Cookie Monster - Sesame Street Character

Cookie Monster - Sesame Street Character

        The blue Cookie Monster is one of the main Sesame Street characters for years. He is known for his blue fur and googly eyes. They are his special features. As it is understood from his name, he loves cookies so much, but not only cookies, he also loves eating so much. He has a deep growly voice, and he says for example ‘Me wants cookie’ instead of “I want cookie”.  Apart from this, "Om nom nom nom" is another his famous phrase, he makes this when eating cookie.

        His birthday is on 2nd November, 1969. His favourite letter is C, because C is the first letter of cookie, this is both his name and his favourite food. C for Cookie. He has four fingers and a thumb. In one episode, he said that his name is Tiny and he has a brother Fred.

Sesame Street The Cookie Thief

          At the beginning he said only milk and cookie and he didn’t speak at the episodes. But over the years he became a main character at the Sesame Street family. Some parents are protested to his eating habits but the directors of Sesame Street said that there are other characters with healthy eating habits at the show.

         But also the Cookie monster encourages the kids to eat a balanced diet and enjoy in cookies sometimes, in season 36. After many discussions Matt Lauer decided that Cookie Monster becomes a Fruit Monster in episode 4115. He eats his fruit first and then his cookies. They played with the idea to call him Veggie Monster instead of Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street Cookie Monster'S Best Bites

His puppet is built with a hole in the back of the mouth. So it is possible to create the illusion they Cookie Monster is eating a lot of things. Sure, the cookies used on Sesame Street are not really at all. They won’t damage the puppet with the oil of real cookies.

The cookies of Cookie Monster are made on the Furcheste Hotel with certain ingredients and then they are painted with hot glue globs. Thousands of cookies were baked over the years.

In 2013 a Cookie Monster original puppet, was donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

Sesame Street C is for Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster and His Family

        Cookie Monster has a small family including a mother, sister and a father All family members have same body features, they have blue fur and googly eyes.. He also has a cousin, but he has same shaped body, but he has different character, he does not like eating cookie. He has cousins; they are Cousin Monster, Biscuit Monster, and Apple Monster. Cookie Monster also has a nephew whose name is Max Monster.

Sesame Street Monster Manners

What is Cookie Monster real name?

        One of Sesame Street episode in 2004, Cookie Monster expressed in the song that before he ate his first cookie he was called Sid. As we see, his real name is Sid, but his cookie love makes him cookie monster.  Also in 2010, in the twitter, there is a tweet from Cookie Monster (Sesame Street) ‘’ Me wasn't born with the name 'Cookie Monster'. It just nickname dat stuck.’’

Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun

What is Cookie Monster known for?

Cookie Monster is one of the most famous Sesame Street character. He is a blue Monster in Sesame Street.  He is known for his blue fur and googly eyes. He is also known for the strange way of eating cookie.

Is Cookie Monster a monster?

                Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid, later we see him as Cookie Monster in the Sesame Street. In fact he is very funny and lovely, but his name monster seems strange and a bit scary, but his behaviours are away from being a monster. In fact his name is created for children, because monster is a scary element for kids’ world sometimes, authors of Sesame Street want to help children feel confident with the concept of the monster.

Why doesn’t Cookie Monster speak English correctly? Why does Cookie Monster speak Bad English?

        In Sesame Street there are some Muppet characters would be similar in age and the developmental stage to main groups of kids watching the show so that kids could identify better themselves with them. Cookie Monster represents two and half years or three years old kids. Me wants cookie’ instead of ‘ I want cookie’ is an example for incorrect usage of English. Some of these inabilities to speak provide a bond between children and Cookie Monster.

Interesting Things about Cookie Monster

            *Cookie Monster is left handed, he uses left hand when eating cookie. 
*Unlike other Sesame Street characters who have four fingers, Cookie Monster has five fingers, he has four fingers and a thumb that provides he eats more cookie.
*As we know, Cookie Monster loves cookie so much, his favourite cookie is Chocolate Chip Cookies.
*Cookie Monster is generally known his cookie love, but at the same time he loves poetry. It is different part about him.
*People generally says ‘’Cheese’’, when they take a photo, but Cookie Monster is different, he prefers to say cookie instead of saying cheese .
*Cookie Monster has a twitter account. He uses Twitter, and his account is @MeCookieMonster.
*Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid.

Evolution of Cookie Monster

        Cookie Monster is first seen in 1966, in an advertisement. He has teeth and he is small. And then Cookie Monster is seen 1966 again with teeth. This time he has dark green fur. In 1969, Cookie Monster is again in a commercial. He has some changes such as a mouth without teeth and light purple fur. After 1969, Cookie Monster is on the stage with his blue fur. He has not teeth and reaches normal body size. To sum up, Cookie Monster’s evolution is mainly about colour, teeth and size. First he has teeth and then he has no teeth, first he is green and then he becomes blue. And finally size he grows up and his body gets bigger.

Who is Veggie Monster?  Did Cookie Monster become the Veggie Monster? Is Cookie Monster now the Veggie Monster?

     In 2007, we see Cookie Monster as a Veggie Monster, because obesity is a great problem, especially for children. Eating cookie is not good example in terms of kids’ healthy nutrition. Sesame Street is mainly related to kids and Sesame Street changes his name as a Veggie Monster. Sometimes it can be seen as a carrot monster.

Main Performers

Over the years, different persons performed as Cookie Monster:
Frank Oz - 1969 to 2001 (and occasionally until 2004)
David Rudman - 2001 to present
Alternate Performers
Jim Henson - in The Ed Sullivan Show and commercials
Joe Raposo (voice) - in "Everyone Likes Ice Cream"
Caroll Spinney - in a 1969 sketch in which various monsters whisper the letter C.
Andy Heath - in episodes of The Furchester Hotel (puppeteer only)
For the Dutch co-production in 2005-2006, Cookie flew with Elmo, Bert and Ernie over to Holland.
He sang together with Jeff Bridges ‘Silver Bells’ at Christmas time.

Cookie Monster Through the Years

Cookie Monster created first for an unaired commercial.
His first fur was dark green.
Later, a puppet named Arnold, without teeth created for commercial Mutchos.
During the first season of Sesam Street, Cookie appears with his trademark blue fur.
At the season 14 the puppet is rebuild with a brighter blue fur.
Between the years 1984-2016 have been used two different puppets.
At the season 46, appeared a puppet with a more circular mouth and longer fur. A second puppet with deep blue fur is used for segments ‘B is for Book’.

Cookie Monster books

The ABCs of Cookies
All About Me!
Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker
The Biggest Cookie in the World
C is for Cookie (book)
Cookie (Sesame Street Friends)
Cookie Bakes Up Shapes!
Cookie Countdown
Cookie Kisses
Cookie Monster!
Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree
Cookie Monster, Where Are You?
Cookie Monster's Book of Cookie Shapes
Cookie Monster's Book of Seasons
Cookie Monster's Busy Day
Cookie Monster's Circle Book
Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck (book)
Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck: A Sesame Street Celebration of Food
Cookie Monster's Little Kitchen
Cookie Monster's Storybook
Cookie Rhyme, Cookie Time
Cookie See! Cookie Do!
Cookie's Christmas Cookies
Cookie's Color Caper
Cookie's Cookies
Cookie's First Book of Numbers
Cookie's Guessing Game About Food
Cookies for Elmo
Cookies for Sale
Food! by Cookie Monster
Good Time to Eat!
The Great Cookie Thief
Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!
The Joy of Cookies
Me Cookie!
Me Love Cookies
No Cookies 'Til Dinner
No Cookies?
Not the Monster!
Time to Eat
'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street! (2014)
Waiting for Cookie
Who Took the Cookie?

Cookie Monster Photos

sesame street cookie monster

sesame street cookie monster

the cookie thief

sesame street cookie monster

sesame street the cookie thief

sesame street cookie monster

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