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Video: Reach for the Sky! - Elmo Wonders
Written by: Christine Ferraro
First Episode: Sesame Street Episode 3982
Book: Space!

Sesame Street Elmo's World Sky

                Elmo and Dorothy say Hello the audiences and express how happy he is to see them. Elmo opens the door to learn theme of the episode, he tries to open door, it becomes a little bit difficult and finally he opens and we see the theme it is sky. When he opens the door, we see sun, clouds, stars and moon. There is a short video, kids look the sky, some of them use toy plane.

Elmo's World Sky

Elmo's World Sky Dorothy's Question

            Elmo has a question today, there is a copy of The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh on an easel in her bowl and her question is "What do you see when you look up in the sky?" Elmo opens the window and it is Mr Noodle’s time. Mr Noodle has an answer to Dorothy. He rides a toy car, pretends to surf and tries to fly a kite.

Elmo's World Sky Mr Noodle

Elmo's World Sky Kids and Baby

                There are some kids come to show pictures that they draw, in the pictures there are sun, clouds, sky, stars and planets. Elmo and a baby are on the stage, Elmo asks baby what do you see when you look at the sky? Elmo asks a baby with a plush bird.

Elmo's World Sky Kids and Baby

Elmo's World Sky E-mail

                Elmo has an e-mail. The E-mail is from Humphrey and Ingrid, they send a video mail, they see a something flying in the sky. They wonder what it is, and they realise this is Superbaby, Baby Natasha flies with a green cape.

Elmo's World Sky E-mail

Elmo's World Sky Elmo's Question

                Sesame Street Elmo's World Sky continues with Elmo’s questions. Elmo has a question; how many birds are flying from Elmo's window. Elmo counts birds. He counts twelve birds and a kangaroo follows them.

Elmo's World Sky Elmo's Question

Elmo's World Sky Quiz

            Quiz time, Elmo wants to know the things viewers see in the sky. He asks which one is in the sky an elephant, cloud or a post box. Of course it is cloud. We see also Slimey.  Slimey flies with a plane.

Elmo's World Sky Quiz

Elmo's World Sky Film

                Today in the video, we see one of Elmo’s friends who is Sheryl Lynn. She is not alone; she is with her mother at the beach. They sit there. They look at the sky and watch the flying things on the beach.

Elmo's World Sky TV Cartoon

            Elmo still wonders about sky, he decides to watch a TV cartoon about sky. The Sky Animal Channel shows "The Little Penguin Who Tried to Fly in the Sky". There are penguins in the cartoon. They first try to fly, but it is unable to success. They use balloon or plane to fly, because their wings are useless for fly.

Elmo's World Sky TV Cartoon

Elmo's World Sky Interview

            Elmo has guests today, they are the sun and the moon. The first guest is the sun, Elmo talks with the sun, and room gets brighter when the sun comes and Elmo wears sunglasses, and then the moon comes, Elmo talks with the moon. Room gets dark when the moon comes.

Elmo's World Sky Interview

Elmo's World Sky Tickle Me Land

                Today Dorothy imagines Elmo in the three different places. In the first one, Dorothy dreams Elmo dancing on the moon, later Elmo sits on the rainbow among clouds. The last one Elmo becomes Roman Elmo holding up gold fish bowl. Elmo, Dorothy, the moon and the sun are singing the sky song and they say goodbye. Sesame Street Elmo's World Sky video ends.

Elmo's World Sky Tickle Me Land

Elmo's World Sky song


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