Sesame Street Do the Alphabet

Sesame Street Do the Alphabet Video

Do The Alphabet

       Sesame Street Do The Alphabet is one of the Sesame Street direct-to-video compilations. (1996)

       Baby bear is looking for the big bird. He asks if you have seen him. As he searches for the big bird, he collides with it. A bird asks Baby Bear if you are looking for me. Baby Bear needs help to learn the alphabet.

Do the Alphabet

       Big Bird says he has a very good method of learning the alphabet and can learn it in a month. But the baby bear wants to learn today. When Big Bird asks why he hurries so much, the bear tells that he is angry with Goldie Locks.

       When Bear says a b c, Goldie Locks always says the continuation of the alphabet and the bear cannot learn the continuation. The Big Bird doesn't want to make a promise but says he will do his best. Bear asks if he is ready to learn the alphabet. So they start classes. They repeat the alphabet by singing and dancing with the children. We continue to learn the alphabet with "Sesame Street Do the Alphabet".

Sesame Street Do the Alphabet

       After the song, the baby bear wants to repeat the alphabet but fails. Big bird continues to teach the alphabet to the bear with his own method.


Sesame Street Do The Alphabet Segments

Muppets: Ernie sings "Dee, Dee, Dee" as Cookie Monster hastily demonstrates each D word with an object and word and he is dancing.

After the song, the bear also learned the letter d. Big bird says that to learn the alphabet, it is necessary to use the whole body, not just the brain, and shows some exercises with children. Children play the letters in the alphabet with their exercise movements. Baby Bear learned the letters a b c d e f. Then he cannot remember which letter came. Will Baby Bear find the next letter in "Sesame Street Do the Alphabet"?

Do the Alphabet


Then comes G. G for go, girls, guitar, goldfish goggles, gallop etc. Baby bear learned g h ı. The kids show him with jumping, jogging and jiggling the letter J.

Sesame Street Do the Alphabet

J friends

Muppets: "J Friends"
J song with the band. It’s a song about the names beginning with J. There are too many names with J.

Billy Joel ABC’s

Muppets / Celebrity: Billy Joel sings The ABC Alphabet Song with a lot of kids and some of the muppets.

Sesame Street Do the Alphabet

Baby bear just can say the alphabet. He learned the half of the alphabet. Now he is ready for the second half of the alphabet. He repeats words with P. But he can’t remember what comes after S.

Do the Alphabet

T Dance

Clip: At the dance studio, Celina teaches Elmo and the kids how to do the twist. Twist begins with T. Then they have to turn. Turn begins with T too.  This is the T dance. It is very enjoyable to learn the alphabet while dancing in "Sesame Street Do the Alphabet".

Sesame Street Do the Alphabet

Boogie Piggies
Muppets: The Oinker Sisters sing "The Boogie-Woogie Piggies." And they repeat the alphabet.
Cartoon: The letter F morphs into cartoon faces.

Big Bird welcomes all to alphabet support group. Baby bear plays the piano and he sings about learning alphabet and his feelings. Finally the baby bear is falling asleep and he is dreaming.

Do the Alphabet

Alphabet Jungle

Cartoon: "Alphabet Jungle"

Baby bear dreams of Alphabet Jungle. There are all the letters in this jungle. Everything in the jungle begins with another letter.

Baby bear now knows all alphabet and he can show it to Goldie Locks. She wonders how fast baby bear learned the alphabet.

Sesame Street Do the Alphabet

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