Sesame Street Episode 4216

Sesame Street Episode 4216
Ironing Monster
Season 41
Jude Law and LL Cool J visits Sesame Street.

COLD OPENWhat’s the Word on the Street? : Cling

SCENESElmo is helping Leela with the laundry when Super Grover arrives to drop off his superhero cape. As they put it in the wash, Grover and Elmo notice that everybody in the Laundromat is having problems with their laundry (Bert, Gina, Cookie Monster). Grover wants to help, but he can’t be Super Grover without his cape. So he says a new hero has to help out and runs off.
Leela doesn’t know what’s going on when Grover returns in a new metal suit. He is now “Iron Monster”, the superhero of the Laundromat! He tells them that, as long as his cape is being washed, Iron Monster will help out instead. He presses a button that makes him fly but ends up crashing around the Laundromat.

Sesame Street 4216

Chris comes in, having to need someone to break his dollar for the washing machine. Iron Monster takes that too seriously and literally tries to break it when Leela shows him how to make a change from a dollar using quarters. Chris hands her another Dollar to break and Elmo helps count. Iron Monster is very proud of him helping out and tries to fly again, but lands in a washing machine.

Sesame Street Episode 4216

Gabi arrives with a stained sweatshirt, Iron Monster tries to stamp out the stains but he ends up adding five more to the two already there. Leela simply uses some stain remover to make the stains disappear and they watch as the stains get subtracted. Iron Monster is again trying to fly but crashes into the wall.

Maria arrives now and wants to find a match for her single sock. Iron Monster uses his static cling to bring the sock out of hiding, causing a huge ton of clothes to fly at him, making a really huge mess. Leela brings out the missing sock basket and finds Maria’s sock. She leaves and Leela states that it is time for Iron Monster to leave because his cape is finally clean! Grover says goodbye to Iron Monster and says that the Laundromat has a much better hero, and that is Leela.

Sesame Street 4216

Celebrity: A group of animals clings onto Jude Law.

Sesame Street Episode 4216

Muppets: Murray and the viewer practice to flap their wings for when Abby’s Flying Fairy School begins. Then he plays “Bring out your L”.

Cartoon: Elmo sings about the L sound in the word “lemon”.

Muppets: Murray and Avery present Abby’s Flying Fairy School.

Muppets / Animation: The class plays with the class pet, Niblet. It is now Gonnigan’s turn to hold Niblet but he’s too afraid to do it so he disappears. Blogg then holds Niblet but he steals Blogg’s wand from him and he has to chase Niblet but runs into a crayon painting on the wall in which Niblet has run inside of. Blogg is unable to get in so Spot shows him a video of doors so they have an idea. Abby draws a door onto the drawing and they get inside to chase Niblet which draws … so Abby and Co. have difficulties to chase him. Niblet proceeds to run into a hole, so they think they’ll never see him again, but that brings him out of his hole again. He gives the wand back to Blogg and Gonnigan finally gets to hold Niblet.

Sesame Street 4216

Muppets: The singing fruits do a hip hop song “Eat Your Favourite Fruits”.

Muppets: Murray announces, that Ernie and Bert’s Great Adventure is coming up, but first, he counts 7 of things.

Cartoon: A hopscotch game with seven squares

Muppets: Murray and Avery introduce Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventure.

Muppets / Animation: At the funfair, Ernie enters his frog friend, Froggy, in the great frog race. They have some trouble though. Froggy doesn’t seem to be interested in the race and does other things. But in the end, Froggy wins the race!

Sesame Street Episode 4216

Muppets: Murray announces Elmo’s World is coming up, but first, he and the viewer play “Sounds of the Street”.

Celebrity: LL Cool J and Elmo sing about their additional expedition.

Sesame Street 4216

Murray and Navin introduce Elmo’s World.

Elmo’s World: Frogs

Sesame Street 4216

Muppets: Murray announces the sponsors and signs off. Sesame Street Episode 4216 ends.

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