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Grover is also a beloved character on the popular children's television show Sesame Street. He is a blue, furry monster with a distinctive high-pitched voice and is known for his comedic antics and lovable personality. Grover has been a staple of Sesame Street since the 1970s and has appeared in numerous sketches and segments throughout the show's long run. Some of Grover's most popular segments include "Near and Far," in which he demonstrates the concept of spatial awareness, and "Super Grover," in which he dons a superhero costume and tries to help people in need.

Grover's History

Grover was originally introduced as a background monster in 1970, but his popularity quickly grew due to his energetic and endearing personality.

In the early days of Sesame Street, Grover was part of a group of monsters that included Cookie Monster, Herry Monster, and Frazzle.

Grover's first major sketch on Sesame Street was "The People in Your Neighborhood," in which he would visit different places (such as a firehouse or a supermarket) and interact with the people there.

In 1975, Grover began hosting "Monsterpiece Theater," a parody of the PBS series "Masterpiece Theater." The segments featured Grover in various literary and film roles, such as "Gone with the Wind" and "The Taming of the Shoe."

In 1979, Grover became "Super Grover," a superhero who wore a cape and helmet and attempted to solve problems using his "superpowers" (which were often more bumbling than effective).

In the 1980s and 1990s, Grover continued to be a prominent character on Sesame Street, appearing in sketches that taught children about letters, numbers, and other educational concepts.

In addition to his regular segments, Grover has also appeared in many Sesame Street specials, including "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street," "Don't Eat the Pictures," and "Elmo Saves Christmas."

In recent years, Grover has been a regular host of "Monster Foodies," a segment in which he and Chef Gonger travel around the world and explore different foods and cultures.

Grover's First Appearance

In the early episodes of Sesame Street, Grover was known simply as a "cute furry monster" and didn't have a distinct name or personality yet.

In episode 0137, which aired on January 29, 1970, Grover made his first appearance in a sketch where he interacts with Kermit the Frog.

The sketch takes place in a park, where Kermit is trying to teach Grover how to distinguish between near and far. Grover gets confused and ends up accidentally hitting Kermit with a boomerang.

In this early appearance, Grover is similar in appearance to the other monsters on the show, with shaggy blue fur and a toothy grin. He doesn't yet have his trademark high-pitched voice or distinct personality.

However, Grover's popularity quickly grew due to his energetic and endearing nature, and he soon became one of the most beloved characters on Sesame Street.

Over time, Grover's character evolved and became more defined, eventually taking on roles like "Super Grover" and hosting segments like "Monsterpiece Theater" and "Monster Foodies."

Grover's Personality

Grover is known for his energetic and enthusiastic personality, often getting very excited about even the simplest things.

He is also known for his innocence and childlike wonder, approaching the world with a sense of curiosity and optimism.

Grover can be quite naive at times, leading to comical misunderstandings and mishaps. However, he always approaches these situations with a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn.

Despite his occasional goofiness, Grover is also intelligent and resourceful, able to come up with creative solutions to problems.

He is often portrayed as a bit of a klutz, prone to tripping and falling in his eagerness to explore and try new things.

Grover is also very caring and empathetic, always looking out for his friends and trying to help them in any way he can.

His signature catchphrase, "Near, far!" is often used to illustrate concepts of distance and space to young viewers.

Grover's Family

In some Sesame Street books and other media, Grover is sometimes portrayed as having a family, including a mother and father.

However, these portrayals are not consistent across all Sesame Street media, and there is no official canon about Grover's family.

Grover has been shown to have close relationships with other characters on Sesame Street, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Telly Monster, but it is unclear if he has any familial ties to these characters.

In some Sesame Street sketches, Grover plays the role of a teacher or mentor to younger monsters, suggesting that he may see himself as a kind of surrogate parent figure.

Grover's Performers

Frank Oz: Frank Oz originated the role of Grover and performed the character from 1970 to 2001. Oz is known for his work as a puppeteer and voice actor on a variety of projects, including The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Star Wars.

Eric Jacobson: Eric Jacobson took over the role of Grover in 1998 and has been performing the character ever since. Jacobson is also known for his work as a puppeteer and voice actor on a variety of projects, including The Muppets and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

David Rudman: David Rudman, who is also a puppeteer and voice actor, has occasionally performed Grover since 2001. Rudman is also known for his work on Sesame Street as well as his role as Cookie Monster and Baby Bear.

Grover's Different Characters

  • Super Grover: Super Grover is perhaps Grover's most famous alter ego. He wears a blue cape and helmet and tries to save the day, often with humorous results. Super Grover is known for his catchphrase "Have no fear, Super Grover is here!"

  • Waiter Grover: In this persona, Grover works as a waiter in a restaurant, often getting flustered and confused as he tries to take orders from his customers. Waiter Grover is known for his catchphrase "Would you like a menu, sir?"

  • Near and Far Grover: This character is used to help teach children about spatial concepts such as distance and direction. Near and Far Grover sings a song in which he hops back and forth between two different locations, demonstrating the concept of near and far.

  • Global Grover: In this persona, Grover travels around the world, exploring different cultures and learning about different ways of life. Global Grover is known for his catchphrase "Hooray! Hooray! I'm Global Grover, hip hooray!"

  • Monster at the End of This Book Grover: This character is based on the popular Sesame Street book "The Monster at the End of This Book." Grover plays the part of the monster and tries to prevent the reader from turning the pages of the book.

  • Grover Kent: In this parody of Superman, Grover dons a pair of glasses and becomes Grover Kent, a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Sun. When danger strikes, however, Grover transforms into Super Grover and saves the day.

  • Professor Grover: In this persona, Grover plays the part of a professor, teaching children about various topics such as shapes, colors, and numbers. Professor Grover is known for his catchphrase "Oh, what a clever professor I am!"

Grover's Likes and Dislikes

Grover, the lovable Sesame Street character, has a number of likes and dislikes that have been portrayed over the years. Here are some details about Grover's preferences:


  • Helping others: Grover has a strong desire to help those in need, whether it's by becoming Super Grover or offering his assistance as a waiter or a professor.

  • Learning new things: As Global Grover, Grover loves to explore different cultures and learn about new ways of life. He also enjoys teaching children about various topics as Professor Grover.

  • Playing: Like many Muppets, Grover loves to play and have fun. He often joins in games and activities with his friends on Sesame Street.

  • Singing and dancing: Grover is known for his love of music, and he often breaks out into song and dance on the show.

  • Eating: As Waiter Grover, he enjoys serving food to others and as a monster, he loves cookies.


  • Scary things: Despite his bravery as Super Grover, Grover can be easily frightened by things that are scary or spooky.

  • Being wrong: Grover can become frustrated when he makes mistakes or is incorrect about something.

  • Chaos and disorder: As a waiter, Grover can become overwhelmed by a busy restaurant and a disorganized kitchen.

  • Waiting: Grover, as Waiter Grover, doesn't like waiting and gets antsy when his customers take too long to make their orders.

Grover Through the Years

Over the years, Grover has gone through a number of changes and adaptations, both in terms of his personality and his appearance. Here are some details about how Grover has evolved over the years:

Early years:
When Grover was first introduced in 1970, he was a blue monster with a big nose and shaggy fur. He was known for his high-pitched voice, which was provided by Frank Oz. At the time, Grover was primarily used as a background character and didn't have much of a distinct personality.

Super Grover:
In the 1970s, Grover began to develop his Super Grover persona, which became one of his most iconic roles. Super Grover is a superhero who wears a blue cape and helmet and tries to save the day, often with humorous results. Super Grover is known for his catchphrase "Have no fear, Super Grover is here!"

Waiter Grover:
Another popular persona for Grover is Waiter Grover. In this role, Grover works as a waiter in a restaurant and often gets flustered and confused as he tries to take orders from his customers. Waiter Grover is known for his catchphrase "Would you like a menu, sir?"

Global Grover:
In the 2000s, Grover took on a new persona as Global Grover. In this role, Grover travels around the world, exploring different cultures and learning about different ways of life. Global Grover is known for his catchphrase "Hooray! Hooray! I'm Global Grover, hip hooray!"

Changes in appearance:
Over the years, Grover's appearance has also undergone some changes. In the early years, Grover was quite shaggy and had a large nose. In the 1980s, his fur became shorter and his nose became smaller. In the 2000s, his fur became even shorter and he was given a more streamlined appearance.

Facts About Grover

  • Grover was originally called "Gleep." The name was changed before the first season of Sesame Street to avoid confusion with a character on another children's show.

  • Grover's first appearance on Sesame Street was in 1970, and he was initially just a background character.

  • Grover has played a variety of roles over the years, including Super Grover, Waiter Grover, and Global Grover.

  • Frank Oz was the original puppeteer and voice actor for Grover. Other puppeteers who have played Grover include Eric Jacobson, Ryan Dillon, and David Rudman.

  • Grover is known for his catchphrases, including "Near, far," "Oh, I am so embarrassed," "Would you like a menu, sir?," and "Have no fear, Super Grover is here!"

  • In 1985, Grover starred in his own television special, "The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland: Sing and Play."

  • Grover was the first Sesame Street character to receive a toy made in his likeness, a stuffed animal released in the 1970s.

  • Grover has appeared in various parodies over the years, including a parody of the Old Spice commercials called "Smell Like a Monster" and a parody of "The Hunger Games" called "The Hungry Games: Catching Fur."

  • Grover is known for his love of cookies, and he often refers to himself as a "cute, furry little monster" on the show.

  • Grover has won several awards over the years, including a Daytime Emmy Award in 1981 for his role in "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street."

  • Grover is one of the few Sesame Street characters to have crossed over into other TV shows and movies, including appearances on "The West Wing" and "The Muppets."

  • In 2003, Grover was named the United Nations' Honorary Ambassador of Global Citizenship. This was in recognition of Sesame Street's long history of promoting diversity, education, and social justice.

  • Grover has been the subject of several popular memes, including "Grover Dropping a F-Bomb" and "Grover's Travelling Salesman Problem."

  • Grover has also been featured in a variety of Sesame Street merchandise, including books, CDs, and clothing.

  • In 2017, Sesame Street introduced a new character named Julia, who has autism. Grover has been shown interacting with Julia on the show, helping to promote understanding and acceptance of people with autism.

  • Grover has appeared in several viral videos over the years, including a video in which he demonstrates the proper way to wash your hands (in response to the COVID-19 pandemic).

  • In 2019, Sesame Workshop (the organization behind Sesame Street) launched a new initiative called "Sesame Street in Communities," which aims to provide resources and support to children and families in underserved communities. Grover is one of the characters featured in this initiative.

  • Grover has been portrayed as a lovable, bumbling character, but he has also been shown to be brave, intelligent, and resourceful, particularly in his role as Super Grover.

What does Grover Say?

Here are some examples of things Grover says on Sesame Street:

"Hello, everybody! It's your old pal Grover!"

"Oh, I am so excited!"

"What if we tried it this way instead?"

"I know, I know, this might sound crazy, but bear with me!"

"Oh, dear. This is not going as planned."

"You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!"

"Ta-da! Look what I made!"

"Now, let me explain this to you in a way that you can understand."

"Oopsie-daisy! My mistake!"

"I am just so happy to be here with all of my friends!"

Grover's Favorite Songs

While Grover has performed many songs over the years on Sesame Street, here are some of his most memorable and beloved favorites:

  • "Monster in the Mirror" - This catchy song, written by Christopher Cerf and Norman Stiles, was performed by Grover in a music video in which he sings about the "monster in the mirror" and encourages kids to be proud of who they are.

  • "I Am Blue" - This song, also written by Cerf and Stiles, was performed by Grover in a Sesame Street segment in which he sings about the different things that make him feel blue, such as missing his mommy or getting wet in the rain.

  • "Sing" - Grover has performed this classic Sesame Street song several times over the years, encouraging kids to sing along and have fun with music.

  • "What's the Name of That Song?" - In this musical segment, Grover tries to remember the name of a song he heard, with the help of his Sesame Street friends.

  • "Furry Blue Mommy of Mine" - This touching song, performed by Grover, is a tribute to all the loving and caring moms out there, whether they are furry monsters or human beings.

  • "Mambo I, I, I" - In this lively song and dance number, Grover shows off his moves and encourages kids to join in the fun.

  • "Put Down the Duckie" - This song, performed by Grover and many other Sesame Street characters, encourages kids to put down their toys and pick up a book instead.

  • "Over, Under, Around and Through" - In this catchy song, Grover sings about different ways to get from one place to another, teaching kids about spatial relationships and problem-solving.

  • "Do De Rubber Duck" - In this fun song and dance routine, Grover and his friends sing and dance while taking a bath, encouraging kids to enjoy bathtime.

  • "The Rhyming Song" - In this educational song, Grover sings about the importance of rhyming and how it helps kids to learn new words and expand their vocabulary.

  • "Healthy Food" - In this upbeat song, Grover encourages kids to make healthy food choices and enjoy nutritious meals, while dancing and singing along.

  • "Jazz Alphabet" - In this swinging song, Grover and his jazz band sing the alphabet in a fun and musical way, introducing kids to jazz music and the alphabet at the same time.

  • "I Am Special" - This empowering song, performed by Grover, encourages kids to be proud of who they are and celebrate their unique qualities and talents.

  • "The Sesame Street Theme" - Grover has performed the classic Sesame Street theme song many times over the years, singing and dancing along with his Sesame Street friends.

  • "Don't Forget to Watch the Movie" - In this fun song, Grover and his friends sing and dance while reminding kids to pay attention to the movie they are watching, so they can understand and enjoy the story.

Grover in in Popular Culture

The Simpsons - Grover has been referenced several times on this popular animated sitcom, including in an episode where Marge reads a book titled "Grover Cleveland, Again?" and in another episode where Homer has a Grover toy on his car dashboard.

Family Guy - Grover has also been referenced on this animated comedy, including in an episode where Stewie sings a parody of the Sesame Street theme song with the lyrics "Can you tell me how to get to Alcoholics Anonymous?"

Robot Chicken - Grover has been parodied on this stop-motion animated series, including in a skit where he turns into a monster and attacks Cookie Monster.

South Park - Grover was referenced in an episode where the character Butters imitates his voice, saying "Hello everybody, it's your old pal Grover!"

Friends - In an episode of this popular sitcom, Joey auditions for a part in a Sesame Street production, and he is asked to perform a scene with Grover.

The Muppet Show - Grover made a guest appearance on this classic variety show, singing "The Rhyming Song" with Kermit the Frog.

Ready Player One - Grover makes a cameo appearance in this science-fiction film, as one of the characters in the virtual reality world.

The Big Bang Theory - In an episode of this sitcom, Sheldon wears a Grover T-shirt, saying "He's the best monster ever!"

Jimmy Kimmel Live! - Grover has made several appearances on this late-night talk show, including in a skit where he reads the book "Go the F*ck to Sleep" in his trademark voice.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show - Grover has also appeared on this daytime talk show, singing and dancing with Ellen and the audience.

Sesame Street Live - Grover has been a main character in many Sesame Street Live shows, performing live on stage for children and families around the world.

Sesame Street: 50 Years and Counting - Grover was featured in this documentary special celebrating the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street, sharing his memories and experiences from the show.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Grover has been a part of this annual parade many times, riding on floats and entertaining the crowds with his antics.

Sesame Place - Grover is a popular character at this Sesame Street-themed amusement park, where kids can meet and take pictures with him.

Sesame Street Magazine - Grover has appeared in many issues of this children's magazine, offering tips and advice on topics such as manners, health, and safety.

Sesame Street books - Grover has starred in many Sesame Street books over the years, including "The Monster at the End of This Book" and "Oh, I Am So Embarrassed!"

Sesame Street video games - Grover has also appeared in many Sesame Street video games, including "Elmo's Letter Adventure" and "Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster."

Sesame Street toys - Grover is a popular character in the Sesame Street toy line, with many different plush toys, action figures, and playsets featuring his likeness.

Sesame Street YouTube channel - Grover has his own playlist on the Sesame Street YouTube channel, featuring many of his classic segments and songs.

Sesame Street podcasts - Grover has been featured in several episodes of the Sesame Street podcast, "The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley and Friends," sharing his thoughts and experiences on various topics.

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