Elmo - Sesame Street Character

Sesame Street Character Elmo

        Elmo is one of the most famous Muppet characters. He is a three and a half years old red monster with an orange nose. Elmo, lives on Sesame Street, just like his other friends. Elmo’s birthday is on 3 February. The segments Elmo’s World and Elmo the Musical are very popular. Especially Elmo’s World has played an imported role on the episodes of Sesame Street.


        Elmo’s favorite food is wasabi, but he hates Brussel sprouts. He has a favourite fruit, it is banana. He has a favorite toy, an orange monster named Baby David. He also loves his goldfish Dorothy too much. His favorite quote is Elmo loves you. His favorite song is Elmo’s song. His favourite sports is rollerblanding and miniature golf. He also likes tap dancing in his free time.

Elmo's Potty Time


        Elmo has a high pitched voice, he is very enthusiastic, friendly and cheerful. He is a preschooler and he doesn’t always have the knowledge for something that he want to do but he wants to do everything. Never can stop Elmo. He is very optimistic and positive. His best friends are Zoe and Abby. He has a tricycle and he loves riding on it. He also  loves to tap dance, asks questions because of his a little bit curiosity , plays with his friends Grover and Zoe, and looks after Dorothy, his pet gold fish.

Sesame Street Elmo's Christmas Countdown

Elmo and his Family

        Elmo lives with his mother  Mae, his father  Louie and his goldfish Dorothy. In some storybooks, we also see his sister Daisy.

        He has also a grandma, grandpa, Uncle Jack, Aunt Jill, cousin Jesse, cousin Elmer, cousin Chester, cousin Mimsy, cousin Pepe from Mexico and cousin Elmonosuke from Japan, aunt Funella Furchester, uncle Furgus Fuzz and cousin Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz.

        Sometimes we can see Elmo’s early childhood.

Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo

Elmo’s first appearances

        Elmo’s first sketch was in 1979 in Season 11. He was used as a generic monster character for the song  ‚We Are All Monsters‘. He was designed by Caroly Wilcox.

        By his first appearances Elmo communicates only with mymbles. But in Episode 1475 he learns the Spanish word ‚casa‘.  After his popularity writer David Korr, writes more important parts for Elmo. He becames a very important Sesame Street character. Richard Hunt performed the Elmo first, but he doesn’t like it at all. Then Kevin Clash starts to performing him. Kevin Clash dons Elmo in 1984, it is his first performing year.

        Elmo is three and a half years when in the first appearances on Sesame Street. It has been nearly thirty five years, considering Kevin Clash performing, Elmo is never aging, he is still a three and a half years old in every episodes of him in Sesame Street.

        In 90s, Elmo was a regular guest on The Rosie O‘ Donell Show. The Tickle Me Elmo doll became the must-have toy in 1996 Christmas time. Other Elmo dolls have been very successful. Children love Elmo.

        After 1997, he starts to performing Elmo’s World and Elmo the Musical. He became one of main characters in the Sesame Street.

        Elmo, speech himself in the third person (Elmo has a question, Elmo wants this e.t.c). He is a preschooler and he can’t speak proper English.

        Many of Elmo puppets have been created by the Muppet Workshop and an original puppet donated tot he Smithsonian Institution ın 2013.

Sesame Street Elmo's Alphabet Challenge

How did Elmo become so popular?

        Elmo relates to the younger audience with his bright red color and high-pitched "cute" voice. Also Elmo is related to three years old on their level. He is the kind of character children that age would want to play with. His personal features are also quite trivial in terms of his popularity. 

        He is kind and optimistic, also his positiviness gives a good attitude towards him from viewers. Audiencers love Elmo because they love laughing to Elmo which Express their love for him. 

        There are special relation between Elmo and his pet goldfish Dorothy. This also a good impression for viewers. From being Baby Monster to becoming Elmo is a great adventure and success for him.

Sesame Street Elmopalooza

About Elmo's World

        Elmo s World one of the most popular segments Sesame Street. It begins in 1998 in Season 30 Elmo’s World runs consistently from Season 30 to Season 37. It continues less regularly from Season 37 to Season 42. It runs almost 15 minutes at the end part of the episode.

        As it can be seen the name, Elmo is the star of it. Apart from Elmo, Dorothy that is Elmo’s pet gold fish, and Mr Noddle who is silly friend of him, are also stars of Elmo’s World.

        Elmo’s World has simple format including seventeen parts. Elmo's World starts with Guess what Elmo's thinking about today. As we see, in this part the theme of episode is presented by Elmo.

        Dorothy has a question is next part Elmo says us Dorothy’s question. The third part is The Noodle Family, Mr Noddle arrives and tries to answer Dorothy’s question, but all the time he fails.

        Kids and Baby is another part. Elmo Has a Question for You, in this part Elmo needs audiencers help. And then it is time for Home Video/Video E-mail, they are mainly related to the topic or theme of episode.

        Ouiz time plays a trivial role on the Elmo’s World, in this part Elmo asks different type of question to reach main theme. It is quite interesting and joyful part. Film Insert, TV, Expert Interview and Tickle Me Land are are the ongoing middle sections.

        Closing song section one of the most crowded and rhytmic part of episode, all guests and Elmo come to the stage and sing topic World with (generally) tune of Jingle Bells. And then we nearly reach the end, Guess what Elmo's wondering about today, Look it up, Game, The Noodle Family and Closing Song are the last sections of The Elmo’s World.

Sesame Street Elmo The Musical 2

Elmo The Musical

        Elmo: The Musical is another popular segment after Elmo’s World in the Sesame Street. It is first appeared in Season 43, 2009. We can see it in every episode from Episode 43 to Episode 46, it alternates with Elmo's World.

        In the beginning part of the Musical, Elmo teaches math skills, every eleven minute musical Elmo starring in the stage show of his imagination, with his pal Velvet. Elmo wonders animated scenery and imitates as if he is traveling the World.

        During this travel, he dreams his play friends like a villainous table tennis playing octopus or one about-to-be married penguin in a full of bridal regalia. In one episode Elmo searches for that “really big dip” in “Guacamole the Musical or the other one he is full of an astronout costumes and delivers pizza in “Pizza the Musical.” In  “Sea Captain the Musical” Elmo hunts Moby Pinkand.

        And There are a lot of different themes and we can see Elmo in a different shapes, costumes or characteristics, but all have the same features that Elmo who is the star of the Elmo: The Musical.  They are very funny parts of Sesame Street Episodes.

What is Elmo known for?

        Elmo is one of the most famous Sesame Street character. He a small red monster. He is three and half years old. He is known for his strange and at the same time funny laugh and voice.

Why Elmo is red?

        Elmo is mainly related to the children especially young audiencers at least three years old. Red is quite pretty colour many of us. But at the same time Red is the first color to actually solidify in brain,  and which makes red is the first colour realised, bright and clear for children.

        Red is an attractive colour, when we see a red coloured something on the TV it takes our intrest, as it is thought for children a red small muppet take their attention too much, that’s way Elmo is red.

Why does Elmo speak bad English? ( Why does Elmo speak with incorrect grammar / why does not Elmo speak proper English?)

        Elmo speaks like the preschool kids viewer.  That is a nice experience for these. Because Elmo talks like they talk. Elmo uses the third person to express to himself that represents the three years old self-centered approach to reality.

        He has an inability to pronounce certain consonants ,almost all consonant blends refers difficulties children face as they try to master speech. To sum up, Elmo represents his age children some of whom has some inability to speak, and they provide a bond between children and Elmo.

Elmo’s Pet Goldfish

        Elmo has a pet. It is a goldfish, its name is Dorothy. She is six years old, first appeared in Elmo’s World, 1998. She is one of Elmo’s best friends, Elmo likes his pet so much.

        Although she is in the Sesame Street, Dorothy is not a muppet, she is a real and live fish. Dorothy is female, because in the book and toys, she is portrayed with big eyelashes that makes her gender female.

        Dorothy is not Elmo’s first goldfish. Elmo had a fish, Barkley. Apart from this, he had one more fish, its name is Bubbles. Miles-Telly was Elmo’s another fish after these two fish. But now Elmo has only a pet goldfish, that is Dorothy, he likes him so much and they are very good friends.

Casting history

Primary Performers
Brian Muehl - Season 11 to Season 15
Richard Hunt - Season 16 (see proto-Elmo for more)
Kevin Clash - Season 16 (First: Episode 2025) to Season 44
Ryan Dillon - Season 44 to present
At the years 2005/2006 Sesamme Street flew over tot he Netherlands fort he Dutch version. Elmo’s Dutch voice actor Hein Boele, was the best Elmo voice ever.
The meaning of life to Elmo is saying thanks you and giving a lot of love and kisses.

Elmo Songs

"The Sound That's in the Air"
"Happy Tappin' with Elmo"
"In Your Imagination"
"Elmo's World" theme
"Jingle Bells" variations (heard at the end of each Elmo's World segment)
"Elmo's Rap Alphabet"
"Closer to Me"
"Planets, Moon and Stars"
"If Elmo Had Teeth"
"Round and Round in Circles"
"Be Doodle Dee Dum"
"The Elmo Slide"
"Jumping in Puddles"
"Something Cold"
Elmo Saves Christmas: "Every Day Can't Be Christmas"

Featured Singer

"One Fine Face" (with Ernie)
"Heavy and Light" (with Telly Monster)
"Elmo's Song" (with Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus)
"Three" (with Herry Monster and Prairie Dawn)
"Elmo's Jive Five" (with back-up singers)
"Slide (Pride)" (with The Goo Goo Dolls)
"Two Princes" (with Zoe, Telly Monster, and the Spin Doctors)
"Share" (with Zoe)
"Share" (with Ernie)
"Tu Me Gustas" (with Luis)
"Baby Say It Loud" (with Telly Monster)
"Happy!" (with Rosita)
"A New Way to Walk" (with Zoe, Grover and Destiny's Child)
"The No-No-No!" (with Oscar the Grouch and The Grouchketeers)
"It Raining Cookies" (with Cookie Monster)
"Singing in the Shower" (with Baby Bear)
"I Can Sing" (with Abby Cadabby)
"Hello, Halloween!" (with Abby Cadabby)
"Elmo's Christmas Dream" (with Abby Cadabby)
Elmopalooza: "Nearly Missed" (with Rosie O'Donnell)
Elmopalooza: "Songs" (with Jon Stewart and cast)
CinderElmo: "Do Something" (with the Fairy Godperson)
The Street We Live On: "The Street I Live On"
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland: "The Grouch Song" (with Oscar the Grouch and Grizzy)
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland: "Together Forever"
Learning to Share: "Share" (with Big Bird and Zoe)
Tall Short Texans: "Share" (with Big Bird)
Tall Tale: "Share" (with Polly Darton and Noel Cowherd)
Open Huis in Sesamstraat: "Wees Mijn Echo" Be My Echo (with Ieniemienie)
Elmo Through the Looking-Glass: "It's a Grouchy, Grouchy Party" [with Oscar the Grouch, Telly Monster & a Honker ]
Group numbers that prominently feature Elmo
Sesame Street
"We Are All Monsters"
"Near Far Monsters"
"We Are All Earthlings"
"One Small Voice"
"You Tickle Me"
"Time to Say Goodnight"
"Be Doodle Dee Dum
Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting: "Sing"
Elmo Saves Christmas: "It's Christmas Again"
Elmo Saves Christmas: "Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)"
What's the Name of That Song?: "What's the Name of That Song?"
A Celebration of Me, Grover: "Grover Work Song"

Elmo Books

Wait For Me!
When is my Birthday?
The World According To Elmo
Elmo Gets Homesick
Little Elmo’s Toy Box
I want to be an Astronaut
No red monsters allowed!
Elmo wants a bath
I want to be a cowboy
Little Elmo’s Book of Colours
Elmo’s Alphabet
Elmo’s Guessing Game
Elmo’s Little Playhouse
Elmo’s Mother Goose
Imagine… A Million Kittens For Elmo
My name is Elmo
Sing a song with Elmo
Bright and early with Elmo
Elmo goes to Day Camp
Elmo’s Big Lift And Look Book
Elmo’s Little GLowworm
Elmo and the baby animals
Elmo Loves You
Elmo Under The Sea
Another Monster At The End Of This Book
Elmo Can… Taste, Touch, Smell, See, Hear !
Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas
Elmo’s Friends
Elmo’s Lift And Peak Around The Corner Book
Elmo’s Sleepytime Stories
Elmo’s Ticklist T
Zip! Pop! Hop!
Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sessame Street?
Elmo Can… Quack Like A Duck
Elmo Loves You
Elmo Saves Christmas
Elmo Says, Don’t Wake The Baby
Elmo’s Christmas Colors
Elmo’s Counting Game
Elmo’s Valentine
Tickle Me, Elmo!
Tickles For Elmo
Elmo Says
Elmo’s Good Manners Game
Elmo’s New Puppy
Elmo’s Tricky Tongue Twisters
Elmo’s Wishes
First Steps
Happy Birthday Elmo!
The Magic Sidewalk
Meet Elmo
A Visit To The Sesame Street Aquarium
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland Movie Storybook
Elmo Jumps
Elmo Likes To Help
Elmo’s Busy Baby Book
Elmo’s New Laugh
Elmo’s Wash And Dry
Find The Seashell
Flutter by, Butterfly
Good Night, Elmo
Surprise Mommy
Unwelcome to Grouchland
Where Is Elmo’s Blancket?
Where Is Elmo?
Elmo Likes…
Elmo Says Achoo!
Elmo Sing Along Songs
Elmo’s ABC
Elmo’s ABC Book
Elmo’s Animal Adventures
Elmo’s Christmas
Elmo’s Ducky Day
Get Dressed With Elmo
Hello, It’s Elmo
Time For Bed Elmo
What Color Is Elmo?
El castillo de arena de Elmo
Elmo And The Monsters
Elmo Goes To School
Elmo Goes To The Doctor
Elmo Plays Piano
Elmo’s Apartment
Elmo’s Big Word Book
Elmo’s Christmas Songs
Elmo’s First Babysitter
Good Night Elmo
Monsters Are Red, Monsters Are Blue
Big Enough For A Bed
Clap Your Hands
Count With Elmo
Look And Find Elmo
Elmo’s Birthday Party
Elmo’s Rock Star Guitar
Follow That Fire Truck!
Good Night Elmo!
Just Like You
Smile For Elmo
Elmo and Zoe: A Book Of Opposites
Elmo Pops In
Elmo’s Big Surprise
Elmo’s Jumpin Jukebox
Elmo’s Noisy Day
Elmo’s Play Day
Get Up And Go Songs
1, 2, 3 by Elmo
Cookie’s  Color Caper
Elmo & Friends
Elmo In Dreamland
Elmo Loves Words
Elmo’s Colorful Adventure
Elmo's Guessing Game About Colors
Elmo’s Jamboree Songs
Elmo’s Tube Time Rhyme
In My Stroller
What Can Elmo Count?
1, 2, 3 Count With Me
Elmo & Zoe Fly A Kite
Elmo’s Big Day
Elmo’s Breakfast Bingo
Elmo’s Day
Elmo's Delicious Christmas
Elmo’s Garden
Elmo's Monster Music
Elmo's Night Before Christmas
Follow Elmo
Happy Families in Elmo's World
It's Check-Up Time, Elmo!
Move with Elmo
My Fuzzy Valentine
Red or Blue, I Like You!
Stop 'n' Go Safety!
Where Is Elmo?
Come Play with Elmo
Elmo Good Night Stories
Elmo's Easy As 123
Elmo's Easy As ABC
Elmo's Favorite Things
Elmo's Rainbow
Head to Toe!
Hello, Elmo!
Hokey Pokey Elmo
Let's Play Elmo Says
S is for School!
3 Book Play-a-Sound Set
All About Me!
Counting with Elmo
Elmo and Abby Want to Play
Elmo Can Quack Like a Duck
Elmo Goes to the Zoo
Elmo Has a Little Lamb
Elmo 'n' Daddy
Elmo Shares
Elmo Visits a Farm
Elmo Visits the Dentist
Elmo's Busy Day
Elmo's Favorite Places
Elmo's Piano
Elmo's Rockin' Road Trip
Elmo's Ultimate Edition Storybook
Elmo's Seasons
Elmo's Zoo
Friendly, Frosty Monsters
Giggle with Elmo
Guess Who, Elmo!
Help Along Sing a Song
Mommy Loves Elmo
My First Sleepover
Potty Time with Elmo
Prince Elmo and the Pea
Elmo & the Lost Wand
Elmo Animal Mix & Match
Elmo's Christmas Countdown
Elmo's Christmas Countdown (soft book)
Elmo's Countdown to Bedtime
Elmo's First Book of Colors
I Can Do It!
Let's Help the Earth
Monsters in the Bathroom
My First Instrument
Rosita and Elmo Read a Recipe
Twinkle, Twinkle, Elmo!
What Did Elmo Say?
What Makes Elmo Happy?
What's the Word on the Street?
Wiggle, Jiggle, Dance, and Giggle!
Ding Dong, Elmo's Here!
Elmo is So Silly
Elmo's Christmas Countdown
Elmo's Squeaky Santa
Head to Toe! Go! Go! Go!
In Elmo's Easter Parade
Love, Elmo
My First Laptop
Safari Friends
Soft! Furry! Bumpy!
Sweet Dreams, Dorothy
Walking and Talking with Elmo
ABCs with Elmo
Be a Soccer Player!
Busy Little Monster
Come Along, Sing a Song!
Elmo and Dorothy: Friends Forever!
Elmo Goes to the Doctor
Elmo's Beautiful Day
Elmo's Monster Mash
Elmo's Potty Book
Let's Read Together
On Sesame Street
Out & About
Potty Time Songs
Rock and Roll with Elmo
Sesame Street Snapshots
Starry Sky Songs
Together at Heart
Using the Bathroom: A Book of Firsts
What Will Elmo Be?
Elmo and Abby's Wacky Weather Day
Elmo and His Friends
Elmo Doodle Dandy
Elmo Loves the Bears!
Elmo's Alphabet Soup
Elmo's Christmas Picture Puzzles & Songs
Elmo's Little Dreidel
Elmo's Magical Mix-Up
Elmo's Merry Christmas
Elmo's Walk in the Woods
Imagine with Elmo
It Must Be a Monster!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Learn to Play Piano with Elmo
Merry Christmas, Elmo!
Potty Time for Monsters
Elmo & Friends at the Farm
Elmo and Ernie's Joke Book
Elmo Goes to School!
Elmo's Beach Day
Elmo's Christmas Hugs
Elmo's Mommy
Elmo's Rockin' Rhyme Time!
Get Moving with Elmo!
Love Means...
My Friend Elmo
Nursery Rhymes with Elmo
What Did Elmo Say?
Read & Sing with Elmo
Sing Along with Elmo
Welcome, Baby!
1, 2, 3, Count with Elmo!
Elmo at the Zoo
Elmo the Musical (books)
Elmo's Boo-boo Book
Elmo's Christmas Snowman
Elmo's Daddy
Elmo's Easter Egg Hunt
Elmo's Farm Friends
Elmo's Furry Friend
Elmo's Valentine
Explore with Elmo
Happy Birthday to You!
It's Christmas Time!
My Name Is Elmo (reissue)
Night, Night, Elmo!
Say Cheese, Elmo!
Elmo's ABC Lift-the-Flap
Baby's First Stories & Songs
Elmo's Animal Sounds Piano
Elmo's Word Book
Happy Easter, Elmo!
Hide and Seek, Elmo!
I Love You Just Like This!
Let's Go to the Doctor
Peekaboo, Elmo!
Where Is Elmo's Friend?
Boo! Guess Who, Elmo!
Elmo's 123
Elmo's 123 Lift-the-Flap
Elmo's ABC Song
Guess Who, Easter Elmo!
Let's Go Potty, Elmo!
My Big Picture Storybook
Off to School!
Sit Still, Elmo
Elmo's Bedtime Countdown
Elmo's Book of Friends
Elmo's Colors
Elmo's Countdown to Christmas
Elmo's Merry Christmas - Oscar's Grouchy Christmas
Elmo's Super-Duper Birthday
Happy Like Elmo, Grouchy Like Oscar
Moo! Moo! Cock-a-Doodle Doo!
Sesame Street's Mother Goose Rhymes
Elmo's Mother Goose Rhymes (reissue)
E is for Elmo
K Is for Kindness
Kindness Makes the World Go Round
ABCs with Elmo!
Big Book of Elmo
Elmo (Sesame Street Friends)
Elmo's Lift and Slide ABC
You Can Do It!

Elmo’s World Books

The Magic Sidewalk
Shoes, Hats & Jackets!
First Flap-Book Library
Elmo's Big Word Book
Welcome to Elmo's World: A Magnetic Playbook
Being Clean!
Getting Dressed!
El libro grande de palabras de Elmo
Police Officers!
Learning with Animals
Super Sticker Book
Sticker Book Treasury
Tesoros de Libros de Calcomanias
First Flap-Book Library!
Be a Ballet Dancer!
Let's Get Clean!

Elmo Photos

elmo sesame street

Elmo Sesame Street Character

elmo sesame street

Elmo Sesame Street Character

elmo sesame street

Elmo Sesame Street Character

elmo sesame street

Elmo Sesame Street Character

We tried to introduce to you the most popular Sesame Street character Elmo. Have a nice day.

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