Sesame Street Episode 4834

Sesame Street Episode 4834

Surfin' Sesame Street
Season 48 (2017-2018)

Open: Elmo welcomes the viewers on the table, Elmo has a snack with a gulm, crab and clam. It can be seen different why Elmo with them but it gives some clues about episode. When we think a bit, we can guess episode can be about beach or holiday.

Scenes: Alan, Elmo and Cookie Monster are together, and they are talking about last travels memories. Elmo has some photos from last vacation and shows them to Alan and Cookie. The Count is with them too and he has some photos of his last vacation. After The Count, Cookie begin to Show his photos, but of course it went to cookie factory anda te all photos, they smiles this situation. Now it is time for Alan, but he looks a little bit sad, because this year he couldn’t go to the holiday, and he has only some photos of him which are from a few years ago holiday. 

They were happy at the beginning of the episode, but after they learn Alan coulnd’t go to beach this year, Elmo feels sad. But suddenly he has a fine idea and decides if Alan couldn’t go to the beach, beach will come to the Sesame Street. It is a good idea and also Count hears Elmo and he helps Elmo too.

Grover takes a bathtub with him, it is the first item to make beach but it is not enough alone for the beach, they need sand, Grover again comes back a sandbox. They make a pyramid. And they add some items too, beach is ready and it seems quite nice. Finially Alan comes, and he is so surprised when he see what his friend made for him. They are all happy and start to sing a surf-rock song

Muppets: Now Abby Cadabby is on the stage with friends, they introduce us with a song. The song is about letter B. Thanks to Abby Cadabby and other Sesame Street characters. (Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Grover)  This episode they focus on the letter B.

Sesame Street Episode 4834

Film: B is for Beach.

Smart Cookies: Sesame Street video continues with Smart Cookies. Lady Crunchington is on Pecan Sandy Beach. Smart Cookies to protect her from the Crumb when she likes at the beach. With a surfboard they want to save both grab and Lady.
After letter B, It is time to number. In this episode we will count 12. There are 12 cookies on baking tray and Cookie Monster looks forward to eat all of them.

Sesame Street Episode 4834

Animation: Except from the cookie, there are 12 baby turtles, they are in a rap song, new 12 baby turtles travel’s to sea.

Elmo the Musical: Elmo meets the audiences again. It is time Elmo the musical, this episode’s Musical name is Beach the Musical. this episodes main theme is beach.  Elmo dreams himself on Happy Crab Beach, King Crab governs here. The whole of residents in this beach quite happy. But there is a little shrimp here and it is unhappy this beach, because it is too small to do something. After some events, the little shrimp turns out to be the right size, and it feels so happy. 

Sesame Street Episode 4834

Scene: Grover and the team are on the beach. A wave comes upon them.

Closing: RositaCookie Monster and a girl dance fast and slow. And Sesame Street episode 4834 video finishes with this scene.