Big Bird - Sesame Street Character

Big Bird - Sesame Street Character

        Big Bird is the friendly yellow bird and lives on Sesame Street. He entertaines for many years pre-school children and their parents. He is world famous bird and a main character on Sesame Street. He can roller skate, ice skate, dance, he can sing, he writes poetry, draw and he can drive a unicycle. He lives in a large nest on Sesame Street and he has a teddy bear, Radar.

What's The Name Of That Song

        Big Bird says that he does not know everything and helps kids feel all right about that. No one can know everything. But he encourages kids to ask a lot of questions. He says that questions are the best way to find things out. He teaches a lot of things, just like alphabet, numbers and other useful things.

Do the Alphabet

        He says that he has a best friend Snuffy, but no one can see him. No one believes Big Bird but he says that Snuffy is real. But after the sexual abuse cases in 80s, producers don’t want to give a message to the kids to lie, they eliminated this part.

        Another best friend of Big Bird, was Mr. Hooper. He make the birdseed milkshakes for Big Bird. Big Bird, says always Mr. Looper, he can’t say hid name corectly. The actor whor played the role is dead so in the early 80s. Other adults explained Big Bird what is the meanign of death and why someone who dies can not come back. This was a milestone at the children programmes.

         Except Sesame Street, Big Bird take part in the film The Adventured of Elmo in Grouchland, Big Bird in China, Big Bird in Japan. He also appeared in the films The Muppet Movie and The Muppets Take Manhattan and A Muppet Family Christmas.

          If someone asks what kind of bird he is, Big Bird gives always different answers. Sometimes he says that he is a lark, sometimes a condor, bigus canarius, gobbla gobbla humungo  e.t.c.
He can’t fly but he can run. His friend Oscar says that he is a turkey.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Big Bird's family members

           Big Bird has Nani Bird, Granny Bird and Baby Big Bird. His best friend is Mr. Snuffleupagus. His favorite toy is teddy bear, Radar. Big Bird says that Sesame Street characters are his family too.
He lives alone, but everyone loves him and he fells never lonely. He often visits his Granny Bird at the Big Bird books. He told sometimes from his mother, father, his sister and his emu grandpa and turkey uncle.

          In different episodes we can see, uncle Slim from Wyoming, Herman Bird, a cousin, Monroe (cousin), Bartholomew Bird (cousin), auntie Maureen from Chicago, Floyd (cousin), uncle Ned, cousins Bunscombe Bird, Bertha Bird, Bagshot Bird, Bathsheba Bird and Bubba.
In international co-productions there are also other cousins of Big Bird:

Abelardo - Plaza Sésamo, Mexico
Da Niao -  Zhima Jie, China
Garibaldo - Vila Sésamo, Brazil
Minik Kuş - Susam Sokağı, Turkey
Pino - Sesamstraat, the Netherlands
Poupas - Rua Sésamo, Portugal

I Am Big Bird The Caroll Spinney Story

Big Bird's Age

Big Bird is about 6 years old. His birthday is on 20th of March.

Big Bird Performers

Caroll Spinney performed Big Bird for years.
Matt Vogel was also a performer for over 20 years.
Rick Lyon, Noel MacNeal, Peter Linz, Daniel Seagren were other Big Bird performers.
The costume of Big Bird has over 4000 feathers. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in year 1994. He also was featured on many postage stamps.

Sesame Street Learning About Letters

Big Bird Through the Years

Big Birds puppet was modified several times. The first one was uncomfortable for performer so they made some changes during the years. The feathers at his head were more and fluffier, his neck taller e.t.c.

Big bird books

ABC (book and tape)
The Adventures of Big Bird in Dinosaur Days
All About Me!
Baby-Sitting with Big Bird
Best Friends (Sesame Street book)
Big Bird (Sesame Street Friends)
Big Bird and Little Bird's Big & Little Book
Big Bird at Bat
Big Bird at Home
Big Bird at the Beach
Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street
Big Bird Can Share
Big Bird Discovers America
Big Bird Flies Alone
Big Bird Follows the Signs
Big Bird Gets Lost (book)
Big Bird Goes to the Doctor
Big Bird in China (book)
Big Bird in the City
Big Bird Is Yellow
Big Bird Joins the Carnival
Big Bird Meets the Orchestra
Big Bird Plays the Violin
Big Bird Says...
Big Bird: Smile! Say Cheese!
Big Bird the Artist
Big Bird Visits Granny Bird
Big Bird Visits Navajo Country
Big Bird Visits the Dodos
Big Bird Walks
Big Bird!
Big Bird's Adventure
Big Bird's Adventures
Big Bird's Alphabet Book
Big Bird's Animal Alphabet
Big Bird's Animal Game
Big Bird's B Book
Big Bird's Baby Book
Big Bird's Band Plays Together

Big Bird's Basket
Big Bird's Bedtime Story
Big Bird's Best Friends
Big Bird's Big Bike
Big Bird's Big Birdbath
Big Bird's Big Book
Big Bird's Big Surprise
Big Bird's Birthday Party (book)
Big Bird's Blunder Book
Big Bird's Book About the Earth and Sky
Big Bird's Busy Day (1987)
Big Bird's Busy Day (2001)
Big Bird's Color Game
Big Bird's Copycat Day
Big Bird's Day on the Farm
Big Bird's Doctor Visit
Big Bird's Farm
Big Bird's First Book of Letters
Big Bird's Guessing Game About Shapes
Big Bird's Look and Listen Book
Big Bird's Nest (book)
Big Bird's New Nest
Big Bird's Red Book
Big Bird's Rhyming Book
Big Bird's Square Meal
Big Bird's Sweet Smoothies
Big Bird's Tea Party
Big Bird's Ticklish Christmas
Big Bird's Tree-Trimming Party
Big Red Riding Hood
A Bird's Best Friend
Bounce Along with Big Bird
Brought to You by the Number 1
Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? (1975 book)

Come to the Playground
The Cupcake Caper
The Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles
Don't Cry, Big Bird
Double Trouble
Early Bird on Sesame Street
Everyone Makes Mistakes (book)
Get Well, Granny Bird
Goldilocks and the Three Grouches
Grover and Big Bird's Passover Celebration
Happy Birthday, Big Bird!
Hide-and-Seek with Big Bird
I Am a Bird
I Can Count to Ten and Back Again
I Can't Wait Until Christmas
I Want to Be a Doctor
I Want to Go Home! (Sesame Street)
I Wish I Had a Giraffe
I'll Miss You, Mr. Hooper
I'm Ready to Read with Big Bird
Imagine... Big Bird Goes to the Moon
Imagine... Big Bird Meets Santa Claus
Inside Sesame Street
It's Easy!
It's Not Easy Being Big!
Little Big Bird
Look & Find: Big Bird's Big Chase
Meet Big Bird's Orchestra
The Mother Goose Mix-Up
My Baby Brother Is a Little Monster
My Name Is Big Bird
Naptime (book)
Nobody Cares About Me!
Nothing to Do
Our Kind of Bird
Playtime with Big Bird
Rain Forest Adventure
A Silly Sesame Street Story: The Three Little Pigs
Simple Science Experiments with Elmo and Friends: Water and Earth
Tickle Me, Big Bird!
A Ticklish Christmas on Sesame Street
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bug
A Visit to the Sesame Street Library
Welcome Home, Big Bird
What Big Bird's Toes Know
What Did You Bring?
Where Is My Skate?
Who's Who at the Zoo?

Big Bird songs 

"Admiral Bird"
"All I Want for Christmas Is You"
"Big Bird's Song"
"Everyone in My Family"
"Everyone Makes Mistakes"
"Good Morning, Mister Sun"
"Go To Sleep, Little Children"
"Happy to Be Me"
"He's Smaller Than Me"
"I'm Flying"
"I'm So Blue"
"Imagine with Me"
"Just One Me"
"Next to You"
"A Really Good Feeling"
"Somebody Come and Play"
"The Sound of the Letter A"
"Tall Enough"
"This is My Home"
"Very, Very Special Letter"
"What's Your Name"
"What a Bird!"
"What a Gift"
"What Makes a Fly Fly?"
"Wing in a Sling Blues"
"Wonderful Me"
"Words That Rhyme with Play"
"You Can Be a Birdketeer"
"You're Gonna Be a Star"
"Ain't No Road Too Long"
"All I Really Want is a Home"
"Aren't You Glad You're You?"
"Being a Birdketeer"
"Believe in Yourself"
"Big Bird Doesn't Fly"
"Big Bird's Going to Camp"
"Big Bird's Rock Song"
"Busy Getting Better All the Time"
"Chirp Your Hiccups Away"
"The Christmas Song"
"Come Along with Me"
"Different People, Different Ways"
"Easy Goin' Day"
"Elmo's Song"
"Everyone Needs a Friend"
"Exactly Like You"
"Feathers and Fur"
"Going to Kyoto"
"Goodbye Fly"
"Good Night, Wake Up Lullaby"
"Grover Work Song"
"Happy Birthday to Me"
"Hee Hee Ha Ha"
"Hurray for X"
"I Just Adore Four"
"I Want a Snuffleupagus for Christmas"
"I Want to Thank You for Being My Friends
"I'm Not an Elephant"
"I'm Takin' a Break"
"I've Got Two"
"Ichi, Ni, San"
"In Front Of, In Back of"
"It's Somebody's Birthday"
"Just Three Colors"
"Letter S Song"
"Love Will Keep Us Together"
"Map Song"
"Mr. Big Bird, Mr. Little Bird"
"My Best Friend’’
"Near to You"
"No Letter Better Than B"
"One Little Star"
"Outside and Inside"
"Over and Under"
"Postcard Song"
"Put a Circle"
"Read Me a Story"
"Really, Really, Really Glad I'm Me"
"Rhyme Out"
"Shake Your Head One Time"
"Sign, You're a Friend of Mine"
"Sing After Me"
"Singing in the Shower"
"Someone's Here With Us Who Wasn't Here Before"
"Staying Overnight with a Friend"
"That's Cooperation"
"Twig by Twig"
"Walkin' Down My Street"
"We're the Same"
"What's the Name of That Song?"
"Wheels on My Feet"
"Who Will Be My Friend?"

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