Sesame Street Episode 4135 - The Bookaneers

Sesame Street Episode 4135
The Bookaneers
Season 38

 Tina Fey, Brian Williams and Chris Brown visit Sesame Street.

OPENING: What's the Word on the Street? At the beginning of this segment, Murray Monster introduces the word squid.

SCENESElmo and Alan are in Hooper's Store and they are reading. They hear and see a boat that at the storefront is boarded a group of Bookaneers. The pirate captain is played by guest star Tina Fey. Elmo says to the pirates that he loves reading and they incite him to become a Bookaneer. But they explain that he has to pass a lot of tests first.

Sesame Street 4135

Elmo has to find three words that start with the letter F and he has danced a jig during this. He has to say the alphabet with a squid. Finally, he has to make a quest with a treasure map.

To locate themselves at the Fix-It-Shop, Alan, Elmo and the Bookaneers are using the treasure map. They have to count eight more steps, and after that, they will see a surprise. After eight steps, they came to the library. They have to find the treasure but the treasure, that is the pages is in the books on the library shelves.

Sesame Street Episode 4135

Song: "In the Library"

Celebrity: Special guest Brian Williams describes the uses of the word squid.

Sesame Street Episode 4135

Muppets: Little fee Abby Cadabby sings a song with the name "I Love Words."

FilmThere is a Jaws like in a swimming pool and a big F emerges about that.

Animation: The letter F signs in the storefront. Alphaboy. F

Film: Alphaboy fans his father's feet with feathers

Muppets / Celebrity: Special guest star Chris Brown and Elmo are singing the song "See the Signs."
This segment has been cut from all further airings after February 8, 2009.

Cartoon: In this cartoon, Suzie Kabloozie reads something about pirates.

Muppet & Kid Moment: Cookie Monster wants to know if any words begin with the letter L and he asks Lexine if she knows something about that.

Sesame Street  4135

Film: A film about L. The letter L is for the look, legs, light, lemonade, and ladybug.

Cartoon: At this cartoon, there is a strange poem with L words.

Song: "Sit Down, Stand Up" Alain Le Lait, Songs for Teaching

Muppets: The Number of the Day: 8. Eight bats together with  The Count are showing that 8 is the number of the day.

Sesame Street Episode 4135

Film: At this film, Ornate 8s stroll through a gate and they are posing in other remarkable places. (gate/plate/skate)

Film: Eight children are dancing in a color block grid.

Muppets: RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation.

Sesame Street 4135

Cartoon: A beatnik bat is reading poetry at a nightclub. At these poets, everything rhymes with the "AT" sound. Artist: Lisa Crafts

Elmo's World: The Beach

Closing: Oscar reads a book for Slimey, ‘’Rotten Eggs and Jam’’. During this, The Big Guy (Gordon) announces the sponsors. Sesame Street Episode 4135 ends.

Sesame Street 4135


  1. I hope To See 4075 full,4059,4065 and Season 36-37 soon

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  4. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letters F and L and the number 8.

  5. Me:🎵 and it's 1 2 3 strikes you're out at the old Ballgame🎵 haha yes it's star day at Aaron's castle haha *cracks knuckles* and on star day the explorer stars help us find the number of the day Sasha, Meesha, Greesha are y'all ready? The number of the day is it 1?
    Me:is it 2?
    Me:is it 3?
    Me:hmm the suspense is driving me nuts is it 8?
    *#8 appears from Duck's funnel*
    Me:haha yes it's 8 oh and look 8 stars
    8 Stars what a number what a day

  6. This episode came out when I was 6 years old from 13 years ago.

  7. Will you upload episode 4109 Abby debut and episode 5013 which was Charlie's Debut.

  8. Oscar said the end wow the book was terrible I love every word of it oh and so did slimey hey good night slimey hey what are you still doing here scream hehe rock a bye slimey hehehe slimey snores and the ends

  9. The Letter G Words