Sesame Street Episode 4156 - Chris Teaches Elmo to Bowl

Sesame Street Episode 4156
Chris Teaches Elmo to Bowl
Season 38
Jon Stewart visits Sesame Street.

Air date: October 5, 2007   Written by: Annie Evans

What's the Word on the Street? : practice.

SCENES: Chris is playing his toy bowling set which he’s had since he was a kid, with some kids. Gabi comes and she asks him if she can try the bowling set too. She minds that she plays good bowling. After Gabi, Gorgon asks for a turn. Gabi gets a strike.

Sesame Street 4156

After Gabi and Gordon, is Elmo’s turn. He tries two times but he misses the pins. Chris suggests that Elmo must practice more on his bowling swing. He invites the kids to join them.

Sesame Street 4156

Elmo wants to try again. But he becomes upset after he missed the pins. He doesn’t want to bowl again. But then, Chris sings a song about how it can take a longer time to get good at something by practicing, following with a film of some kids practicing things.

Sesame Street 4156

Elmo gets new motivation and he wants to try again bowling. Chris tells him to stand closer to the pins this time. At this try, he can hit one pin and that makes him proud. Elmo invites also Gordon to try again and Gordon knocks down eight pins!

Animation: Lillian, joined one time her parents and baby sister on a hike up the hill and she recalls this memory. Lillian is proud of herself because she hiked to the top herself. Artist: Craig Bartlett

Celebrity: Jon Stewart wants to read the word of the day but he needs some practice first.

Sesame Street Episode 4156

Song: "It's a Long Hard Road, But I'm Gonna Get There." (Vocals by Jerry Nelson)

The Letter of the Day Games: W. The Letter of the Day is W. Cookie Monster plays a game and he finds a watermelon, a wig, and a wet Prairie Dawn in one minute. After all, he wins a whole lot of cookies.

Sesame Street 4156

Film: Some ornate Ws are spinning around and during this a song accompaniment them.

Cartoon: "Which of these things begins with the letter W, and tastes great for breakfast?"

Global Grover: Grover was at Trinidad. He returns back to Sesame Street, on a pair of stilts. He has also a film that Asha and her friends practice and dances on stilts. They are preparing for a carnival. Grover shows the things he’s learned to do on stilts but he needs more practice.

Sesame Street 4156

Animation: A fancy lamp comes to a group of traveling flashlights and they welcome it.

Muppets: Ernie and Bert sing "Rub Your Tummy."

Animation: Arrows give a presentation of the human body.

The Number of the Day: 9. 9 nifty bats are fly in after 9 and they are dressed to the nines. The number of the day is 9. The Count counts till the number of the day.

Sesame Street 4156

Film: "OK, We Got a Hip-Hop Beat" - #9

Animation: Someone sprays the number 9 on a truck in different forms of graffiti art.

Hero Guy: Hero Guy hits a fly ball and he wants to catch it. Will he be able to catch the ball?

Cartoon: Jerry Nelson sings "Moonshine."

Muppets: When Grover promoted "Ugly Make-up: Adding Home," Mr. Johnson was reading a book at his home. Grover guides them as the three construction workers arrange the furniture and add three doors to the room. They then lift the doors and force Grover to stay.

Sesame Street 4156

Animation: Some colored tools are building a house out of colored rectangles, squares, and triangles.

Elmo's World: Building Things

Insert: Sesame Street Episode 4156 ends. Abby Cadabby wants to announce the sponsor's W9 but she realizes she’s upside down. She turns herself right-side-up to make her announcement.

Sesame Street 4156


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