Akaza (Upper Moon Three) - Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Akaza is a character from the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Demon Slayer. He is one of the Twelve Kizuki, the powerful demons who serve under the main antagonist, Muzan Kibutsuji. Akaza is a physically imposing demon with incredible strength and speed, and he possesses the ability to manipulate and control flames.

1. Appearance

Hakuji's Pre-Demon Appearance

Before morphing into the terrifying demon Akaza, Hakuji was a human. His physical appearance was strikingly attractive, his robust body being the result of years of strenuous physical work. His complexion was light, blemish-free, and his eyes contrasted starkly, being a deep, arresting blue. His prematurely white hair was kept in a low ponytail, with a couple of strands framing his face.

Akaza's Post-Transformation Appearance

His metamorphosis into Akaza led to a significant change in his physical appearance. Post-transformation, Akaza's look was more intimidating. His skin adopted a purplish-blue shade, a trait shared by many demons in the "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" series. His hair, previously a snowy white, turned pink and grew longer. His eyes shifted from a lively blue to a golden color with cross-shaped pupils. His demon form is often seen shirtless, his muscles even more defined than in his human form. 

The Unique Tattoos of Akaza's Demon Form

A distinguishing feature of Akaza's demon form is the distinctive tattoos that cover his body. These complex and stylized tattoos extend over his arms, chest, and partially his face. They seem to represent an ancient script or symbolism, adding a layer of intrigue and power to his persona. The tattoos are predominantly bright blue, contrasting against his dark skin. When Akaza is about to engage in a significant battle, these tattoos glow, indicating his preparedness to unleash his full demonic potential.

The Intense Gaze of Akaza's Golden Eyes

Akaza's eyes, now gold with cross-shaped pupils, are a stark deviation from his human form's deep blue eyes. The brilliant gold against his dark skin is striking, and their intense stare encapsulates the raw, wild power of this Upper Moon demon. The cross-shaped pupils are a unique feature among the demons of "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", symbolizing Akaza's distorted perception of strength and honor.

Akaza's Vibrant Pink Hair

Post-transformation, Akaza's hair changed significantly. It grew considerably longer and turned a vibrant shade of pink, contrasting sharply with his previous white hair as Hakuji. This pink hair is typically worn loose, falling down his back in a wild manner that mirrors his aggressive demonic nature.

Akaza's Terrifying Battle Form

In combat, Akaza transforms into an even more terrifying form. His muscular body bulks up noticeably, and his tattoos emit a brilliant blue light, indicating the release of his full power. His hair and eyes appear to glow with an inner light, and his aura is palpable, filling the surroundings with intense pressure. His sharp claws, a demon's primary weapon, extend and sharpen, ready to rip through anything that stands in their way.

The Mix of Human and Demon Clothing in Akaza's Appearance

Akaza's attire is an intriguing blend of his human past and his current demonic status. He often wears dark-colored hakama trousers, a traditional Japanese garment that hints at his human past. However, he usually goes without a top, revealing his muscular torso and intricate tattoos. This choice to forego upper body clothing might be viewed as a manifestation of his transformation into a demon, discarding human norms and fully embracing the raw nature of his demonic form.

The Imposing Physical Build of Akaza

Akaza's physical stature is undeniably imposing. Even as a human, Hakuji was a sturdy man, thanks to his years of physical labor. But his transformation into a demon magnified his muscular physique, making him even more intimidating. His broad shoulders, powerful arms, and sculpted abs bear witness to his physical strength, marking him as one of the most formidable demons in the series.

Subtle Changes in Akaza's Appearance over Time

While Akaza's appearance stayed largely stable once he transformed into a demon, there were still slight changes as the series progressed. As he participated in more battles and pushed his demonic powers to new limits, his form grew increasingly intimidating. His muscles became more defined, his tattoos seemed to glow brighter, and his aura became even more noticeable. These changes were particularly evident during his intense battles, where the thrill of the fight brought out his demonic nature to its fullest.

2. Personality

Akaza's Unwavering Resolve

Akaza's unwavering resolve is one of the defining characteristics that set him apart from other demons. His determination was already evident in his human life, when he strived tirelessly to care for his sick father, showing his immense resolve from a young age. After transforming into a demon, this resolve only became more steadfast. Akaza's relentless pursuit of strength and his commitment to test his skills against formidable adversaries is testament to his dogged determination. This was most apparent during his deadly clash with Tanjiro and Giyuu, where he was willing to risk everything to affirm his power.

Akaza's Enthusiasm for Combat

Another defining trait of Akaza's personality is his deep-seated enthusiasm for combat. He thrives in the throes of a fight, considering each battle as an opportunity to hone his skills and challenge his limits. He is invigorated by the prospect of a strong adversary, and seems to derive genuine joy from the excitement of a fight. His duel with Rengoku truly epitomizes his love for battle, where Akaza displayed both exhilaration and respect for his opponent's formidable strength.

Akaza's Code of Honor and Internal Struggle

Despite his demonic nature, Akaza has a code of honor that distinguishes him from other demons. He shows respect for powerful adversaries and detests unwarranted cruelty, even within the ruthless demon world. This trait is a vestige of his human past, where he upheld a strict moral code. Akaza's sense of honor is evident during combat, where he values fair fights and respects his adversaries' willpower and strength. His battle with Tanjiro exemplifies this, as he acknowledged and respected Tanjiro's resolve despite their disparity in power. This moral compass makes Akaza a unique character within the series, blurring the boundaries between demon and human.

Despite his demonic existence, Akaza retains traces of his humanity, leading to a personal conflict that unfolds throughout the series. He grapples with recollections of his previous life as Hakuji, specifically the memories of love and compassion, which starkly contrast his current demonic existence. His confrontation with Tanjiro, who stirs these dormant memories, exacerbates this internal conflict. Akaza's struggle between his human emotions and demonic impulses adds a layer of complexity to his character.

Akaza's Personal Growth and Moments of Redemption

Akaza's character undergoes significant development throughout the series, with his combat experiences and interactions with other characters triggering notable changes. Initially, Akaza is depicted as a relentless demon who relishes battle, venerates strength, and dismisses those he deems weak. However, his encounters with characters like Tanjiro begin to awaken his latent humanity, leading to an internal tug-of-war. His fixation with strength begins to fade as he wrestles with his human emotions, leading to a character evolution. The pinnacle of his transformation occurs during his final combat, where he recovers his human memories, resulting in a transformation that stuns both his adversaries and viewers.

Despite his demonic identity, Akaza has moments of redemption that shed light on his lingering humanity. His respect for his opponents, his moral code, and his struggle with his past reveal his human side. The most impactful moment of redemption occurs during his final moments, where he recalls his love for Koyuki and his vow to never harm others. In this moment, Akaza chooses to end his own life rather than perpetuating his existence as a demon, showcasing a final act of humanity and remorse for his past deeds.

Akaza's character is deeply influenced by his tragic past. As Hakuji, he experienced adversity and loss, which molded his character and sparked his strong desire to protect others. His transformation into a demon was driven by his desperate need to survive and safeguard those he cared about. His past continues to play a crucial role in his existence as a demon, with his reverence for strength being a result of his experiences as Hakuji. Moreover, his past becomes a cause of internal conflict as he grapples with the memories of his former human life.

3. Abilities and Fighting Style

An Examination of Akaza's Innate Demon Abilities

As one of the upper ranks in the demon hierarchy, Akaza is endowed with a plethora of potent skills that make him an adversary to be reckoned with. Inherent to all demons, he has extraordinary strength, speed, and resilience that far exceed human capabilities. His most notable trait, however, is his regenerative ability, which enables him to heal from nearly any wound in just seconds, rendering him seemingly invincible. His demonic biology also bestows him with longevity, providing him with an extended lifespan and an eternally youthful visage.

The Hallmark of Akaza's Abilities: Destructive Death

One ability that distinguishes Akaza is his unique Blood Demon Art, known as Destructive Death. This power enables him to manipulate his blood to generate shockwave-like assaults capable of annihilating anything in their path. These shockwaves are not just deadly but also highly unpredictable, making them challenging for his adversaries to foresee or dodge.

Influence of Martial Arts: The Soryu Style

Prior to his transformation into a demon, Akaza, then recognized as Hakuji, was tutored in the martial arts of Soryu Style by Keizo, a father figure to him. This background significantly impacts his combat style as a demon. He smoothly integrates elements of this martial art into his fights, leveraging its techniques to augment his strength and speed. His movements are fluid and disciplined, reflecting his training.

Akaza's Remarkable Regeneration and Stamina

Akaza's capacity for regeneration and endurance is one of his most daunting abilities. Even among demons, all of whom can heal from injuries that would ordinarily be fatal to humans, Akaza is exceptional. He can recover from critical wounds almost instantly, and when combined with his substantial endurance, this makes him nearly an unstoppable force. Regardless of confronting the most adept members of the Demon Slayer Corps, Akaza continues to fight despite severe injuries, underscoring his incredible resilience.

Insight into Akaza's Combat Strategies

While Akaza's combat style may seem to rely solely on raw power, this is far from the case. He utilizes a combination of sheer force and strategy in his battles. He employs his intellect to scrutinize his opponents' moves, anticipate their actions, and identify opportunities to strike. This strategic approach to combat, in combination with his overwhelming strength and speed, makes Akaza a formidable and unpredictable adversary. His encounters with Kyojuro Rengoku and Tanjiro Kamado are perfect examples of his strategic battle tactics.

Akaza's Mastery of Close Combat

Akaza is an expert in close-range combat. His skill in hand-to-hand combat is unparalleled, shaped from his human days training in Soryu Style and further refined after his transformation into a demon. He can execute a barrage of punches with devastating power and precision, and when coupled with his speed, it becomes nearly impossible for his adversaries to keep pace. His face-off with Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka exemplifies his mastery of close combat.

The Unobservable Skill: Transparent World

Akaza, like many formidable demons, possesses a unique skill referred to as the "Transparent World". This skill allows him to perceive his surroundings in extraordinary detail. He can see the flow of muscles and anticipate his opponents' movements before they occur, offering him a significant advantage in battle. This skill, coupled with his already impressive speed and strength, makes him an incredibly menacing foe.

Akaza's Progression in Combat: Growth Through Battles

Throughout the narrative, Akaza displays an exceptional ability to grow and improve. Each confrontation serves as a learning experience, enabling him to modify his fighting style and tactics to more effectively counter his adversaries. This constant progression makes him an unpredictable and terrifying opponent, as he is able to shift his strategies in the middle of a fight to exploit the weaknesses of his foes. This adaptability is clearly demonstrated in his engagements with the Pillars, particularly in his final battle, where Akaza persistently pushes the boundaries of his capabilities, signifying an inherent evolution in his approach to combat.

4. Battles

The Clash of Titans: Kyojuro Rengoku vs. Akaza

A monumental battle unfolds between Kyojuro Rengoku, the esteemed Flame Hashira, and Akaza, an Upper Moon demon of formidable strength. Set on the Infinity Train, the fight becomes a testament to Rengoku's resilience and his mastery over the Flame Breathing technique as he strives to shield the train's passengers from Akaza's relentless assault. Despite Rengoku's fearless stance and significant damage inflicted upon Akaza, this fierce encounter concludes with a heart-wrenching outcome: the demise of Rengoku, who, despite his gallant efforts, succumbs to Akaza's lethal injuries.

The Dance of Fire and Water: Tanjiro Kamado vs. Akaza

In the face of Akaza's superior power and speed, Tanjiro Kamado, armed with determination and courage, stands his ground. The battlefield is a spectacle of Tanjiro's adeptness in the Dance of the Fire God, a familial technique, and the Water Breathing method taught by Giyu Tomioka. The battle escalates as Tanjiro's persistence intrigues and challenges Akaza, pushing both to their limits. However, the confrontation ends inconclusively. Despite Tanjiro's admirable resilience and tenacity, he falls short of defeating Akaza, and the duel comes to an abrupt halt with Akaza's retreat at the break of dawn.

The Calm in the Storm: Giyu Tomioka vs. Akaza

The typically composed and stern Giyu finds himself against the daunting Upper Moon demon, Akaza, in a battle that tests his limits. Throughout this fight, Giyu's proficiency in the Water Breathing technique shines as he skillfully dodges Akaza's ferocious attacks and launches counter-offensives. Nevertheless, this duel also fails to produce a definitive victor. Giyu holds his ground against Akaza, but the fight is cut short before a clear outcome can be determined.

The Power of Unity: Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka vs. Akaza

In the face of a formidable adversary, the disparate demon slayers, Tanjiro and Giyu, are compelled to put aside their differences and combine their strengths. Employing the Dance of the Fire God and Water Breathing techniques respectively, they form a united front against Akaza. Their contrasting yet complementary styles synergize to amplify their combat efficiency. This battle witnesses the end of Akaza. Despite his unparalleled strength, the collaborative effort of Tanjiro and Giyu pushes him to his brink. The decisive turn, however, is Akaza's internal strife. The human conscience of Hakuji resurfaces, leading Akaza to halt his regenerative powers and embrace his demise as dawn breaks.

The Battle Within: Hakuji (Akaza's Past Self) vs. Akaza

In the tumultuous realm of Demon Slayer, battles are waged not only against external enemies but also against the inner self. This is exemplified in the internal struggle between Hakuji, Akaza's former human self, and Akaza, the demon he turned into. Hakuji was a compassionate individual, dedicated to his family and Koyuki, his love. His determination as a martial artist was driven by his desire to safeguard his loved ones. However, the harsh reality snatched this world away from him, leading him down the path of a demon. The ultimate victory, though, goes to Hakuji when he manages to penetrate the demonic persona of Akaza, convincing him to abandon his fight and cease his existence.

5. Relationships

Akaza and Muzan Kibutsuji: A Complicated Alliance

As the demon who transformed Akaza, Muzan's influence over Akaza is undeniable. However, their relationship is far from harmonious. Akaza's utter disdain for weakness brings him into direct conflict with Muzan's ruthless pursuit of power at all costs. While Muzan values power as a means to an end, Akaza's perspective is more nuanced. For him, power is not about dominance or control, but rather about strength and the ability to protect what one values.

Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku

Rengoku's indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to his duty as a Hashira earn Akaza's admiration, despite their fierce battle.

Akaza and Tanjiro Kamado

Akaza, as a demon, naturally stands in opposition to Tanjiro, a demon slayer. However, their interactions reveal an unexpected layer of empathy between the two. Tanjiro's relentless pursuit of his goal to save his sister mirrors Akaza's past dedication to his own loved ones. Additionally, Tanjiro's firm belief in human empathy and understanding resonates with Akaza's lingering human conscience, making their relationship a unique blend of hostility and unspoken understanding.

Akaza and Giyu Tomioka

The relationship between Akaza and the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka, is one marked by fate. Thrown into battle against each other, they become adversaries bound by the shared duty of their respective sides. Their clashes are not just of physical might but also of differing ideologies – Akaza's warped view of strength and survival against Tomioka's unwavering faith in the human spirit and camaraderie.

Akaza and Douma

Akaza's relationship with Douma, another member of the Twelve Kizuki's Upper Moons, is characterized by rivalry. Both as powerful demons vying for the favor of Muzan Kibutsuji, their interactions are marked by a competitive edge. This rivalry reflects the hierarchal structure within the Upper Moons and demonstrates the power dynamics at play. Despite their common standing as demons, their individual views and ambitions often clash, further fueling their rivalry.

Akaza and His Human Past

Before he became Akaza, the demon we know from the "Demon Slayer" series, he was a human named Hakuji. He lived a life of hardship and sorrow, a life that continued to affect him even after his transformation into a demon. Despite his monstrous form, glimpses of his past life frequently surface, revealing a deep connection with his human past. Whether it's his martial arts style reminiscent of his days training under his father-in-law or his subconscious gravitation towards strong opponents, Hakuji's past heavily influences Akaza's actions and choices.

Akaza's Inner Conflict: Hakuji vs Akaza

Perhaps one of the most poignant aspects of Akaza's character is his inner conflict. The struggle between Hakuji, the compassionate human, and Akaza, the ruthless demon, is a recurring theme. This inner battle manifests in various ways, such as his reluctance to kill women due to his past love for Koyuki or his disdain for weak opponents, reflecting Hakuji's dedication to strength and improvement. This conflict humanizes Akaza, painting him as more than just a monster.

Akaza and His Undying Love

Akaza's backstory is marked by a tragic love story. His deep love for Koyuki, his intended wife, defines his character to a great extent. Despite becoming a demon and losing his memories, Akaza's love for Koyuki remains steadfast. He is continually drawn to the sound of the biwa, a musical instrument Koyuki played, and subconsciously refrains from harming women. Even in his most monstrous moments, Akaza's undying love for Koyuki shines through, reminding us of the human heart that beats within the demon.

6. All Storyline of Akaza

Born into hardship, Hakuji, who would later become known as Akaza, began his life in a poor family. His father, a sickly man, struggled to provide for them through his work as a criminal. Hakuji, wanting to help, learned to fight at a young age to protect his father. But the hardship didn't stop there. Hakuji's father, riddled with guilt over his criminal deeds, committed suicide, leaving Hakuji alone.

Despite the tragedy, Hakuji's life took a turn when he was discovered by Keizo, a dojo owner who acknowledged his fighting skills. Keizo welcomed him into his home and dojo, teaching him the art of martial arts. Hakuji, grateful for this chance at a new life, dedicated himself to his training. He grew to love Keizo's daughter, Koyuki, who showed him kindness and affection.

But fate had other plans. An epidemic swept through their town, claiming many lives, including Koyuki's. Overwhelmed by grief and rage, Hakuji inadvertently attracted Muzan Kibutsuji, the progenitor of all demons. Muzan, intrigued by his rage and desperation, transformed Hakuji into a demon. Hakuji, now Akaza, lost his human memories but retained his feelings for Koyuki and his martial arts skills.

As a demon, Akaza joined the Twelve Demon Moons, serving under Muzan. He became the Upper Moon Three, feared for his strength and ruthlessness. Despite his monstrous form, Akaza retained his human desire for strength, seeking out powerful opponents to fight.

One such opponent was Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. They clashed aboard the Mugen Train, with Akaza admiring Rengoku's strength and conviction. Despite his demon instincts urging him to kill, a part of him respected Rengoku, a testament to his lingering humanity.

Akaza's life took another turn when he encountered Tanjiro Kamado, a young demon slayer. Their clash was intense, but it was Tanjiro's unwavering determination that caught Akaza's attention. He saw in Tanjiro a strong will similar to his own when he was human. This encounter sparked a change in Akaza, making him question his demon existence.

His inner conflict deepened when he faced off against Tanjiro and Giyu Tomioka. His demon instincts urged him to kill, but his human heart couldn't shake off the respect he felt for them. This conflict reached its peak during his final battle. Akaza, pushed to his limit, was forced to confront his human past, his love for Koyuki, and his guilt over his actions as a demon.

In the end, it was his human heart that won. Remembering Koyuki's love and Keizo's teachings, Akaza chose to end his own life. His death marked the end of his tragic journey, a journey marked by hardship, love, and inner conflict. Through Akaza's life, we see the struggle between human and demon, between love and hate, and ultimately, the redeeming power of love and humanity.

7. Interesting Facts

  1. Akaza's original name was Hakuji before he became a demon.
  2. He was born into poverty and had a criminal father who later committed suicide.
  3. As a human, Akaza was a highly skilled martial artist.
  4. He was taken in by a dojo owner named Keizo who recognized his fighting skills.
  5. He fell in love with Keizo's daughter, Koyuki.
  6. After Koyuki's death due to an illness, Akaza was transformed into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji.
  7. Despite becoming a demon, Akaza retained his human emotions and memories of Koyuki.
  8. Akaza is known as the Upper Moon Three, one of the strongest demons under Muzan Kibutsuji.
  9. He has a unique demon ability called "Destructive Death," which allows him to increase his physical strength by vibrating his flesh and blood.
  10. Akaza is the only Upper Moon who does not consume human flesh.
  11. Despite being a demon, he admired and respected the strength of the Demon Slayer Corps' members, especially Kyojuro Rengoku.
  12. Akaza holds a deep-seated belief that the strong should not protect the weak, a philosophy originating from his human life.
  13. He has a unique method of regenerating, where his body reconstructs itself from his neck, unlike other demons who regenerate from their heads.
  14. Akaza's most significant battle took place on the "Mugen Train," against Kyojuro Rengoku.
  15. He is the only demon who chose to die by his own will, rather than being slain.
  16. Akaza's character is heavily influenced by the themes of regret and redemption.
  17. He is known for his beautiful and almost ethereal appearance, contrasting with his brutal nature as a demon.
  18. His battle style combines his demon abilities with the martial arts he learned as a human.
  19. Akaza's blood demon art manifests as destructive energy blasts that he controls with martial arts techniques.
  20. He continuously sought to be the strongest, challenging powerful opponents to prove his strength.
  21. Akaza's final battle was against Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka, two characters who he developed a unique relationship with.
  22. He held an unwilling admiration for Tanjiro's unwavering determination and resilience.
  23. Even as a demon, Akaza showed signs of emotional vulnerability, particularly when he recalled his past.
  24. His character explores the themes of internal conflict and duality, as he struggled between his demon instincts and his lingering humanity.
  25. Despite being a formidable demon, Akaza's character arc is one of the most tragic and sympathetic in the series.
  26. His feelings for Koyuki remained strong even after becoming a demon, influencing his decisions and actions.
  27. Akaza's death scene is widely recognized as one of the most emotional moments in the series.
  28. Despite his antagonistic role, Akaza's character has gained significant popularity among the series' fans.
  29. His character design is characterized by his bright blue hair and distinctive tattoos.
  30. Ultimately, Akaza's story is a poignant exploration of the struggles between love and hatred, humanity and monstrosity, and the potential for redemption.

8. Popular Quotes

  • "Living things are restrained by the concept of species."
  • "They all die so easily. But I want them to live."
  • "Humans are weak. But we want to live. Even if we're wounded or tortured, we feel the pain."
  • "I am the Demon of Destruction. I am Akaza!"
  • "You’re weak, Rengoku! Too weak!"
  • "The weak have no rights. They don’t get to choose how they die."
  • "What is this feeling? Why do I feel so despondent?"
  • "You're strong, so why do you side with the weak?"
  • "I cannot accept this. It's unacceptable! Unforgivable! That someone stronger than me exists!"
  • "I will not eat women. I will not destroy their beauty."
  • "The regrets of the dead... Their resentment... It all ends with their death!"
  • "By becoming a demon, I obtained eternal life. I can go on fighting forever."
  • "I wish to become even stronger. I want to destroy everything."
  • "I have no need for memories of the past. As a matter of fact, I have no need for the past at all."
  • "Why won't you let me cut your head off peacefully?"
  • "A world where the weak are protected by the strong... It’s laughable!"
  • "You can’t keep promises when you’re dead."
  • "I can't accept this! That there's someone stronger than me!"
  • "I’m the one who won’t allow anyone to escape. I won’t let you escape, Rengoku!"
  • "Killing is the proof of my strength!"
  • "I hate weaklings who can't protect themselves!"
  • "I'm not wrong. It's the world that's wrong!"
  • "If you become a demon, that frail body of yours will be gone. You'll be strong, and live forever."
  • "I will not let you destroy this beautiful face."
  • "I was wrong... I remember everything now... The life I spent as a human was the real dream."


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