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Bert and Ernie are among the most beloved Sesame Street characters. You can watch videos of these two Sesame Street Characters on this page. The page will be constantly updated. The Best of Ernie and Bert videos are here. Have a good time!..

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Ernie imagines a dinosaur. Bert cannot do this. But just as they sleep, Bert's imaginary dinosaur appears.

Ernie wants to play ball with Bert. But Bert disagrees with him. He sings the Song "In My Book."

Ernie sings "That's What Friends are For." The song is about that friends should be tolerant of each other. Will Bert be tolerant to him? Because he wants to sleep. :)

Ernie sings "Breakfast is the Best Meal of the Day." Bert is hungry when he talks about breakfast. But Ernie says it is midnight and breakfast cannot be served at this time of day.

Ernie uses a Banana as a Phone. Meanwhile, Ernie speaks with an elephant.He says to Bert this is only a role...

Ernie does not make Bert sleep: "What is the Name of That Song"

Ernie sings "I Love My Toes." This song is about how perfect he has toes. Bert thinks his toes too, but Ernie sleeps.

Ernie goes to visit the CountBert is alone at home. But suddenly the sheep come to the room and sing the song of "Bert's Blanket."

"Things That I Remember" - Bert and Ernie remember memories.

Caveman Bert tells Ernie to throw trash.

Bert and Ernie sing "But I Like You."

The Frog which counting up to 100 by 10.

Ernie sings "Imagine That." Sometimes he becomes a sailor, sometimes a knight.

Bert sings "It's a Circle." Ernie finds objects that remind him of the shape of a circle.

Ernie sings "Shake Your Head One Time." Grover, Elmo, Mr. Honker and Bert dance with his song

Ernie sings "The Ding Along Song."

Bert is reading a book. Ernie comes up to him and sings about the addition. While he's singing, Cookie Monster, Grover and various muppets join him.Finally, Ernie leaves the room. Bert says get away to those around him. But they wrap his around.

Baby Bear wants to teach how to draw a circle on a television show. Ernie comes and draws a circle. Baby Bear is not happy with this situation. Because his circle is not like own circle. Ernie says he can solve this problem. Will he be able to do what he says?

Ernie sings "Wake Up!" But it is not yet in the morning Bert wakes up. Then Ernie goes to bed to sleep. He says he practices for the morning. Bert gets angry at this situation.

Bert is reading a book. The book says air can move things. Ernie runs the fan to prove what's written. The wind blows the book away. Then they go to play baseball together.

Ernie is alone in a park. He sings "Somebody Come and Play." Rubber Duckie is with him.

Ernie sings "Grow High Grow Low"

Ernie talks about himself and his cousin Ernestine

Ernie guesses which song is playing

Ernie sings "Rubber Duckie"

"The Paperclip" song is sung by Bert

Ernie and Baby Natasha are singing together. The song is about feeling happy. "I Like Laughing When I'm Happy Best of All"

Ernie sings "I Heard My Dog Bark." Animals accompany him throughout the song. He wants to convince Bert that what he sees is a dream.

Ernie doesn't want to live on the moon and sings a song with Aaron Neville. "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon."

Bert and Bernice are playing checkers. It is Bert's pigeon. Ernie is surprised to see this.

Ernie sings "I Love My Room" This song is about what he can do in the room. But surprisingly, this room is Bert's room.

Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie sing a song: "Rub Your Tummy"

Elmo and Ernie sing "Share"

Thanks: Ernie Sesame Street & Bert Sesame Street

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