fear control him. Instead, he faces it head-on, protecting his town and friends from the Demo-bats, even at the cost of his own life.

Dealing with Accusations and Prejudices

Eddie's life takes a turn for the worse when he becomes the prime suspect in Chrissy Cunningham's murder. The townsfolk, influenced by their prejudices against Eddie's alternative lifestyle, are quick to point fingers at him. Despite the mounting accusations, he holds his ground, maintaining his innocence and fighting for justice. This incident further emphasizes his resilience and determination, qualities that have endeared him to viewers.

The Struggles of Eddie

Eddie's struggle with school, due to his rough background and eccentric personality, paints a picture of a young man grappling with societal norms and expectations. Despite his struggles, he is determined to break free from his circumstances, showcasing his resilience and tenacity. His statement about being "full of shit" when he said he was going to graduate is an indication of his self-awareness and honesty, even if it is self-deprecating. His struggle with academics is a critique of an education system that often fails to recognize and nurture different forms of intelligence and talent.

Eddie's Character Development

Eddie's character arc throughout the series has been significant. Starting as an outcast and perceived troublemaker, Eddie's character development has been steady and meaningful. His journey from being a misunderstood eccentric to a valued friend and ally showcases the transformative power of acceptance and understanding.


Eddie Munson is a compelling character whose eccentricities and struggles mask a heart of gold. He is a testament to the idea that one should not judge a book by its cover, reminding us of the importance of understanding and empathy. Eddie's importance also lies in the new narrative possibilities he presents. His ability to view situations from a different perspective often helps the group overcome obstacles they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. His knowledge of music and its applications in various circumstances has saved the group from danger. He is not stubborn or arrogant but is, in fact, humble and understanding. When he wronged Erica by questioning her D&D levels, he was quick to apologize and show his respect for her. He even apologized to Steve for writing him off as a "douchebag," reflecting his growth and maturity.

Eddie Munson's story is a testament to the importance of accepting and valuing individuals for who they are, rather than judging them based on societal norms or expectations. His struggles and triumphs serve as a reminder that everyone has their unique strengths and talents, which deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Eddie has a ability to remain true to himself, despite the challenges he faces. His story teaches us that it's okay to be different, to embrace our passions, and to stand up for what we believe in. 

3.2 Relationships

Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson, the relatable and sometimes awkward teen from the mid-'80s, found himself a misfit among his peers. Yet, life took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with Eddie, a fellow outsider who spotted his Weird Al T-shirt and took a leap of faith, inviting him to the Hellfire Club. Like any unexpected friendship, theirs blossomed over shared interests, mutual support, and a hefty dose of adolescent mischief.

The Hellfire Club was more than just a group of friends; it was a sanctuary for outcasts like Dustin and Eddie. Eddie, in particular, became Dustin's beacon, a friend who defended him when no one else would. Their bond was so strong that even in the face of adversity, Dustin believed in Eddie's innocence without hesitation. Remember that time when Dustin came running to Reefer Rick's house, reassuring a terrified Eddie that he and his friends believed him? Or when Eddie was on the run and Dustin was his first call? These instances only cemented their bond further.

The playful banter between Dustin and Eddie was a memorable part of their friendship. One standout moment was when they were preparing for battle, building spiked shields and making corny jokes. It was then that Eddie made Dustin promise not to change, a promise Dustin willingly accepted. But their friendship was not just about laughter and camaraderie; it was also about sacrifice. In the Upside Down, he gave up his life to save Dustin, a moment that left a lasting impact on Dustin.

Steve Harrington

Dustin's relationship with Steve Harrington was more complex. On the surface, it was a tug-of-war for Dustin's loyalty. Steve was like an older brother to Dustin, and Eddie didn't take too kindly to that. The tension between Steve and Eddie was palpable at times, like when Steve grew impatient with Eddie or when Eddie showed his annoyance at Dustin's praise for Steve. However, over time, Steve and Eddie found common ground, coming to respect each other's roles in Dustin's life. Eddie's ultimate act of kindness - giving Steve his denim jacket - was an olive branch that signaled a shift in their relationship.

Chrissy Cunningham

Eddie and Chrissy Cunningham's relationship journey is a classic story of two worlds colliding. They both attended Hawkins Middle School, where they impressed each other with their respective talents. Chrissy, the cheerleader, and Eddie, the band member of Corroded Coffin, had a fleeting connection. But as the years passed, Chrissy got swept up into the popular crowd, and their paths diverged. Nevertheless, Eddie held no grudges, a testament to his kind heart.

Fast forward to 1986, Chrissy began to experience harrowing visions and deteriorating mental health. In a bid to soothe her nerves, she reached out to Eddie, their encounter unfolding in the woods outside Hawkins High. Eddie, initially wary of Chrissy's paranoia, softened when she confessed to feeling like she was "losing her mind". Their exchange, filled with humor and nostalgia, reminded them of their shared past. Chrissy even admitted that Eddie wasn't who she thought he was, a remark that sparked a connection between them. But their reunion took a dark turn when Chrissy asked Eddie for stronger drugs, a sign of her increasing desperation.

After a meeting with the Hellfire Club and the basketball championship, Chrissy accompanied Eddie back to his trailer in search of stronger drugs. But what started as a simple drug deal spiraled into a supernatural nightmare. Chrissy fell into a trance, her body levitating and contorting in a horrifying display. Eddie was helpless, his pleas for Chrissy to wake up falling on deaf ears. The trauma of witnessing Chrissy's gruesome death left Eddie wracked with survivor's guilt, a poignant reminder of the dangers lurking in Hawkins.

Jason Carver

Eddie's relationship with Jason Carver was as different from his bond with Chrissy as night is from day. Jason and Eddie, both from different social circles, had a long-standing rivalry fueled by Jason's cult-like mindset. Their animosity was evident in their public spats, with Eddie challenging Jason's social status and Jason labeling Eddie as a freak and Satanist.

Their feud escalated when Jason discovered Chrissy's murder happened in Eddie's trailer. Enraged, Jason rallied his basketball team to hunt Eddie down. The tension between them was palpable when they finally faced each other at Lover's Lake. Despite the death of his teammate Patrick McKinney, Jason stubbornly blamed Eddie, convinced of his supernatural powers. Their encounter ended with Eddie escaping, but Jason's determination to hunt him down was unwavering, as he rallied the entire town against Eddie and the Hellfire Club.

Robin Buckley

The association between Eddie and Robin Buckley, though not deeply rooted, took a significant turn in the spring of 1986. Their paths crossed when Eddie was accused of Chrissy Cunningham's murder, and Robin, alongside Dustin, Max, and Steve, took it upon themselves to clear his name. Using Family Video's rental records, they pinpointed Eddie's whereabouts to a drug dealer's cabin near Lover's Lake, a testament to their clever problem-solving skills.

Discovering a traumatized Eddie in the boathouse, the group rallied to calm him down and assured him of their belief in his outlandish tale. Eddie recounted the terrifying ordeal of Chrissy's death, an incident he attributed to an unseen force. The group identified this as the handiwork of an alternate dimensional entity, named "Vecna" by Dustin and Eddie. Imagine Eddie's confusion when Robin, the girl he knew from band, casually discussed alternate dimensions and past battles with supernatural entities. This was far from the world of music they once shared.

As they embarked on a mission to Reefer Rick's, Robin shared her concern with Nancy about breaking the news to Eddie that they couldn't physically reach Vecna. Her empathy for Eddie hinted at a deeper connection. When the group discovered Eddie had moved to Skull Rock following Patrick McKinney's murder, they returned to Lover's Lake, faced with the challenge of a "snack-sized" Gate to the Upside Down.

As they rowed towards the Gate, Robin boldly dived into the water after Nancy, brushing off Eddie's frantic reminder that she was in charge. This rebellious streak in Robin seemed to amuse Eddie, who reluctantly followed her into the Upside Down. In this alternate dimension, Robin and Eddie became a formidable team, making their way to the Wheeler house and later to Eddie's trailer to pass through the gate created by Chrissy's death.

When it came to carjacking an RV, Robin expressed her reservations about Eddie driving, leading to a humorous exchange where Eddie insisted that "Big Boy" Steve would be at the wheel. Their adventure culminated with them joining Dustin, Nancy, and Steve to defeat Vecna through the Munson trailer's gate, a daunting mission that marked the last time they would see each other.

4. Flight of Icarus Novel

The Misfit Hero's Journey

In the magical realm of Stranger Things, a misfit hero named Eddie Munson, wonderfully portrayed by Joseph Quinn, stole the hearts of audiences worldwide. Now, the beloved character's origin story unfolds in a novel titled Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus, authored by Caitlin Schneiderhan, a writer from Stranger Things season five's team. This intriguing prequel takes us back to 1984, two years before the events of Stranger Things' fourth season, to delve into Eddie's life before he became the courageous leader of the Hellfire Club we all remember.

Dungeons & Dragons and Music: Eddie's Escape

Eddie Munson's life in Hawkins, Indiana, seems akin to surviving in a continuous Tomb of Horrors, an infamous Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Hawkins, the seemingly idyllic American town, is anything but for Eddie, a senior at Hawkins High. How does he endure? Between school, he spends his time engrossed in Dungeons & Dragons sessions with the Hellfire Club and practicing with his band, finding solace and expression through these creative outlets.

Meeting Paige: A Turning Point

A fateful encounter at the town's worst dive bar introduces Eddie to Paige, a true rebel who has managed to escape Hawkins and create an exciting life for herself in Los Angeles. She works for a record producer, embodying the badass persona Eddie admires, and crucially, she appreciates Eddie for who he is, a bard at heart. Paige's proposition to Eddie, of creating a demo tape for his band Corroded Coffin, ignites a spark of hope in him. This opportunity to make something of himself presents Eddie with a potential one-way ticket out of Hawkins. But, there's a catch.

The Challenge: Money Matters

Recording a demo is not cheap, and Eddie lacks the funds. He is, however, willing to go to great lengths for this chance at a better life. His estranged father, Al Munson, reenters his life with a questionable scheme that could provide Eddie the required money. Despite the risks involved and the dubious nature of his father's plan, Eddie decides to take this leap of faith, driven by his aspiration to leave Hawkins and his desire for a better future.

1984: Eddie's Year of Change

Eddie Munson enters 1984 with conviction and hope. This year will either make or break him, but he's ready to face the challenges. Flight of Icarus dives deep into the life of this brave misfit before he becomes the Eddie we all love in Stranger Things. His journey, marked by struggles, determination, and his unwavering love for music and D&D, is a compelling exploration of the shaping of a hero. Eddie's origin story serves as an inspiration and a reminder that everyone has the potential to become a hero, regardless of their circumstances or their start in life.

5. FAQs About Eddie from Stranger Things

How tall is Eddie Munson?
Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson, is 1.82 meters tall.

Did Eddie appear in every episode of the fourth season?
No, "Dear Billy" is the only episode of the fourth season that Eddie does not appear in.

What's the backstory of Eddie's parents?
The fate of his parents is never specified in the show. Joseph Quinn, who portrayed Eddie, imagined that his mother might have passed on or left, and his father was possibly in prison.

Was Eddie's line "I love you, man" to Dustin in "The Piggyback" scripted?
No, this line was improvised by Joseph Quinn.

Is Eddie Munson Gay?
While some fans say he is LGBTQ-related, there is no footage in the show that explicitly proves this.

What was Eddie's dream?
His dream was to graduate from high school and potentially go on tour with his favorite band, Corroded Coffin.

What is Eddie's age in Stranger Things?
His age is debated, but it's generally assumed he's between 17 and 20 years old.

Was Eddie held back in high school?
Yes, he mentions in "The Hellfire Club" that he was held back twice while attending high school.

What does Eddie's black handkerchief with a skull design signify?
It's a common aesthetic choice among the metal community. Some fans also theorized it might relate to the 80s "hanky code".

What is the origin of Eddie's ability to hotwire?
He mentions in "Papa" that his father taught him how to hotwire.

Did Eddie and Chrissy Cunningham have romantic feelings for each other?
Yes, it's suggested that they had romantic feelings for each other.

What happened to Grace Van Dien, the actress playing Chrissy, after the release of Stranger Things 4?
She faced harassment and a smear campaign due to her support for the Eddie and Chrissy pairing.

Did Eddie have romantic feelings for Steve Harrington?
Joseph Quinn, the actor playing Eddie, diplomatically suggested that it's possible.

What is the significance of Eddie's van?
The van Eddie drives, a 1977 GMC Gaucho G2500, is a classic vehicle of the late 70s.

What kind of music did Eddie play on his guitar?
He played Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in "The Piggyback."

How did Joseph Quinn feel about the popularity of his character Eddie?
Quinn was surprised and moved to see how popular Eddie turned out to be among fans.

What was Eddie's style like?
Eddie was known for his rocker aesthetic, including wearing a bullet belt and a black handkerchief in his back pocket.

What kind of guitar does Eddie play?
He plays a 1983 BC Rich NJ Warlock with a crackled red finish.

Who plays Eddie Munson?
The character of Eddie Munson was played by Joseph Quinn.

What tattoos does Eddie have?
He has visible tattoos of a swarm of bats, a puppet, a wyvern, a spider, and a demonic skull.

Did Jason Carver believe Eddie was innocent?
Mason Dye, who played Jason, suggested that Jason might have been convinced of Eddie's innocence had Patrick McKinney's death not occurred.

What would have happened to Eddie if he survived into Season 5?
Joseph Quinn speculated that it would be nice to see Eddie graduate, carry on with his life, possibly go on tour with Corroded Coffin, and maybe even find a romantic interest.

What was the origin of Eddie's tattoos?
Eddie's tattoos were designed by the show's makeup artist, Amy Forsythe.

How did Eddie contribute to the metal music culture in the show?
He showcased his love for metal music by playing a 1983 BC Rich NJ Warlock guitar and wearing a bullet belt and a bandana, both common aesthetics in the metal community.

Who avenged Eddie's death?
Jamie Campbell Bower, whose character played a role in Eddie and Chrissy's deaths, posted a joking apology video to Joseph Quinn.

How did Eddie and Jason's relationship evolve in the series?
Despite their past animosity, Jason mistakenly believed Eddie to be a cult leader due to the Satanic panic, which ironically made Jason appear more like a cult leader.

Did Eddie have any known family members?
Wayne Munson, his uncle, appears to be Eddie's only close relative in the show.

What would Chrissy have done had she survived?
Grace Van Dien, who played Chrissy, suggested that Chrissy would have likely left Jason for Eddie by the second episode of the new season.

What was Eddie's favorite band?
His favorite band was Corroded Coffin, a fictional heavy metal band in the series.

What was Eddie's last appearance in the series?
Eddie's last appearance was in the episode "Papa", where he tragically died.

What impact did Eddie's death have on the other characters?
His death had a profound impact on the other characters in the series, sparking a desire for justice and revenge.

What is the relationship between Eddie and the actor who played him, Joseph Quinn?
Joseph Quinn has spoken fondly of his time playing Eddie, appreciating the character's complexity and the love from fans.

6. Popular Quotes

  • This Year Is My Year. I Can Feel It.
  • There is no shame in running. Don't try to be heroes. Not today.
  • I say you’re asking me to follow you into Mordor. But the Shire is burning. So Mordor it is.
  • You, Dustin Henderson, are a total butthead.
  • It’s forced conforming. That’s what’s killing the kids. That’s the real monster.
  • Well, when the other dads were teaching their kids how to fish or play ball, my old man was teaching me how to hot-wire.
  • You were wearing a Weird Al shirt, which I thought was brave.
  •  Now, I'm wanted for murder, and soon, grand theft auto. So, uh, I'm really living up to that Munson name.
  • In other words, flattery works with me.
  • You, Nancy Wheeler, have guns -plural- in your bedroom?
  • Henderson told me you were a badass. Insisted on the matter, in fact.
  • You know what that means? It means you boys are the future of Hellfire.
  • We’re the freaks because we like to play a fantasy game.
  • Outside of D&D, I am no hero. I see danger, and I just turn heel and run.
  • I mean, I feel like I’m losing my mind doing a drug deal with Chrissy Cunningham, the queen of Hawkins High.
  • Never change, Dustin Henderson. Promise me that?
  • The Hooded Cultists Chant, "Hail Lord Vecna."
  • We're the freaks because... we like to play a fantasy game?
  • Durable. Deadly and reliable. Hear me now, there will be no retreating from Eddie the Banished.
  • And then her bones, uh,... her bones started to snap. Her eyes, man, it was like there was something, like, inside her head, pulling. I didn't know what to do, so I... I ran away.
  • You were doing this cheer thing. You know, the thing you do…It was pretty cool actually.

7. The West Memphis Three

In the creative process of any successful TV show, real-life events often serve as a catalyst for the inception of intriguing characters. In the case of the beloved series "Stranger Things", the character of Eddie Munson is a prime example. Eddie is no random creation, but rather a character inspired by a real-life figure, Damien Echols, also known as Michael Wayne Hutchison, one of the infamous West Memphis Three.

So, who are the West Memphis Three, and how does their story link to our favorite character Eddie Munson? Back in 1993-94, a grim event occurred in Arkansas that shocked the nation. Three young boys mysteriously disappeared, only to be found dead later on. The last people seen with these children were three teenagers, aged between 16 and 19, who were soon labeled as the West Memphis Three. These teenagers, including Damien Echols, were blamed for the horrific crime.

The prosecution claimed that these youngsters, who were often seen dressing like cult members, committed the crime as part of a satanic ritual. This, of course, was merely based on their appearance and lifestyle, with no concrete evidence. But alas, the court was quick to sentence them, with Echols receiving the death penalty, Jessie Misskelley getting life imprisonment with hard labor, and Jason Baldwin handed a life sentence.

Does this story remind you of something? Yes, it's eerily similar to what happens to Eddie Munson in "Stranger Things". Like Echols, Eddie is misunderstood, judged by his appearance and the music he loves, which eventually leads to his tragic fate.

However, the real-life story of the West Memphis Three took a turn. After years of relentless pursuit for justice, new evidence came to light that led to a revision of their sentences. After serving 18 years in prison, their sentences were reduced, offering them a second chance at life. This element of redemption, however, is a luxury that our beloved Eddie Munson never got to experience in the series.

Drawing parallels between Eddie and the West Memphis Three reveals the intricate details and depths the creators delved into while crafting his character. It's a classic case of art imitating life, with a dose of '80s nostalgia. So, the next time you watch "Stranger Things", remember the story of Eddie Munson, and the real-life inspiration behind him. It's not just the supernatural that makes this show fascinating, but the very real and human stories weaved into the narrative.

8. Eddie Munson: An Interview

The Making of Eddie Munson: An Interview with Joseph Quinn

In the world of Stranger Things, a character has come to the forefront, winning over fans with his unique charm and flair for '80s heavy metal. We are talking about Eddie Munson, masterfully played by British actor Joseph Quinn. We have compiled the highlights of Quinn's interview below. Let's dive into the journey of how Quinn shaped this character and made a mark in the Stranger Things universe.

Embracing the Weight of a Heavy Metal Wig

For Joseph Quinn, embodying Eddie Munson was as much about adopting his persona as it was about wearing his hair. The wig, modeled after iconic '80s metal bands like Van Halen, Iron Maiden, and Mötley Crüe, added a new dimension to his character. Despite its physical heft, the wig was instrumental in transforming Quinn's persona into the rebellious, anti-establishment Eddie.

Joining a Fan-Favorite Universe

Stepping into the shoes of a new character in an already established and beloved series is no small task. Quinn admits to having had no expectations, but a hopeful wish that he wouldn't upset the devoted fanbase. The warm reception to Eddie, he says, was a relief. Despite his minimal social media presence, he's aware of the impact Eddie has had on the audience, appreciating their devotion and efforts to express their love for the character.

The Audition: A Straightforward Route to Stardom

Quinn's audition journey was notably smooth. Unlike co-star Jamie Campbell Bower, who had a rather cryptic audition process, Quinn sent two tapes to the Duffer brothers, the showrunners, from his home in London. Surprisingly, this was all it took for him to land the role. The straightforward process, though somewhat disarming, worked in his favor, and he quickly found himself as a part of the Stranger Things ensemble.

Shaping Eddie: Likable over Menacing

According to the Duffer brothers, Quinn's success in landing the role was largely due to his instinct to make Eddie likable rather than overly menacing. Quinn's intuition told him that Eddie's outwardly unapproachable demeanor was merely a defense mechanism. He leaned into this perspective, bringing out Eddie's underlying desire for acceptance that resonates with many adolescents. In fact, many fans have likened Eddie's character to Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

Making an Unforgettable Entrance

Eddie's entry into the Stranger Things universe is a spectacular scene. Quinn recalls filming the scene, which he auditioned with, as a nerve-racking but enjoyable experience. He credits his co-stars, including Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo, for their support, which helped him navigate the daunting prospect of performing in front of a large group of actors. This scene became a memorable moment of spontaneity that defined Eddie's character.

Tuning into the '80s: Music and Transformation

In preparing for the role of Eddie, Quinn immersed himself in the music of the era, particularly bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica. This served as his primary route into understanding Eddie, as he had little to no knowledge about Dungeons & Dragons, another crucial aspect of the character. In addition to this musical exploration, Quinn underwent physical transformation, including fasting and avoiding carbohydrates to achieve the youthful, sinewy look of Eddie.

Enjoying the Ride: From London Lad to American Teenager

Playing an American teenager as a 29-year-old British lad came with its unique set of challenges. With the help of a vocal coach, Quinn mastered the American accent, and despite bouts of self-doubt, he did manage to convincingly play a character significantly younger and geographically different from himself.

The Upside Down: Teasing the Guitar Shredding Scene

Quinn remained tight-lipped about the anticipated scene in the season-four trailer featuring Eddie shredding his guitar in the Upside Down. Though he refrained from spilling any spoilers, he assured that the sequence would be an extraordinary one for fans to enjoy.

Living the Metal Life Off-Screen

When asked about the last very 'metal' thing he did in his personal life, Quinn shared a light-hearted anecdote. He recently rented a red Ford Mustang for a road trip to Joshua Tree with friends. Though the extravagant car might not strictly qualify as 'metal,' the experience certainly echoed Eddie's rebellious, ostentatious spirit.


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