Sesame Street Episode 4409

Sesame Street Episode 4409
Leela’s Cell Phone Addiction

COLD OPEN: What’s the Word on the Street: Furious

SCENES: Abby and Zoe welcome the viewer and say that Leela is going to read a story to them…If she ever stops texting with her brother on her phone. She realizes that she left the book at the Laundromat and goes off to get it. Abby and Zoe see that they’ll never get their story if Leela is constantly on her phone. So they go off to find a place that they can hide it in.

Sesame Street 4409

Oscar overhears the two and offers them two hide the phone inside his trash can. Oscar hurls the phone into his trash can and isn’t sure where it landed. 

Zoe and Abby tell Leela what happened and she notices her phone missing. Detective Ramone Bone offers his help to find the phone but fails.

Sesame Street 4409

Leela hears her phone ring inside Oscar’s trash can and manages to get it out. As soon as she has her phone back in her hand, she continues texting. Abby tries to let it disappear using magic but she instead turns it into a phone-chicken, which she continues to text with.

Sesame Street 4409

Chris comes by and complains that Leela is texting him from feet away. Abby and Zoe tell 
Chris what happened, and he tells them that they should never take away someone’s phone, no matter how they feel. They should instead tell Leela how they feel, and they do so. Leela realizes that she’s been texting for too long and shuts her phone down so they can read the book undisturbed.

Muppets / Celebrity: Jessie Williams and Elmo talk about the word furious.

Sesame Street Episode 4409

Muppets: EMC presents Mad Men.

Sesame Street Episode 4409

Muppets: Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, Murray wants to know the letter of the day.

Cartoon: “My Best Friend’s Ukulele”

Film: Can you find the letter U?

Muppets: Murray and the girls introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Bloggs dirty old sock comes alive, causing the classroom to get dirty including Abby. They try to wash the sock, but that’s not very easy. Then, they finally made it and next, they have to clean the classroom.

Sesame Street Episode 4409

Song: Ziggy Marley sings “Set Your Piggies Free”

Muppets: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures is coming up, but first, Overjita and Murray draw the winning lottery number – 13!

Film: A boy’s family of 13 assembles for a group photo.

Muppets: Murray and Segi introduce Cookie’s Crumby Pictures.

Cookie’s Crumby Pictures: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures presents Cookies of the Caribbean.

Sesame Street Episode 4409

Muppets: Before Elmo the Musical starts, Overjita will perform a magic trick.

Muppets / Celebrity: J.R Martinez talks with Elmo about how to deal with strong feelings.

Sesame Street Episode 4409

Film: A man describes a situation and kids react with how they would feel.

Muppets: Murray and Semaya introduce Elmo the Musical

Elmo the Musical: Airplane the Musical; Elmo imagines herself as an airplane pilot. 

Sesame Street Episode 4409

Sesame Street Episode 4409 ends.

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