Sesame Street Episode 4073 - Not a Grouchy Day

Sesame Street Episode 4073
Not a Grouchy Day
Season 35
Harvey Fierstein and Aaron Neville visit Sesame Street.

In Episode 4073 of Sesame Street, the street scenes focus on Oscar's anticipation of something grouchy happening and Baby Bear teaching his little sister, Curly Bear, how to draw and share.

The episode begins with Oscar sensing that something grouchy is about to happen. He sings "Something Grouchy" and tries to convince Grundgetta to come over, but she is busy taking her mud bath. Meanwhile, Baby Bear and Curly Bear walk by, carrying paper and crayons. Oscar overhears Baby Bear discussing his plan to teach Curly Bear how to draw, which leads Oscar to believe that this could be the grouchy event he's been anticipating.

Out in the yard, Baby Bear starts teaching Curly Bear how to draw. Curly Bear grabs one of Baby Bear's crayons and shouts "Mine!" Oscar is delighted, thinking that something grouchy is finally happening. However, Baby Bear remains calm and tries to teach Curly Bear about sharing. Oscar calls Grundgetta to witness the grouchy event, but by the time she arrives, Baby Bear has already resolved the situation, leaving Grundgetta annoyed.

As Baby Bear finds another crayon to use, Curly Bear grabs the entire box of crayons and runs away. Baby Bear chases after her, and Oscar is thrilled, once again believing that something grouchy is happening. He calls Grundgetta back, but she arrives just in time to see Baby Bear teaching Curly Bear the "Wee Little Sharing Song."

Despite the nice things happening around them, Oscar and Grundgetta start to feel rotten. They realize that all the niceness is making them feel grouchy, which is exactly what they wanted in the first place. As they revel in their rotten feelings, Baby Bear and Curly Bear continue drawing together, with Curly Bear eventually drawing on Baby Bear's picture. Baby Bear, instead of getting upset, decides to let Curly Bear keep drawing on his picture and starts a new one.

The episode kicks off with "My Favorite Sesame Street Moments," where Harvey Fierstein talks about the importance of Sesame Street showing a "soft, gentle love" to children. A clip of Kermit and Joey reciting the alphabet is shown.

Later in the episode, Jerry Nelson sings "I'm the Big One Now," a song that celebrates growing up and the milestones achieved along the way. In another segment, Bob appears on the Dr. Feel show, where Dr. Feel tries to figure out how Bob feels. This skit emphasizes the importance of understanding and expressing emotions.

The episode also includes a focus on the letter 'Q' with Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn. Cookie Monster eats the stem of the Letter Q Cookie, causing Prairie Dawn to mistake it for the letter 'O'. In another segment, a page tries to make way for Queen Quagmire, but a duck gets in his way, showcasing the importance of problem-solving.

The episode teaches children about the Spanish word "Casa" in the Spanish Word of the Day segment. This segment introduces children to different languages and helps build their vocabulary. Another educational moment is Journey to Ernie: One of These Things, where Big Bird looks for Ernie in a land full of animated boards for the classic song/game.

Celebrity guest Aaron Neville joins Ernie to sing "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon," a heartfelt song about dreams and aspirations. The episode also features Global Grover, where Grover learns how to tie-dye a shirt in Jamaica. This segment offers a glimpse into different cultures and traditions.

In another animation segment, clay cavemen try to avoid the rain and wind up sharing an umbrella, teaching children about cooperation and sharing. The Number of the Day is 16, and a beauty queen 16 appears to celebrate. This segment is followed by a film where kids paint a mural of the number 16, emphasizing the importance of creativity and art.

Suzie Kabloozie stars in a cartoon segment titled "Judge #16," and the episode concludes with Elmo's World: Drawing. This segment encourages children to explore their creativity and imagination through drawing.


  1. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter Q for Quack and by the number 16.

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