Sesame Street Episode 4073 - Not a Grouchy Day

Sesame Street Episode 4073
Not a Grouchy Day
Season 35
Harvey Fierstein and Aaron Neville visit Sesame Street.

In a touching introduction to this episode of Sesame Street, Harvey Fierstein reflects on the show's enduring ability to convey "soft, gentle love" to its young audience. Highlighting this theme, a memorable clip featuring Kermit and Joey engaging in a heartwarming recitation of the alphabet is showcased.

The episode unfolds with Oscar the Grouch greeting viewers, hinting at an impending day of grouchy events. His anticipation is marked by a unique song, "Something Grouchy," where he details the tell-tale signs of an approaching grouchy day: his pig oinks, his worm squirms, and his trashcan vibrates with anticipation. Despite his attempts to share this excitement with Grundgetta, she dismisses his call, preferring her mud bath over potential grouchy happenings, leaving Oscar in a state of delightful grouchiness.

Just then, Baby Bear and Curly Bear stroll by, embarking on a drawing adventure that Oscar believes will surely spiral into grouchiness. Contrary to his expectations, Baby Bear introduces a cheerful note with "Something Nice," a song that seems to temporarily dispel the grouchy atmosphere. Undeterred, Oscar follows the bears, eagerly awaiting the chaos he is sure is about to unfold.

As Baby Bear sets out to teach Curly Bear the art of drawing, a moment of contention arises when Curly Bear claims a crayon as her own. This sparks a series of events where Baby Bear gently instructs Curly Bear on the importance of asking and sharing, much to Oscar's hidden delight as he witnesses moments of potential grouchiness. Despite Grundgetta's initial frustration at being called to witness what she expects to be grouchiness only to see acts of kindness, she and Oscar find themselves inadvertently enjoying the unfolding niceness, a sentiment alien yet oddly satisfying to a Grouch.

The episode continues with various segments that blend educational content with entertainment: Jerry Nelson's musical interlude "I'm the Big One Now," a humorous Muppets segment featuring Bob on the Dr. Feel show, Cookie Monster's confusion between the letters Q and O, the introduction of the Spanish word "casa," and Big Bird's engaging search for Ernie in a whimsical land.

A standout moment features Ernie and Aaron Neville in a soulful duet of "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon," further emphasizing the episode's theme of connection and understanding. Grover's global adventure introduces viewers to the vibrant world of tie-dye in Jamaica, a segment filled with cultural learning and unexpected humor when Grover encounters a shark donning his missing shirt.

The episode is peppered with creative animations, including the comical plight of clay cavemen sharing an umbrella, and educational segments like the celebration of the number 16 through various mediums, including a beauty queen, a kid-painted mural, and the whimsical judgment of Suzie Kabloozie. Elmo's World delves into the realm of drawing, inviting viewers to explore their creativity alongside the beloved red monster.

Closing with "The Adventures of Trash Gordon," the episode takes a final turn into the imaginative as Trash Gordon heroically frees a duck from the muck, only to find himself stuck in a humorous twist of fate, encapsulating the essence of Sesame Street's ability to teach, entertain, and inspire through storytelling and humor.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter Q for Quack and by the number 16.

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