Sesame Street Episode 4068 - Telly Falls from his Pogo Stick

Telly falls from his pogo stick
Season 35
Seth Green and Venus Williams visit Sesame Street.

Air date: April 20, 2004   Written by: Belinda Ward

My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Seth Green talks about the show that inspired him to get into acting. As the song "Somebody Come and Play" plays some sketches of the Sesame Street Cast are shown. 

Sesame Street Episode 4068

SCENES: Telly told the viewers that he is boinging on his pogo stick. Maria and two other ladies are clapping for him. Big Bird offers Telly to go roller-skating and Steven offers to ride bikes. But Telly declines both oft hem and prefers to boing instead. He sings the song Boinging Is For Me. Two Anything Mupper kids on pogo sticks backed him. 

Sesame Street Episode 4068

Telly flips through the air and crashes as he does his big boing. Maria and Big Bird are checking him. Telly is shocked because this never happened to him before but he is ok. Maria gives Telly his pogo stick back but he decides not to boing. Maria says he can ask for her help anytime and she says if someone falls off the horse, he got to get right back on.

Telly scares to get back on the horse. A nearby horse hears about Telly’s scare and he helps him up on his back and he gallops wildly. But Telly fell off a pogo stick not a horse. The horse starts boingig. The horse tells him that if he can boing on a horse, he can also boing on his pogo stick. And then the horse wants to go to help someone who’s fallen off their tricycle. 

Sesame Street Episode 4068

Telly wants to try again but he still doesn’t want to do it because he imagines himself falling off a second time. Big Bird understands Telly’s feelings and he says about his experience when he tripped over a chicken while roller skating the day before. His Granny Bird told him ‚ "When you fall off your roller skates, you have to get right back on". Telly doesn’t want to try because he fell off his pogo stick for no reason but Big Bird fell over a chicken. 

Sesame Street 4068

Big Bird sings the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and he reminds Telly that everyone falls sometimes. At the moment Humpty Dumpty comes in and helps Telly. As Telly explains Humpty about his fear of falling down, he says that falling is no big deal. He says that he falls every time. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men pick up Humpty’s remains. One of the king’s horses says ‚ "When you fall off a wall, you’ve got to get right back on".

Telly considers giving up boinging because he feels himself not good. Two kids are coming on their pogo sticks and asking Telly to join them. But Telly declines, because of his fear of falling off. The kids say Telly ‚ "When you fall off the pogo stick, you have to get right back on". Telly tries boinging on his pogo stick again and he finally did it. Telly says together with the kids ‚ "Boinging Is For Me". Maria and Big Bird congratulate him. 

Sesame 4068

Muppet & Kid Moment: Jo has a bike and Grover is wondering what happens if she falls off her bike. Jo says that she doesn’t fall off because she has training wheels. Grover is surprised by this information.

Cartoon: "Big Kid Photo Album"  Artist: Lisa Crafts  (First: Episode 3441)

The Letter of the Day: L. Cookie Monster wants to stop himself from eating the Letter L Cookie and he thinks maybe singing helps. (First: Episode 3981) 

Sesame Street 4068

Animation: L / l (space paint) (First: Episode 3216)

Jane Tuesday: The Letter L

The Spanish Word of the Day: Leche. The Spanish word for milk is leche and Rosita is drinking leche (First: Episode 3988)

Film: One of Wegman’s dogs Chungo, is drinking milk from a glass. (First: Episode 3545)

Celebrity: Elmo and Venus Williams are playing ‚ "Pretend Tennis". 

Sesame Street 4068

Song: "The First Time" - Children trying activities just like riding tricycles, tying shoes, etc. (First: Episode 2950)

Journey to Ernie: Barnyard. Big Bird asks questions to the animals at a barnyard to find Ernie. (First: Episode 4032) 

Sesame Street Episode 4068

Ernie and Bert: Ernie can do a lot of things in his room and he sings ‚ "I Love My Room". This is also Bert‘s room. (First: Episode 3950) 

Global Grover: Grover was in South Africa with his wire car and he drives back. He made a film that Niyanja and his cousins make toy cars out of scrap wire.

Animation: Two clay figures are playing basketball.              

The Number of the Day: 11. The Count learns that the number of the day is 11 and at this moment balloons and confetti show up. (First: Episode 3987) 

Sesame Street Episode 4068

Cartoon: Rap #11 (First: Episode 2531)

Animation: A girl sees 11 elephants as she types the number 11 on a computer. (First: Episode 3885)

Elmo's World: Hands (First: Episode 3925)

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: Chapter 453: Trash is on the planet Very Hairy. He brushes and combs the hair of the planet’s residents. Sesame Street Episode 4068 ends. 

Sesame Street Episode 4068


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