Can Dogs Eat Olives? | Detailed Review

Olives are rich in nutrients and good for overall health. They are mostly seen with martinis and salads. But can dogs eat olives? Let's start!

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Are Olives Bad for Dogs?

As you read above, it won't do any harm to include plain olives in a dog's diet occasionally. It's fine to have olives as an occasional snack, but the problem arises when you think olives will replace a meal or give them in large quantities.

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Apart from olives, which are not included in the natural dog diet, they also contain excess calories. These calories can cause your dog to gain excess weight and are not good for overall health. Olive pits can also cause clogging or choking, which can be a problem for dogs. A blockage in the airways and intestinal tracts is also something to watch out for.

The Best Way to Deliver Olives

Now, as you know, moderate amounts of olives are not harmful to dogs. Learn the best way to give olives: Always remove olive seeds, also called pitted olives, before serving them to dogs.


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Beware of canned and pickled olives, as the excess salt or sodium content in them can be unhealthy for dogs. Excessive consumption of canned and pickled olives can cause dehydration and even toxicity.


Can Dogs Eat Olives 3

Spicy olives or olives topped with garlic and other oils should also not be included in the dog's diet. Apart from the added calories, these adulterations can upset the dog's stomach. Keep these types of olives away from dogs, as olives go well with liquid drinks, especially martinis. Consumption of olives dipped in alcohol is toxic to dogs.

NOTE: In case of overconsumption, contact your veterinarian.

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