Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? | Detailed Review

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? What should you do if he only ate one piece? Let's start!

Marshmallows are delicious and even fun to smash in your mouth. Without a doubt, it won't hurt your sweet and loyal dog to eat a small piece. But they definitely have the potential to cause problems in your dog's digestive tract if he eats them regularly!

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Dogs can eat marshmallows, technically, yes. Sometimes and in small quantities. But usually it shouldn't. When you think about it, there are much better food to offer dogs.

Is Marshmallow Good for Dogs?

The short answer is “no”. In fact, marshmallows aren't good for humans either. To explain why, let's take a look at the ingredient list for one of the most popular store-bought marshmallow brands:

• Corn syrup

• Sugar

• Grape sugar

• Modified cornstarch

• Gelatine

• Tetra-sodium pyrophosphate

• Artificial color

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Earlier marshmallows weren't as unhealthy as today's ones. Originally, marshmallow candy was made from a plant called Althaea officinalis. This plant got its name, “swamp mallow” from where it likes to grow (swamp), and the fact that its gummy sap is referred to as “hibiscus” by confectioners and doctors. For years, doctors have regularly prescribed the herb extract of gummy marsh mallow as a treatment for inflammation, sore throats, and open sores.

At the same time, the candies are mixed with sticky, fluffy mallow extract with honey, nuts and natural sweeteners to make them delicious!

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Candy and Dogs

Some canine experts continue to cite Althaea Officinalis as both safe and curative for dogs suffering from a variety of ailments. Includes (but is not limited to) dry cough, diarrhea, constipation, gastrointestinal distress, inflammation, colitis, spasms, congestion, cuts and sores, and skin rashes.

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Here, it can actually be both safe and beneficial for dogs to have marshmallows. Especially if you make your own fudge using only dog-safe ingredients approved by your vet.

When deciding whether to feed your dog with prepackaged marshmallows, it's definitely wise to have a clear understanding of it. Xylitol is a very common artificial sweetener added to many products labeled "sugar-free", including chewing gum, peanut butter, and marshmallows.

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Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows With Xylitol?

No way. If candies contain Xylitol, don't give them to your dog! It's not worth losing your precious pet! In terms of the amount of marshmallows offered as an occasional treat to your dog, there is no universally accepted standard amount.

However, offering at least one or two mini marshmallows might be worth a try, at least until you see how the dog responds. If you want to allow your dog to eat ordinary marshmallows, please talk to your veterinarian first. That way, you can discuss the appropriate amount and frequency for your dog's specific breed, weight, size, age, and overall health.

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Are Marshmallows Bad for Dogs?

As long as the marshmallow in question is sweetened with sugar and not an artificial sweetener such as Xylitol, once every once in a while (once a month) isn't considered too bad for dogs.

Sometimes feeding the occasional sugar-sweetened marshmallow treat can even be beneficial for other reasons.

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Are marshmallows safe for dogs?

To be precise, very small amounts of marshmallows (here, an occasional mini-marshmallow or two) are generally safe for dogs.

However, they won't fall into the category of "healthy dog nutrition," and as we mentioned earlier, there are other, much tastier treats you might prefer to offer your dog.

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Can puppies eat marshmallows?

Puppies have very specific dietary needs at all stages of their first year of life.

In the earliest weeks, the cubs are completely dependent on their mothers for all the nutrients their fast-growing bodies need. Still, an estimated 30 percent of newborn puppies still do not live beyond weaning.

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Contact Your Veterinarian Now

Especially if the marshmallows your dog consumes are sweetened with sugar, the most likely side effect will be constipation or diarrhea plus stomach bloating. If you notice these effects, it is best to take your dog to the animal emergency room immediately for treatment.

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