Elmo's World The Street We Live On!

Elmo's World The Street We Live On!

Airdate: April 4, 2004        Season 35 (2004)    Written by: Lou Berger, Judy Freudberg

The Street We Live On or Episode 4057 is a special episode, fort he 35. Anniversary of Sesame Street. Elmo is thinking about his neighborhood and we see clips from older episodes. These are clips from some great moments of Sesame Street.


My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Doris Roberts
Doris Roberts says that her favorite Sesame Street moment is all 35 years.


Grover wants to send a package to Oscar the Grouch. This is a drawing of Dorothy drawn by Elmo. The package includes also a note from Elmo’s mother. Oscar likes the picture very much.

Elmo is thinking about Sesame Street's memories today. All Sesame Street friends are sitting od hanging around. Then a clip montage follows.

Sesame Street The Street We Live On


Dorothy asks the question: ‘‘How does Cookie Monster eat a cookie?‘‘. Elmo is not sure and he wants to ask Mr. Noodle.

Mr. Noodle tries to demonstrate how Cookie Monster eats a cookie. He has to eat the cookie just like a monster. As he wants more cookies a bunch of cookies falls onto him and he eats them.

Now, Elmo asks kids the same question. One oft he kids ist him real Cookie Monster.

Elmo's World The Street We Live On


"C is for Cookie". The very special guest star is Marilyn Home

Sesame Street The Street We Live On


The Typewriter: C-cat (new sound effects added)


"C" for Circle


Traction Jackson sings "Me and My Chair."


The Spanish Word of the Day: Casa


Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus sent Elmo an e-mail. They want to teach Elmo to sing ‚ "Doin‘ the Snuffeupagus".

Elmo wants to count the monsters in the monster parade and Count von Count helps him. They count and they find that ‚‘‘The Number oft he Day‘‘ is 10.

Sesame Street The Street We Live On


Ten Song (Song of Ten) (new sound effects added)


 Ten Flowers (cut from the DVD version)


"Ten Turtles" (new sound effects added)
cut from the DVD version


Ernie tries to hide from Big Bird. ‘‘Journey to Ernie‘‘ game is started as Big Bird sticks his head into Elmo’s World.

The Street We Live On


Journey to Ernie
Nursery Rhyme Land (beginning edited)


Bert and Ernie are meeting together.


"Dance Myself To Sleep" Celebrity guests who appeared during the 35th season are taking part. On video release, some of the celebrities were edited out.

Did viewers know who lives on Sesame Street and who doesn’t? Elmo asks this question.

Elmo and Grover rarely talking about, how Grover travels a lot.


Global Grover: Peacock Dance in China.


Elmo turns o The Grover, Big Bird, Maria, and all Elmo’s Friend Channel, because he wants to know more about Sesame Street.

A little girl gets lost and she finds Sesame Street. She meeting here Big Bird, Zoe, Oscar, Super Grover, Maria, Gordon, and Snuffy. They are singing and dancing along to the Alphabet.

Elmo and Grover are going back in time with a taxi because Super Grover wants to show Elmo how Sesame Street was like before he was born.

Sesame Street The Street We Live On

Elmo can see Mr. Hooper, Maria, and Luis’s wedding, Gabi’s birth, and Miles’s adoption.

Elmo wants to sing "The Sesame Street Song" and play his piano but he realizes that he is already in Sesame Street so he doesn’t have to sing a song about it.

Elmo is very glad to be on Sesame Street and about his friends. They are singing together  "The Street I Live On"

Elmo and Dorothy announce the sponsors and all together are waving to say goodbye.

Sesame Street The Street We Live On


A timeline sequence, showcasing one clip from each season.


"Mah Na Mah Na" song

Sesame Street Elmo’s World The Street We Live On ends. 

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