Sesame Street Episode 4000 - The Mark of Elefante

Sesame Street Episode 4000
The Mark of Elefante
Season 33

Sesame Street Episode 4000

Sesame Street Episode 4000

Sesame Street Episode 4000

Sesame Street Episode 4000 appears in the 33rd season. The name of the Episode is The Mark of Elefante. The air date of the episode is March 1, 2002. The number of the Episode is 1 and the letter is E. The celebrity guest of Episode 4000 is Destiny's Child.

In Episode 4000 of Sesame Street, the street scenes revolve around a mysterious character called Elefante, who saves a town from a dancing curse, and Elmo's transformation into Elmofante.

The episode begins with Big Bird receiving a book in the mail titled "The Mark of Elefante." Elmo and Big Bird are excited about the story and ask Maria to read it to them. The story is set in a town where everyone loves to dance. However, a witch, played by Oscar, casts a spell that makes everyone fall to the ground whenever they try to dance.

The witch explains that the spell can only be broken by a dancing something that begins with the letter 'E.' The townspeople try various 'E' items, including an egg, but to no avail. A singing guitar player announces the arrival of the masked Elefante, who breaks the spell by dancing. Elefante then leaves behind the Mark of Elefante, which is the letter 'E.'

Once the story is finished, Elmo decides to dress up as Elmofante and leaves the Mark of Elmofante on the screen. However, he can't remove the 'E' from the screen. The guitar player and Elefante arrive to help Elmo remove the 'E.' The guitar player, who looks like Luis, denies being him. Elefante then leaves his mark on a notepad.

One of the most memorable segments includes Destiny's Child performing "A New Way to Walk" with Grover, Elmo, and Zoe. This catchy song encourages children to explore different ways of walking and moving, promoting physical activity and creativity.

The Number of the Day segment has The Count practicing a few times before hitting an organ key, revealing the number one. To reinforce the concept, one elephant appears, allowing children to associate the number with a visual representation.

Another number-related segment showcases Wegman dogs, Batty and Crooky, stacking wood blocks to form the number 1. This visual demonstration helps children understand the shape and formation of the number.

A film segment about washing elephants at the Bronx Zoo is also included, featuring the song "Splish Splash." This segment teaches children about animal care and exposes them to different types of animals. However, it should be noted that this segment was cut from the HBO version of the episode.

In addition, a group of kids paint a mural with the assistance of a mural artist. This artistic activity encourages children to express themselves creatively and work together on a collaborative project. The mural painting segment highlights the importance of teamwork and the value of art as a form of self-expression.

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