Sesame Street Episode 4407


Sesame Street Episode 4407

Still Life With Cookie

COLD OPEN: What’s the Word on the Street?: Texture

SCENES: Cookie Monster walks through the Streets when he sees a delicious bowl of fruit and tries to eat it, but Alan stops him, explaining he needs the fruit for his painting. Cookie then wants to eat the painting, but Alan stops him again and explains to Cookie, that paintings aren’t there to be eaten, they’re there to look at. When he looks at the painting, he feels happy. Cookie doesn’t understand the concept of art and Alan thinks he will understand it better when he paints something himself.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Alan provides Cookie with a canvas, brush, and paint pallet. Cookie is ready now but doesn’t really know what he should paint and Alan suggests that he should paint a cookie. No one knows cookies better than him, so he doesn’t even need a base for it, he can just use his memory. When he needs some cookie brown, Alan shows him how to mix colors.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Cookie’s painting is finished and Chris marvels at it, claiming that it’s good enough to eat. Cookie agrees and sings a song (It Good Enough to Eat) which leads to him eating the painting. They think of a way that he can control himself. They suggest that he should paint a self-portrait because he looks nothing like a cookie. Cookie likes the idea and starts painting.

Cookie’s self-portrait is finished and Gina compliments it. She says that the eyes are exactly how they look when he sees a cookie. Cookie is now reminded of cookies and sings his song again, before devouring the whole painting again.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Cookie has now painted an abstract painting and Big Bird stops by to look at it. Cookie states that it’s an expression of his joy of having cookies and his love for them. He sings his song again, but this time he doesn’t eat the painting because he thinks it’s too good to eat. Chris announces a fresh batch of cookies and after a short moment with his painting, Cookie Monster eats away the whole batch.

Muppets / Celebrity: Abby performs a magical fashion show, poofing up outfits of different textures on Josh Gad.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Film: A man teaches kids how to make a large paper sculpture.

Muppets: Abby’s Flying Fairy School is coming up soon, but first Murray and Overjita visit one of the “People in Your Neighbourhood”.

Cartoon: A boy wanders through a letter N museum.

Muppets / Celebrity: When Elmo can’t sleep, Ricky Gervais sings a celebrity lullaby about the letter N.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Muppets: Murray and the girls introduce Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Abby’s Flying Fairy School: Blogg creates a giant macaroni dinosaur and it chases them around the class, wrecking everything in its way. They try everything the can stop it, but nothing works. They create a giant meatball and it actually stops the dinosaur.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Muppets: Super Grover 2.0 is coming up, but first, Murray asks Joe about why he chose his profession and the colors he uses.

Film: A girl’s family of 8 assembles for a family photo.

Muppets: The Count sings “Eight is Great”.

Muppets: Murray and his friends introduce Super Grover 2.0

Super Grover 2.0 helps a mouse to get its cheese in a rodent restaurant.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Muppets: Before Elmo the Musical is coming up Joe and Murray create a sand painting of him and Overjita.

Muppets / Celebrity: Usher and friends  sing “The ABCs of Moving You”

Muppets: Murray and the kids introduce Elmo the Musical

Elmo the Musical: Pizza
Today, Elmo imagines himself as a space pizza delivery monster, set to deliver the number 10 special to mars.

Sesame Street Episode 4407

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4407 ends.

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